Convenient Malay Food

Earlier I said, my new place is within walking distance to a large food court.

Well, that much is true, however I have now come to realize walking is not a viable option. I discovered that the road towards the food court is guarded by a few stray dogs. And, you know… I don’t do dogs. I’m afraid of dogs.

I have a hate-hate relationship with dogs. It doesn’t help when dogs would bark at me at sight, sometimes even giving chase. And stop telling me I should pay them no heed or they just wanna play or to stand my ground or shit like that. I tell you those don’t work for me. I have tried all those ways, many times over the years, they are useless.

Those methods are not applicable to me. When stray dogs see me, they rarely ignore me. They always chase me down with murderous barks. So for me, it is either whack them with my umbrella and hurt them, or… just not get within sight of them. I can choose to either be sinister towards them, of be afraid of them. Which one would you rather me be?

So… no walking to the food court. It’s fine I guess. I’ll just have to drive the short distance whenever I want to.

Good news though, one of the shops within my flat compound is a Malay eatery, a masakan ala Thai (Thai style cooking) Malay eatery. Even better news, it is located just in front of my designated parking lot.

I have since patronized this place 3 times over the past week or so, when I have yet to properly set my kitchen up.

This place is hardly famous, the only business they do is residents’ business. Nor is the food super great, there are Malay eateries that serve more delicious food, a dime a dozen out there. The thing though, these Malay eateries, they always cook their food fresh. No re-heated crap. In fact, the wok is set up at the shop front so I get to see the cook in action.

And, food cooked fresh, regardless of popularity island-wide, is already good enough for me. Good enough + super conveniently located within my line of sight every time I park my car = the best.

This was my first dinner with them, rice + 2 small dishes
Ayam kunyit (Turmeric chicken)
Kailan ikan masin (Salted fish chinese broccoli)

I love ayam kunyit by the way. My mates, they don’t seem to like this though. Back when we used to have dinner gathering at Malay eateries, we never ordered this dish. I was disappointed somewhat, but hey, majority wins, right? Anyway, now that I access Malay food for dinner easily and regularly, I expect to stuff my face silly with this lovely dish of dry (I suspect this is why my mates dislike it) and spicy chicken dish.

Oh, by the way… wanna know how much this dinner costs? Here, let me break it down for you…

Rice: RM0.50, Ayam kunyit: RM4.00, Kailan ikan masin: RM3.50… Total: RM8.00

I could probably get by with just 1 dish with rice, or with a fried rice dish. And I would probably do that in the future. A lot.

This is where savings come in. When I was at the old place, when I had to dine out, it was usually at places where a meal would cost upwards of RM15. So I guess dinner will be a way for me to offset the increase in my monthly rental/internet commitments.

Heh… 😀


  1. When I was a kid, I have been chased and bitten by so many dogs! Now you gave me an idea to blog them. I would throw stones at them from far if I could see them. They won’t know how they got rained with stones! LOL

    • Hey, karma… I rather run away from them than bully them back. I see it as a means to deplete the bad karma I accumulated against dogs in my previous life or something. 🙄

  2. Stray dogs can sometimes be aggressive, but are you also afraid of pet dogs? If you ever come to Suzhou I will introduce you to Nico, she’s the sweetest dog ever 😀 And no, I´m not saying it because she’s mine, she’s really nice to everybody and even likes cats!

    • With pet dogs, it depends on the first impression I guess. If the dog is not hostile towards me from when we first meet, then I’m probably fine with it. I’ve had experiences where my friend’s dog saw me for the first time and behaved like I was a sworn enemy. She had to lock the dog away in a room whenever I visited after that. 🙁

        • You know why? Because you did not remember about being bitten. Your mom had to tell you. Try to remember being bitten and see if you still love dogs.

        • It also depends on the injuries sustained, I reckon.

          My father was bitten once by the neighbourhood dog (a German Shepherd, who was left loitering on the streets) while protecting our family dog (a small Shih Tzu) – yet he still love dogs. Refused to lodge a complaint with the local council against the German Shepherd’s owner.

          • I reckon more on circumstances. My case is, I did not have a family dog, so it was me vs dog. Man vs dog. Your dad’s case was his dog vs another dog. Love dog + fight dog = offset out each other I guess. 🙄

  3. Eh, nice lah like that. I super like Malay food. Looking at what you had, RM8.00 is very reasonable. I also got phobia for dogs. In my housing area, when I walk past the house, they bark like mad. Tsk!

    • If they are secured in the house, I’m not afraid. It is the stray dogs that scares me, because no one would be there to restrict them. You know, I’ve once whacked a stray dog before it could attack me. The neighbors ran out and berated me instead. They just didn’t think those stray dogs would attack people. So I guess it is just me (and a handful others)..

  4. You sure are luxurious, with the two dishes. Can makan for two also, for the amount, right?

    But RM8 per pax compared to your RM15 previously, that saves a lot!

    • Can makan for two, if both are small eaters. We usually go for another tom yam soup though, if I am to eat these with another person.

  5. good for u…nice cheap eats and is within the vicinity! and the white rice just cost 50cent??? where on earth could I find such price in Klang Valley?! I might as well tapau white rice and eat with my homecooked dish (if I ever decided to cook own dish)hehehe…

    • That’s why this is in Penang. In Klang Valley, you’ll have to cook your own rice to such prices (White rice costs 20-30 cents a bowl if you cook it yourself)…

  6. Omg…the price of RM8 you paid for ‘a la cooking on the spot’ is what we get in a plate of chap fan here ‘a la ready cooked a long time ago’! >.< That plate of stir-fry greens would cost RM8 in a tai chow place already. I think this will work out to be way cheaper than cooking yourself. The lazy man can eat out more often and don't have to cook and wash….haha! 😀

    • I think the portion you get at tai chow places would be slightly more than what I got? Anyway it is a common knowledge that Malay eateries charge less than Chinese eateries. Chinese business people are greedier, it is what it is… 😛 😛

    • Probably no. When I cook, it would be around RM10 a meal. But then my portion would be way more. So maybe I should cook less and tapao more. 🙄

  7. I agree with you, Malay eateries food are always cooked fresh and on the spot, that is what I like about them.

    The price is so reasonable and their food looks good and fresh too, I will also patronize them regularly if I were you.

  8. The dogs and you probably aren’t on the same page. Kalian ikan masin has the presentation of our Chinese 芥兰炒菜 (pardon me if I used the wrong Chinese character, btw).

    Hey, turmeric has loads of health benefits. Too bad your mates didn’t realise that 😛

  9. To my untrained eyes, it looked good. It also came with a wallet friendly price.

    I guess we won’t be seeing much of lazy man’s cooking from now onwards?.

  10. Within walking distance of a few seconds to the food court? If I were you I will play it safe. Who knows if those dogs will bite and if they have diseases like rabies and can pass to you.

    Ohhhh…so that is what that Malay chicken is called. Tumeric chicken. I love it, and I love the onions that come with it 🙄

    Sounds very affordable. That combined with tasty, it is a good deal 😛

    • Not few seconds, few minutes for the food court. Few seconds would get me from the house to the lift only LOL!

      I guess Cantonese people would like this turmeric chicken dish. Penang mostly Hokkien people, they seem to prefer wet dishes. 🙄

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