1P100W #95 – Double Whammy

Having lived for thirty years, I have experienced mouth ulcer countless times. I remember the worst was when I had 4 spots going on at the same time.

Earlier this week, I got 2 spots, 1 on tongue and 1 on cheek. When I close my mouth, they were touching. You know what that means? That means: FUCK!

The pain level seemed to multiply many times. It gave me headaches, made me sick. I was jolted awake every 2 hours at night in agony.

A friend said to me: “This is just like my nights when I just had my baby! Good practice!”

Anyway, here’s a picture of my RM 7.50 dinner last night…

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  1. You need a wife to end all your mouth ulcers. You would swear lesser and drink her boiled barleys for you. Wakakakaka

    Your post made me think over the reasons I hardly got mouth ulcers all my life when I eat very spicy and heaty food always. Could it be your tolerance is lower or you hardly drink water? I drink about 3 litres water daily. Any clue?

  2. I get mouth ulcers – mulcers? – every now and then. It happens more when I eat heaty food like fried stuff, chips and crispy snacks in general really. Earlier this year I put a whole piece of Doritos in my mouth. It cut the roof of my mouth and I had an ulcer for three weeks. Owwie 🙄 Then, I didn’t learn my lesson a couple of months later. Put a whole big piece of Doritos in my mouth. Hello ulcer again 🙄

    • What the… mulcers? Is that a word? 🙄

      But yeah, ulcers = heat symptom. It happens when we have lots of heaty food. But still… an ulcer that lasts for 3 weeks?? That’s… fuck!

      • I don’t think it’s word. It popped into my mind when I read your post. Ulcers in the mouth = mulcers 😀

        I am eating a pack of cheese Twisties as I’m typing this comment. One of the Twisties rubbed against the top of my mouth. Hmmm 🙄

  3. I hate mouth ulcers! The ones on the tongue are the worst. One time I had it as a result of accidentally biting my inner lip. To make it worse, I bit the same spot again while eating. My brother has a trick. He puts tomato sauce of the ulcer, it will sting like hell and after that it becomes numb for a while.

  4. When you have mouth ulcers, there’s nothing more soothing than a bowl of soup. I see you had a bowl of chee yuk soup with pork belly, some pork balls, bok choy, a bit of Chinese salted veggie and maybe fu chuk topped with fried garlic. Did I get all the ingredients? Hehehe! 😀

    • I didn’t cook this actually, hehehe… I bought it in the food court, the stall was [salted vege pork soup] stall. Your eyes very sharp. But there’s also an okra and a fried sui kao in it. 😛

  5. Your pan mee looks ok. Just put watermelon frost on your sores in your mouth and the feeling lagi syiok but the sores will heal very quickly.

    • No, not for me. Nothing will heal ulcer very quickly for me. Everything in the book, I already tried them before over the years. For me, ulcer = natural progression, tough it out.

  6. Oh no what bad luck! Mouth ulcer is pure evil and my wife has it more often than not.
    I had it for a couple of times when I was 20 or something, I actually cut them out as that was less pain than enduring them till they would be gone by themselves…really don’t try this at all 😀

    • You’re crazy too! Cutting out the ulcer! I can’t imagine that could work at all. Now you’re dealing with a even bigger wound. >.<

  7. Mouth ulcer! I dab very small amount of neat tea tree oil on it and spit it out. It’s not always easy to source ‘cooling foods’ abroad or it was a case of there wasn’t enough hours in the day to cook a ‘cooling dish’. Salt does work but may enourage one to use colourful language, £^%€.

    I like the dinner you had last night; pork, salted veg, Chinese mustard and crispy ?? shallots.

    • For me personally, those cooling food or dishes never worked. Once the ulcer sprouted, it will keep growing until its maximum size before it get better. The only solution for me is to tough it out. The best thing for me, ironically, is cold soft drink. The soda numbs out the pain for a while.

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