1P100W #93 – Sushi

Moving house was really tiring work. But more than that, it also messed up my meal timings. I kept finding myself only remembering to have lunch or dinner at odd hours.

One such day, I ended up having Japanese ramen at Wakaba for lunch. I was starving, so I also ordered a salmon sushi on the side.

I was shocked to find my salmon in dual colors. First time I seen salmon like this.

I thought it was something special, and I was disappointed when my colleague told me afterwards that this was due to the chef’s lack of skills resulting in the skin not properly removed.


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  1. Gee..I never really noticed how the salmon sushi I had looks like because I just wallop straight away. I thought the one I saw in a menu looked like the ones you had, two toned. Hmm…

  2. Humans of different races have different colours.

    Why not the Salmons?

    I wanna laugh at Mun’s comment at my post where we interned our parents’ ashes into the sea. She wanna stop eating fishes! Wakakaka

    • Hahahaha I feel more like laughing with your racist salmon comment!

      I read your blog post, but I’m not sure how to comment, and I didn’t feel like doing it in a half-ass way because that would be disrespectful to you and your parents, so I didn’t. 😐

  3. Ah, first time you see one up close and personal (I had one recently in my B+S blog post…that’s why I mentioned in my post that it could have been better presented). And your friend is right…sometimes I think it’s not a lack of skill but they try to stinge and slice off as little of the skin as possible so that they can present a bigger-looking piece of sashimi (this also happens near the belly of the salmon)! >_<

  4. When i first saw the Sushi in my news feed, and have not read yet, i thought u making your own sushi, hehe…

    • Hahaha not likely. I have zero confidence with the raw fish that I purchase. And I don’t like those rolled seaweed type sushi enough to want to make them myself.

  5. Oh, I also never seen this before… Coincidentally, we had japanese food here in Eat Tokyo.. So crowded and if we were not the early birds, We would not be able to go in… Angmo also like japanese food leh…

  6. Hahahaha, you are turning into a food blogger. 3 food posts in a row! The ramen will be in another 1p100w post? I think if the person making your salmon sushi has flipped that slice of salmon to the other side (to be directly on top of the rice), the grey part will not be seen like that on the top.

    • Er… the ramen, same like last time (previous post of this place), so no need to share lah… The sushi was RM 6.

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