You Made Us Proud

First and foremost, I would like to say: Congratulations to Chan Peng Soon 陈炳顺 and Goh Liu Ying 吴柳萤 for winning the silver medal in the mixed doubles event! First time ever in Malaysia’s Olympics history!


I am especially proud of them, so much so that I broke my prolonged “not watching sports on TV if it starts after midnight” dry spell just for this Rio Olympics 2016 mixed doubles final.

Okay, I confess, I didn’t (and don’t) really care about the guy. The only reason I watch mixed doubles is because of Goh Liu Ying.

Unlike most Malaysians who didn’t even know who Goh Liu Ying is before their silver medal efforts, I have been following her on Facebook since last year. More exactly since she was still going through rehab after her surgery for both her knees.

I find her to be a truly inspiring character. Most players would probably call it quits and retire if they have both their knees injured. Not this feisty little lady from Malacca. She worked hard and battled to get back to fitness.

Source: Her Facebook page

Following her progress on Facebook, it felt like I was watching a miracle story playing out. I watched her struggling to regain fitness. I watched her training and joining competitions with her partner again. I watched her struggling for results and consistency…

Source: Her Facebook page

I even watched her and her partner win some championships and finally succeeded in climbing the rankings to make it into the Olympics. Yes, our mixed doubles pairing are actually not that nameless as most of you thought. On their day, they are totally capable of wiping the floor with the other top ranked pairs in the world.

Source: Her Facebook page

And to watch this World No. 11 pair beat a couple of the higher ranked pairs to finally nail the silver medal is like watching the completion of a crucial chapter in this miracle story. I felt like I have come full circle.

So, to Goh Liu Ying and Chan Peng Soon: even if you did not manage to win gold, you’re already a gold medalist in my heart. In the hearts of millions of Malaysians who stand united behind you both. You truly did us proud.

Also, she’s hot, isn’t she?


  1. Yea, this year is quite a good year for Malaysia, I mean in Olympics la!!

    Both are indeed very talented players, and Goh is sure a pretty lady!

    • I think so far already the best performance by Malaysia in Olympics so far. Hopefully the gold will come tonight!

  2. As Ciana said, it isn’t about gold, silver or bronze. But it is the courage to give it your all, do what you love and have fun at it. Thei pair look very happy to have come so far 🙂

    • Of course the medals matter. That’s the reason why we compete in the first place. Just that, so far our doubles pairs have exceeded expectations. Any medal for them is a big bonus.

    • You must have been watching the wrong sports. Badminton is an alright sports to watch. And, try volleyball. Just not Malaysian volleyball. 😛

  3. I hear she’s also a model and aspires to be an actress….of course have to be hot-lah! 😀 I can see why you follow her. Congratulations to them for bringing home the silver but the final was a rather tame affair though.

    • That’s the main reason I follow her. 😛

      (I think your previous comment must have somehow went to Spam and I failed to screen it before emptying the folder. Sorry.)

  4. yay for another silver! Yes, she is hot and has lotsa Indonesian fans too (according to online source). Hopefully there will be a Gold for Malaysia…*cross fingers

    • They probably won’t though…

      And I don’t think the guy will be happy. After all, => ” I didn’t (and don’t) really care about the guy.”

  5. I didn’t even know who the female badminton player was until I stumbled upon an article published by The Star a couple of days ago on this. Gold, silver or bronze, it doesn’t matter – as long as our Malaysian team manages to bring a medal home. =)

    If it starts after midnight for you, imagine what time it would be for me to watch the match live.

    P.S. You might want to have a read of the article.

    • I probably know what the article is about. After all, I have been following her progress since way back when. 😛

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