Those F – – kers! (Good Job, Guys!)

Psst… If you’re a traveler to Malaysia and have been attentive enough to your surroundings, the past few days would surely leave you in no doubt as to what our national sport is. Badminton is really a freakin’ big deal over here, and the Olympics is probably the most important battleground of all.

A big congratulations to our badminton men’s doubles pair, Goh V Shem/Tan Wee Kiong for clinching yet another unexpected silver medal for us. Much like our mixed doubles pair, these boys were not even expected to reach the final, let alone win it. If someone offered silver to us before the Olympics started, I’m sure we would have grabbed it with both hands, tightly.


Good job, boys! Good job! Bravo!!

Also a big shoutout to Carolina Marin of Spain for beating that Indian bitch (what’s her name again?) in the women’s singles final. No, I’m not calling that girl a bitch for being Indian. I’m not that racist. She’s a bitch because she beat Okuhara Nozomi in the semifinal. She f – – king beat my lovely Nozomi-chan! No!!!!!

Poor girl, you’re still young, keep fighting! Your day will come, Nozomi!

For that she has to die! Okay, not die, but at least she has to NOT win the gold medal in the final! So all through the final I was rooting for Carolina and willing for her to “take down that bitch!! Avenge my Nozomi-chan!!!”, so to speak.

And she duly delivered. Yes!!! Good job, Carolina! 😉

But come on, let’s face it. The one that all us Malaysians were really highly anticipating was the men’s singles. That was where we had a legitimate chance from the get go to land a gold medal for the first time in Malaysia’s Olympics history. After all, that was where we have a World No.1 in action.

Things started with a huge bang on Friday evening. And I mean that literally. Our men’s singles ace Datuk Lee Chong Wei got the better off Lin Dan in an epic three sets struggle of untold proportions to book himself a berth in the final.

Great job, Datuk! Finally you managed to beat that f – – ker in a crucial match in a big tournament! I’ll get to the f – – ker bit later.

Huge bonus: the moment the match was won, it was as if the entire country erupted in cheers and wild celebrations, in unison. Shouts of joy could be heard coming out from apartment buildings (including the one I’m in), cars stuck in traffic were tooting their horns like there’s no tomorrow, and restaurants with TV descended into utter chaos. You could probably find videos of these celebrations on Youtube, I think. Mind you, it was just the semifinal. We still had to win the final to win gold, but everyone was celebrating like we had already won gold.

To be honest, I didn’t care too much about winning gold in the Olympics. To me, beating Lin Dan is more important. because for far too long, that f – – ker has been the constant source of heartbreak for millions and millions of Malaysians over these years. I’m pretty sure I am not the only Malaysian who feels that: beating Lin Dan is more important and much much much much much more gratifying than winning Olympic gold.

Sadly though, with huge celebration comes huge disappointment. Datuk Lee was beaten in straight sets by the new f – – ker of China, Chen Long. Both sets were closely contested, but still, like Datuk Lee said, a lost is a lost.

I said I didn’t really care about winning the gold, but I guess I said it too soon. I was kind of disappointed.

I was not disappointed by Datuk Lee’s performances. He might not have won gold yet again, but he won silver for three consecutive Olympics game. In other words, he reached the final for three consecutive Olympic games. That by itself is no mean feat!

And for years he has been the sole hope of breaking our Olympics gold duck. We will never know the magnitude of the burden that he carried on his shoulder. He will always be a true champion in my heart. And the heart of millions of Malaysians. Thank you, Datuk Lee! Thank you so so much for all these years!

I was however, disappointed with Chen Long’s performances. That f – – ker… I was also disappointed with the comments of many who claimed Datuk Lee lost due to being old and lack of stamina. Not just idiotic keyboard warriors, but also some who actually watched the match, like I did.

I am wondering if I have been watching a different match compared to you guys or what, because in the match that I watched, it wasn’t about age or stamina. It really wasn’t. Even before that, Datuk Lee has just beaten Chen Long not 3 months ago in another tournament, in China no less, under the same circumstances: 4 days continuous matches, a gruelling semifinal with Lin Dan, and then beating Chen Long in the final. You’re telling me in just 3 months there has been a huge change in stamina between them 2?

Coming back to this match, I actually thought Datuk Lee played a great game. In fact, I think he was playing better than he ever did at any point of time, even better than when he was playing the final in the 2012 London Olympics. Datuk Lee brought his best game that day, stamina or no stamina. The only reason he lost was because Chen Long on that day (that f – – ker) was simply better than Datuk Lee’s best game ever.

If you do not believe me then you should believe Datuk Lee himself who confirmed that he played better than during the London Olympics.

Astro’s clip, they blocked it from being shared by other websites (morons), so you have to click into YouTube to see it…

Which brings me to the main point of this blog post. Why call those Chinese players, the f – – kers?

I know, Datuk Lee and Lin Dan are the best of friends off the court, so us fans should not be bickering with each other. I’m not, I’m just voicing out my frustration, which I believe many Malaysians share.

For far too long, Datuk Lee and Lin Dan has been locked in an epic tussle for badminton supremacy, with us fans watching on the sidelines. All these years, the one annoying thing that I managed to observe is, with Datuk Lee, he has been amazingly consistent with beating the shit out of lower ranked players, those perceived weaker players. Lin Dan on the other hand, has had some inconsistent moments where he would yo-yo between being great and being beaten by random unknowns from India or Singapore.

But every time he faces Datuk Lee, he will most definitely bring his A game, where he will give 110% focus, 110% determination and 110% power. It is like on a scale of 1 to 10, when he faces other players, he would perform anywhere between a 6 to 10, but when he faces Datuk Lee, he would unlock a special Lee Chong Wei scale and go Super Saiyan mode.

This mostly happens in a major tournament that many Malaysians would tune in and watch. Sometimes, Datuk Lee would beat Lin Dan in those less prestigious tournaments, but seldom in a big and prestigious tournament like the Thomas Cup or the All-England. Or the Olympics.

After all these years, (and I’m sure many Malaysians feel this too) it is like when Lin Dan knows there will be lots of Malaysians watching the match between him and Datuk Lee, he would be like “Oh, there are many Malaysians watching, so I will do my damnedest best to beat their hero and crush all their hearts!”

To some they are great friends and great rivals, but to me, Lin Dan is a f – – ker. He might have won is tussles with Datuk Lee fairly, but he was not being fair. He reserved maximum effort only when he is facing Datuk Lee in a major tournament. That, my friends, is what only a f – – ker will do.

Which was why when Datuk Lee finally beat this f – – ker in an Olympics match, the entire nation erupted in cheers as if we had won the gold medal. This was why beating Lin Dan is more important and much much much much much more gratifying than winning Olympic gold.

What about Chen Long? Why is he also a f – – ker?

Before the Olympics, Chen Long has lost to Datuk Lee for 4 consecutive times, 2 of those times in this year. If you have watched those matches (I watched a couple) and compared them to the match last night, you would quickly realize that Chen Long not only brought his A game. He brought his A++ game.

Seems like Lin Dan has passed on the “Malaysians’ hearts breaker” turbocharger to Chen Long. Last night was Chen Long on 120% focus, 120% determination and 120% power.

It wasn’t a case of Datuk Lee playing a bad game. It was a case of Chen Long playing abnormally well to win it.

In other words, a normal Chen Long, playing at 100% power, under normal circumstances, would NEVER have been able to beat the Datuk Lee of last night.

Which is why Chen Long is, to me, also a f – – ker. In fact, he is the new f – – ker. Sure, it was a great game, he won fair and square, well deserved, no doubt about that. Good job to both of them. Still, being a Malaysian, isn’t it super frustrating that he decided to play much better than he usually did in a last chance saloon for Datuk Lee?

That’s what a f – – ker does…

 You know, this is a rant from a passionate Malaysian badminton fan, so you should treat it as such. What I would hate most to see in the comments is you guys trying to give me politically correct bullshit like “win or lose doesn’t matter” or “Lin Dan/Chen Long is great and you suck” or something like that. If I see a lot of those I will delete and close off the comment section.

PS: “win or lose doesn’t matter” is the biggest bullshit ever. It’s the Olympics for f – – k’s sake. Our athletes are competitors, they’re there to compete. Of course winning matters! If our athletes do not care about progressing or winning, then they won’t be there in the first place. A winning mentality is important to any athletes, so to tell them “win or lose doesn’t matter” is the most disrespectful thing you can say to them. 


  1. Dude this is frickin hilarious. I got really pissed at that “Indian Bitch”(yes i’m Indian) until I read further and started laughing like crazy. The way you explained why they are f__ker had me in splits. I know these are your genuine feelings of furstations, but I just couldn’t help rolling on the floor laughing.

  2. I know Dato Lee was not feeling alright for not winning the gold medal for himself and also Malaysia. I feel sad for him as he couldn’t make his all time dream came true though he had put in so much effort. May be he would have better fate and luck if he wasn’t born here.

    The world isn’t always ideal. I know he would have feeling much better after returning to his wife and sons, but deep inside his heart, he is still feeling sorrow for achieving his goal. Sigh! That’s life.

    • What has it got to do with being born here or not? It is easy to talk in hindsight, but if he was born in China, he might not even make it to the national team. Maybe he would be from the same district as Lin Dan and got beat even in province level.

      The reason I have this rant of a blog post is because I was annoyed people constantly blame his condition lah, stamina lah, no team mates lah, bla bla bla. The truth is there is nothing to blame. DLCW did not did his best under bla bla bla circumstances. No, he played one of his BEST GAME EVER, full stop, no conditions. He wouldn’t have played any better even if he had 2 more days rest before the final. He played better than the 2012 Olympics final. He played better than most of his usual tournaments. He played better than when he beat Chen Long under the same circumstances earlier this year in May. It was really one of his BEST GAME EVER. That was the game I saw. Goodness, so. nothing to blame here, enough of all this fate and luck or stamina talk.

      He serves up an epic super game, and all people do is blame circumstances for his lost. Does it ever occur that this is actually an insult to him, rather than encouragement? People implying that he actually did not play a very great game due to so-and-so-and-so (that’s what “he play his best, but lost due to stamina/luck/fate” means), when he actually did. It was a great final which anyone would be proud of. Sigh…

      I said in the blog post, and I will repeat again: the reason DLCW lost is because Chen Long played at 120% of his usual level. A normal and well rested Chen Long playing at his 100% best would not be able to replicate what he did in the final so easily again in the future.

  3. DLCW is a true hero. Superb game he played against Lin Dan and an amazing one against Chen Long. It was tiring alright. I got tired just watching them play. It was such a careful game with the net play and all, I know he has done his best. He is already a winner in our hearts. I love DLCW <3

    • I’m just hoping there will be someone else who will emerge and take over his mantle… let him retire with a peace of mind… 😐

  4. It’s all about badminton over the passed few days in the social media.

    To me, DLCW is still the champion. Not easy competing for the country in the big game like Olympics.

  5. It was such a crazy and rousing time here. I was inside the Dragon-i eating and the next table’s diner watched the match on his phone! My Malay friend really cried so much for LCW!!

    I heard of the grueling pressure the players faced back home that often makes LD play like that. I happened to read and also watch one sports documentary sometime ago about their mainland players which gave some interesting insight of Yao Ming and Jeremy Lin in US.

    • Grueling pressure back home makes LD play above the usual when facing LCW? What the hell was that?? Nah I prefer a simple explanation, like… because he’s a f – – ker. 😉

  6. I am not much of a sports fan but last Saturday had me sitting in front to the telly waiting for the LCW vs CL showdown. And yeah, it was a very exciting game and I was on the edge of my seat most times. LCW fought the good fight and yeah, I was sad he didn’t clinch the gold. But still, salute LCW!

    And you know you is the f****r for me? The commentator. Sorry, I am off topic. I do wish he would talk less and stop babbling on and on. So distracting and irritating. I was like shut the f**k up! Let me enjoy the game.

  7. Hmmm….I wonder if a Malaysian girl won a medal against your Nozomi-chan, would you call her a bitch too! Hehe! 😀 As to LD beating LCW in more prestigious tournaments, I think LD chooses his tournaments wisely so that he peaks at the right time unlike LCW who tends to participate in too many.

    • Our women’s singles are still miles away from being able to compete with all these top ranked players, so your wondering is pointless. We’ll worry about that when it needs worrying. For now my girl = Nozomi-chan. 😛

      Yeah yeah he peaks at the right time, yet frequently loses to those bogus players. Nonsense, he only peaks when facing LCW. That’s what I observe. Other factors are negligible at best.

  8. Yes, congrats to all the badminton players who won medals! Hahahaha, I like your analysis of why LD always seem to perform well in major matches.

    • It is true, isn’t it? Tell me you don’t feel the same as my analysis. I’m sure many feels the same. Hence the wild celebrations on Friday evening.

  9. I didn’t get to watch the badminton match live – no thanks to the crazy time difference, and I couldn’t afford to stay up late when I have a morning class the next day. Like Mabel, I’ve awesome memories of playing badminton although I didn’t stay long enough to hone my skills.

    Reading your post makes me miss playing the sport altogether.

    • You could take up sports in uni, couldn’t you? Good way to de-stress. What’s Straya’s national sport? Rugby or cricket I guess? Not very girly huh… 🙄

      • I could – if I wanted to, but for the current moment, I’ll stick to running. =) Oh, if I remember right, the national sport is cricket… but they’re known for footy as well. (Unless footy’s actually rugby.)

  10. With sport comes competition. You are probably right in saying that most athletes at the Olympics are there to win a medal – or else why spend all that time training, eating well and training again. So for some of them like Datuk Lee, it can be a case of “so close, yet so far” and the Olympics is a a kind of even that doesn’t happen too often.

    I have fond memories of playing badminton as a kid. I sucked and was always stretched all over the court by my opponents 🙄

    • Sadly he already declared Rio was his last Olympics. Hopefully there will be some new youngsters who would take over and rise to the occasion soon.

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