The “Nothing Special” Dinner

Remember when I concealed the packet of Maggi from my grocery run last week?

Well,that may not have been the extent of my deceit misleadingΒ you.

I said I cooked “nothing special anyway”, but actually, this was Sunday’s dinner:

I’m pretty sure you could only identify one out of the three components in this plate from my grocery basket. Let me walk you through each and every one of them now…

Sweet corn kernels

I was going to grab a bag of frozen green peas, intending to make some sort of mushy peas for the fish and chips that I intended to make. But I was attracted by the sight of the frozen sweet corn kernel packs next to the peas, so…

Nothing elaborate done to the corn. I did exactly what those highway R&R guys do: cook them for a few minutes with melted butter.

Also, I did not do any fish and chips. I did end up buying fish, but they went into the bowl of noodles with veggies you saw in my veggie post earlier this week.


Yeah, you probably saw the broccoli in the basket. Nothing fancy here. Just stir fried with garlic and oyster sauce.

Mutton patties

These lovely mutton patties were made from, well… minced mutton. Nothing extraordinary with the preparations and cooking here too. I just marinated them with salt and pepper for a few hours, then formed them into two patties, and chucked them onto the flat pan for 10 minutes on medium heat each side.

The thing fancy here is the origin of the mutton. There was a sticker label on the packaging saying TRUE AUSSIE MUTTON. These 2 patties costed me RM 9.20.

Wooo… look!

I mean, look! They’re cooked through! This means 10 minutes each side is long enough of a cooking time. πŸ˜€

I was a great dinner though. I think if you dine in a fancy restaurant, you’ll probably get the equivalent of 1 patty, half the corn and halfΒ the broccoli for RM 25 or more. My dinner of twice as much food was probably about RM 15 including the electric power used when cooking.

Also, I had a tough weekend, so it is totally fine to eat two portions of food for dinner. Don’t judge me!


    • I think I need to do a few rounds of these again soon. I can feel myself becoming fatter again. πŸ™

  1. We all deserve a treat. I hear you.

    Remember Marta who blogged about the poor quality cakes, chocolates and the absence of oven in most households in the Middle Kingdom. I had not stuffed my face with the respective items due to the costs and bulging waistline.

    Most of the seasonal fruits are cheap in Turkey and full of flavour. Yes, I have stuffed my face.

    • Heh… fruits are expensive here. I mean with respect to our ringgit’s buying power. Else I would gladly stuff my face with fruits too.

  2. We all deserve a treat. So, hard weekend, nice meal, justified. And it didn’t look like much effort at all πŸ™„ True Aussie mutton? You never know if it’s truly 100% mutton… πŸ™„

    • I’ll give the packaging’s claim the benefit of doubt. Not much else I can do to be honest. πŸ™„

  3. Nice ah those mutton patties! I tried seasoning it with Moroccan seasoning and baking it in the oven. Yuks, not nice. I should have fried it instead. I have some more minced mutton in the freezer, so…..wanna make like yours lah πŸ˜€

    • Nice enough for me. Tastes just like lamb. The patties were quite juicy when I cut into them, the juice were bursting out and onto the plate.

  4. I see you’re having the same theme as PH….low carb meal! But why buy frozen corn kernels as you can get fresh ones these days (not sure if it’s sold at Aeon though but I can get them from wet markets). Those days, they used to sell only corn on the cob but nowadays they know the younger generation is all about the ease (ie. lazy), so they stripped off the kernels for us instead.

    • Hmm, coincidence only. I don’t have specific theme, I just buy and eat whatever and whenever I feel like it. πŸ™„

      I don’t think I can get fresh corn kernels in AEON. I have never seen them. Of course I haven’t been really searching too, hahaha…

  5. I have not tried minced mutton before, usually eat is from the malay rice stall… But now seldom eat malay rice as find malay rice not cheap..

    • That’s not always the case in Malaysia though. If you tapao from the hawker stalls, they are probably cheaper than cooking yourself. But then if comparing with hawker stalls, home cooking is healthier so… anyway home cooking wins. πŸ˜€

  6. I can’t eat the patty like that. I’ll need some kind of gravy to go with it. I can’t even eat rice on their own, need to drench them with lots of kuah. My kids have now taken after me so whatever I cook, there’ll be something wet for them πŸ˜€

    One question here, why mutton? Why not pork, chicken or maybe kangaroo? πŸ˜›

    • Well, I did have some unseen mustard sauce, and you probably can’t see the juice released from the meat here, but they’re there. It wasn’t as dry as the picture indicated.

      No kangaroo meat sold here lah ahmoi… well, mutton because the packaging said TRUE AUSSIE MUTTON. That 3 words attracted me to buy… πŸ™„

    • Does mustard sauce counts as gravy? It did not make an appearance in the blog post. Well anyway, the mutton released some juice on the plate, and I used them to wet my meat anyway. πŸ™„

  7. How does the mutton in patty form taste like? Looks kind of dry. I only eat mutton braised or in curry or in rendang. Never tried mutton patty before.

  8. That is not really a lot to me. We are big eaters.

    I have never tried mutton in patty form, wonder how it tastes. But I like pork patty though.

    • It tastes exactly like how mutton would taste, except the texture is different. The texture is like, well… pork patty…

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