Stamina Don

I’m not sure if you remember when I once ordered a Stamina Don from Xuan Feng Restaurant through DeliverEat.

Here, a picture to refresh your memory…

DSC_0012 (800x503)

I remember enjoying this pack of delivery meal, but I guess you could tell that in terms of appearance, it isn’t the most appetizing. Which is understandable, since the food was packed in a container.

Well, since the actual restaurant has moved to Elit Avenue (somewhere on the way home from work from where I live in), I figured it was time to pay the restaurant a little visit. After all, I used to enjoy their food quite a bit when they were still at Krystal Point.

I also figured it was appropriate to order the same thing that I ordered through delivery. So… Stamina Don it is!

Look at that. I mean,

Seriously, would you just look at that?!

My Stamina Don was served in a nice clay bowl, with runny egg yolk instead of hard boiled egg. Runny egg yolk which I would break and mix it up with the rice, yumsss. I also got a complimentary bowl of soup which did not make it into the delivery meal pack.

Most important though, was that the pork belly slices were even more delicious than I remember the delivery meal was, thanks to not being covered up in plastic container and forced to turn somewhat soggy.

One thing that kind of ticked me off somewhat a little though… I’m pretty sure you noticed the difference in color of the pork.  Maybe they saved on the sauce when cooking to offset the increased cost for the plastic container?

If my guess is right, then… not good. If you want to get a slice of the food delivery action, you should be ready to deal with the container’s cost without compromising anything on the customers’ side. Remember, the customers are also paying more per meal by ordering your food through delivery. We pay 10% admin fee and RM 3 fixed delivery charges per order. You should workout your compensation with DeliverEat instead of giving delivery meals special handling.

I hope my guess is wrong though. I’m probably wrong. It was probably a one off. Anyway, it is not like I order delivery from this restaurant again in the near future. I’ll probably just come and dine in…


  1. Agree with what all the others said. It probably is when you ordered it to be delivered they restaurant cooked it differently that day. And the egg now is runny…putting it runny in delivery might have made quite a mess 🙄

    Which tasted better?

  2. Yes, I noticed the difference in colour straightaway. I don’t think it’s a cost thing. I think it was cooked by a different person. Someone else tasked with take-aways perhaps? Not only did you get a free soup, you got a small set of 3 appetisers too when you dined in….so, dine-in wins! ;D

    • The appetizers, I got in the delivery meal pack too, they were stuffed beneath the egg. But, I guess maybe you are right too. Maybe it was a different person cooking. 🙄

  3. Very significant difference in appearance. So now you might as well dine in since it is convenient. I really like that runny egg on top of your chicken. I also like to break it up and stir with rice. Aiyoooo…I miss rice…

  4. You actually break the soft boiled egg to mix with the rice? I would just slurp the entire thing first then eat the rice or whatever else is in there.

    • Ya ya I know most people would slurp it like you, but I am not most people. I prefer the yolk to coat the rice. Or noodles. Or pretty much anything. 😛

  5. well, can’t really compare delivery and dine-in, especially for cooked food. Delivery is meant for convenience, when it is rainy/too hot/lazy/busy to go out for food, then it’s delivery. U pay for the convenience, and ‘quality’ came in second. While for dine in, since everything is prepared fresh from the kitchen, there is no compromise for a lousy food. So, if u opting for good and better quality food, dine-in it is!

    • I know we can’t and nothing much we can do, but at least the restaurants should strive to. After all, we pay the same prices whether dine in or delivery, so we should expect to get the same things. And, just like dining in, we vote with our wallet for delivery meals too. Never order so and so through delivery again. Worse if people conclude the restaurant is crap due to low quality delivery food.

      End of the day of course I will still opt for dine-in, but I just kind of hope that restaurants/cafes don’t keep the mindset of “we can get away with shit because it is delivery”..

    • I think the restaurant can get away with crap easier with delivery, because you just can’t complain or send it back. Take it or leave it.

  6. Cutting corners or an off-day! Admin fee and delivery charges ?, sounds expensive. Are these charges standard or it depends on the monetary amount involved and the travelling distance from the eatery?

  7. The food looks really different in a good way from the food you got from the delivery. Good move to order the same thing to compare. So no more delivery for you from this eatery, just dine in will do.

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