I Forgot…

I forgot how tiring it is to move to a new house. I underestimated the amount of sweat it involves.

Yes, after 2 years, I am on the move again. It is kind of a vicious cycle. I rent cheap, the owner increase rent the following year, the owner increase rent again the following year, I get pissed off and look for a cheaper place to move to.

A little sneak peak to satisfy your curiosity. For 50 bucks more (or 150 bucks less considering the new price the old place’s owner wanna charge me this time), I get floor tiles. I get a bigger third room. I get a fixed covered car park. I get access to TIME Fiber Internet. And I get a wall mount air-conditioner unit.

I just got the keys earlier today, and spent a couple hours sweeping and mopping the floor (every nook and cranny actually) and installing the water purifier, and already I am sweating like a pig, and I am feeling like I have not known such tiredness since… ever. And I’m not done for the day yet. Gonna dismantle the washing machine/drying rack and move it over by today too. At least that’s the plan.

It will be more or less the same tomorrow, and Monday, and Tuesday. I spent the morning working, and the afternoon and evening moving things and setting up base at the new place.

So I think this will be my last blog post for August. I’ll probably see you again on this coming Wednesday or Thursday.

Also this will probably be the last time I make a blog post using the pathetic YES 1Mbps FIZ Broadband. Next time I blog, I’ll be on 100Mbps turbocharged TIME Fiber Internet. πŸ˜‰

Also, to my fellow Malaysians, Selamat Hari Merdeka. Happy Independence Day…


    • I didn’t count. But I think it is 50% longer than the old place. My living room space looks kind of empty and sad right now.

  1. House looks clean and big… Worth renting then.. Some more got air con and fast internet… My girl rented a room in Elite Avenue, paying 350 monthly, shared with another… Electricity not included yet…

    • 350 for shared room? Sounds about right. If 350 for a full room then that is a great deal. Elit Heights 1 whole house 1.5k…

    • What is porn? I don’t even know that word, it is unfamiliar to me. Does it mean more HD than HD? πŸ˜›

    • Normally the houses would come with tiles, but with low cost/medium cost government housing (RM42k/RM75k but you have to be low income and bid for it) like what I am renting now, the default is you don’t get tiles. It will just be cement floor. If you can afford it, you can pay to have tiles installed after you get the keys.

    • It is still just a low medium cost flat. Nothing fabulous about it. Wait until I buy something like Elit Heights or Summer Skye then you can praise to the skies again. πŸ™„

  2. Yeah, this place looks a lot more spacious than your old one. Looks like you have a workable kitchen too…and the addition of an air-cond unit will mean no more hot days for you (but with increased electricity bills lah!)…hehe! πŸ˜€ Happy house moving!

    • The kitchen, well… there’s a stand to support the basin, so that’s a plus, I don’t have to figure that bit out. As for the air-con, since I was using a portable air-con I guess I’ll see how much price difference it is between wall mounted and portable. πŸ™„

  3. Your new pad is of a decent size. More cleaning to do, lol!

    I wanted to get a cleaner when I lived in Turkey but I was given two quotes of TUR 100 for two hours. I soon learnt to be efficient in my cleaning and chores.

    • The cleaning, oh gawd the cleaning. I think that is the worst part of moving. You mean TUR 100 for two hours of regular cleaning? That’s… wow! I’d pay RM 100 for a cleaner to come do a thorough cleaning of the new place. Darn, why didn’t I think of that earlier??

  4. I understand your situation, CL. I’ve been there, done that – four times, with two of them involving moving abroad! It’s not fun at all, but once you’ve officially moved in, you’ll notice that the pain is just part of the process. I haven’t seen pictures of your old place, but this new place looks much brighter and cleaner. The addition of the Internet and air-conditioner is a good thing too, especially in the hot weather.

    • This is my fifth time moving, so I win. But I never moved abroad yet, so you win I guess. But I think moving abroad is more of a mental than physical challenge as you don’t have to physically carry a lot of things other than what your suitcase allows, so I still win, I guess. πŸ˜› πŸ™„

  5. Has it been 2 years since you moved from a landed house to an apartment unit? It seems like just a few months ago that I read about you moving your fridge or is it washing machine with your trusted car.

    Your new place looks a lot larger than your soon-to-be-old place. Since you received the key to your new place earlier, does it mean that the rent starts from today Saturday instead of Sept 1, 2016? Happy moving!

    Happy Merdeka Day to you in advance!

    • I moved in November 2014. So, if we want to look at it strictly, 1 year 10 months. Almost 2 years.

      Looks a lot larger, but for purposes practical to me, only slightly larger, the 2 main rooms are smaller, but the third room is bigger. Also the house is longer. Much longer in fact. I know because I just cleaned it up. >.< Nope, rent starts Sept 1. I had to deal with an agent, and he will be out of town on Sept 1, so he decided to give me a few days head start. πŸ˜›

  6. Moving house is not my most favoured activity. It is a good opportunity to downsize though. Have you read the famous book about decluttering your life by the Japanese author? I don’t recall her name right now… but one of the things she suggests is taking everything out of your cupboard and ‘going shopping’ – you keep the things you’d pick again from the store, and dispose of those things not chosen.

    • That book is by Marie Kondo. I’ve heard so much about it, and hope to check it out at some point. I really need to clean out my closet and room in general. I don’t own that many things, but still feel I could live with less things.

      Moving never gets easier. Didn’t you turn on the air-con while giving the place a clean? πŸ™„ It sounds like a very good deal here, this new place. I wonder if there’s a catch, or if it really is just a good deal πŸ™„

      • I don’t believe anyone could be 100% clutter free. No matter how lean you think your place is, everything you move, there will always be things to clear out. πŸ™„

        I just moved the bed and slept in last night, and I think there are catches. I’ll write more about them some time in the future, I think. πŸ™„

        • “there will always be things to clear out”. Yes, if you are a lazy person and decide to put things to one side because too lazy to think what to do with them. Or you could be one of those people, “save it for later, maybe will use” and then never end up using it πŸ™„

          • I am most definitely the former. I have space in the house, so a lot of the stuff I have goes to the “deal with this shit later” category. πŸ™„

    • No I have not, but I am pretty much a minimalist myself. You know, I’m a lazy person, and I always know I might be on the move again at any point of time until I buy a place to call my own. So every time I buy something non-perishable, the two things that come into consideration without fail are “Is this a need or a want?”, and “Can it fit into my Myvi?”. That’s how I talked myself out of a fancy wardrobe cabinet, two-door fridge, clothes dryer (the machine), those things…

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