Good App

Today I am finally going to talk about Pokemon Go.

No, not really. I mean not in a million years.

But I am going to talk about a very simple and nice app that I have been using ever since I got my new Huawei ostrich phone, the P9 Plus. It came as a default, pre-installed in the phone.

That app is called Health. It allows me to put a widget on my screen, like this:

Guess which is the widget I’m talking about?

It tells me how many steps I have walked/ran/crawled/climbed in a day, and translated roughly into the distance and calories burned. I’ve tested it enough to confirm that it tracks my steps very accurately.

If I click on the widget, it brings me into the app itself.

Looks like this

I set a 10000 steps per day target, because I read from somewhere (can’t remember where) that 10000 steps a day is the benchmark for a healthy lifestyle. The circle tells me how far away I am from hitting the target. It also compares the calories I burned into number of hamburgers or ice cream or fried chicken (so far I’ve only seen these 3). As you can see I’ve met the target for today, so it is a full circle.

If I click inside the circle, it leads me to the periodic tracking page.


This is a very important page to me, especially when I first started using this app. It tells me that weekends are usually the least healthy days I have in terms of burning calories.

I suppose it makes sense. On weekdays, at work, I really do walk a lot. The car park to the office is kind of far, and the meeting venues within the plant are always quite far apart. And I attend an average of 4 to 5 meetings a day. Whereas on weekends, the only distances I have to cover is between my bedroom and the bathroom most of the time. And maybe a bit more when I do my grocery run.

Basically it tells me I have to do something about my weekend lifestyle. I have yet to implement those somethings though… πŸ™„


  1. You certainly walk a lot during the week and keeping a tab on it and your lifestyle. That’s good.

    I have a health app on my phone. I have never use it. I can’t be asked.

    I can swim but lack the confidence in deep water.

    I have recently been on a boat trip in the Turkish Riviera. Out of five islands we visited, I only swam in one because there was a moor. As for the other four islands, an anchor was simply dropped into the open sea. Yes, I missed out!!?

  2. The only Apps I used frequently in my phone are (1) Bus Service App (to check when your next bus will come to your bus stop ie. estimated arrival time, they can be very accurate) and (2) 4D App (hee hee)

    • (1) Bus app – I drive, so I no need that app.
      (2) 4D app – I use their website, so no need app. I don’t even know the Malaysian 4D got app or not. πŸ˜›

    • Fitbit is good for athletes I think. I don’t think people carry their smartphones when they go for a run or something.

  3. You fooled me again! I really thought you wrote about pokemon GO and that you caught the fever! Yes, this is a good app. Walk to the supermarket to do your grocery during the weekends and you will exceed your weekday target.

  4. Clocking up 10,000++ steps per day is really good. So you do walk a lot except weekends. I doubt if I can come anywhere near that. My movement is only from my desk to the photocopier and the toilet πŸ˜€

  5. Good and bad this app. Good when you see yourself achieving your target for the day…yay! Bad when you did not….:'( Looks like you have to change your weekend lifestyle….or walk around the house more! ;D

    • When you did not achieve target, it is not the app that is bad, it is you yourself hahaha! πŸ˜€

  6. I have a Health app on my iphone too… I never use it, but you inspired me to look at it. And apparently I walk a pitiful average of 1,500 steps a day. I guess most of my steps are just walking around the house (if I remember to take my phone with me), or from my house into an uber into a cafe. Sigh, I guess I need to be healthier. But… I do work out on my own and obviously don’t carry my phone on me while doing so!

  7. Pedometer on the phone. Nothing new, but it is a great way to keep tabs on your lifestyle. 10,000 steps a day is a good effort. I am usually the opposite: on weekends I tend to do at least that amount or hit 20,000 if I go on day long walks and hikes…which wear me out πŸ™„

    • Not new, but new to me. My previous phones did not come with pre-installed pedometer apps. πŸ™„

      It wasn’t even an effort, that 10k steps. It was mandatory. I have to walk that much at work anyway.

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