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Sigh… it’s Wednesday, for f***’s sake. What am I doing, being distracted by Youtube videos??

No, I’m just kidding. I’m kind of busy this few days, doing some online shopping for things I think I might need when I move to the new place. Cleaning up what needs to be cleaned. Packing up what needs to be packed. You know, that sort of thing.

I got carried away today scratching my head over the huge myriad of water purifiers on sale out there. I feel tired of having to boil water everyday, so this is kind of borderline necessary for me now. But boy of boy are they expensive or what.

I’ve now narrowed down my options to these 3. Because they’re the cheapest available so far…


I’ll probably end up going for the first one, cause it’s cheapest. But I’m gonna take a couple more hours struggling between brand names and country of origin and stuff like that.

In the mean time, do enjoy the video above. It’s quite funny. I think it’s quite funny. πŸ™„

Tomorrow I’ll hopefully have a proper new post…


  1. At my parents’ apartment in Malaysia they have a cheap water filter, no where near as expensive as these ones but I suppose these are the better ones. But I agree with Mun – I prefer my water boiled too. It just tastes…better. I wonder if nutrients from the water are removed through filtration. Then again, I suppose it’s better than drinking mineral water, which I heard can give you kidney stones or something.

    • These are the normal ones. The better ones the company would usually rent it instead of sell it, and they would provide round the clock service. Those would be a few hundred ringgit, not one lump sum, but every month. >.<

  2. I also have double water filters like what the blogger eatwhateatwhere has described. I get paranoid if my water is dirty and I still boil my water from the double filters. You are very smart to ignore these alkaline or oxygen water filters. How on earth can one add more oxygen into water???? Wake up goons!

    • Well, I mostly ignore those because they are ridiculously expensive. I think a proper Alkaline ionizer water system is sold for a few thousand ringgit. Technically you can really add a higher oxygen content to your water, astronauts drink that thing sometimes, but that technology is NASA technology. If you can afford NASA systems at home, you must be either Bill Gates of Mark Zuckerberg.

      Those few hundred/thousand ringgit systems are ciplak mineral water systems.

  3. I have double filtration…one for water that comes into the house (for bathing and washing) and another one for drinking water. I have seen just how dirty the direct water is that didn’t go through the filter…yellow and murky with lots of sediments. I would filter the water (for drinking)….and then boil it…for double safety…hehe! πŸ˜€ That’s because we sometimes tend to save and not change our filters (or whatever you call those things you need to change) when it needs to be changed periodically! >.<

    • I remember in the first house I lived in Penang, with my ex-housemates, we also had a water filtration system for drinking water which we used for 5 years without changing any filters. I’m still alive and so far I’m fine. πŸ˜€

  4. hah..hah…I like this Guillermo a lot. He’s the highlight for me on Jimmy Kimmel πŸ˜€ Coming back to the water purifiers, you also need to consider the ease of cleaning and cost of replacing the filters. The water that we get is really dirty because I see loads of sediments/mud at the bottom of my water distiller.

    • Hahaha the only reason I watch these Kimmel clips is because of Guillermo and Matt Damon πŸ˜› πŸ˜› …

      Yeah, even assuming our internal piping are okay, we normally we need to add an external filter for where the water enters our house. That shit gets dirty really really quick! 😐

    • I am more for more filtering for safe drinking. That’s how white people do it, and that’s what I feel more confident with. πŸ™„

    • My preference is different, since I don’t believe boiling do much good to the water. More levels of filter is the safer option to me. πŸ™„

  5. HHhmmmm, I am not sure about all these direct to drink water filters. At home, I just filter the water using a basic BacFree filter for drinking water (no adding oxygen or making it alkaline or what not) and then boil the water which does not solve your issue as you do not want to boil water. I still feel safer drinking water that has been boiled.

    • I’m not looking for alkaline or oxygen water too, those stupid gimmicks are way more expensive than my comfort range, cost thousands at least. I’m just looking for multi stage filter to filter out crap from the water. You know, boiling actually does the least thing to our water, it kills off some of the germs and bacteria, but it does nothing to the chlorine and rust particles other unseen crap, which are way more harmful to the body in the long run.

      Well, in the end of the day, it is what makes you feel most comfortable. For me, I have low confidence in boiling to solve our drinking water problem. I trust the angmoh way of treating their direct to drink tap water, which is multi filter. πŸ™„

      • I mean after I have filtered the water according to your USA standard, I will still want to boil the water to 100degree celcius to get rid of bacteria. The 3 filters you are considering all meet USA standards ah?

        • The one with 4 standalone filter looking thing, that’s Korean, and I’ve stroked it off my list. The other 2, apparently yes, US water standards. Well I didn’t mind drinking from the tap when I was in UK or US, so I guess I’ll take my chance here.

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