Doing Something That Frightened Me (Part 1)

Background info

I recently, at the behest of my sister, installed a certain wildly popular smartphone app.

No… not Pokemon Go, for f***’s sake, no!

I meant Tinder. Yeah… that matchmaking random friend finding app.Β For those of you who doesn’t yet know how Tinder works, it basically goes like this:

  1. You install the app,
  2. You setup your profile, with pictures (of course) and introduction message,
  3. You get to see random people’s pictures (of the opposite sex) and profiles, of people who are within a certain kilometers radius from your current location,
  4. You swipe left for Nope, and you swipe right for Like,
  5. If you Like someone and she Like you back, you get to start a conversation,
  6. You get to meet up for a cup of coffee. Or have sex.

Some say Tinder is nothing more than a convenient mean to find a quick fuck. Well, yeah, I agree that Tinder can be an awesome app to find a quick fuck, but I don’t quite agree with the nothing more part.

Heck, you know what I use Tinder for? I use Tinder as an eye washing app. Hmm, I think eye washing is a Malaysian term. You know, well, in this case, pictures of sexy ladies are the eyewash if you know what I mean. πŸ™„

So while some of me’ mates have been busy catching Pokemons for the past few days, I have been sporadically swiping through eyewash pictures in Tinder. I also may or may not have accidentally Liked some of the ladies. Luckily none of these accidents reciprocated, so far.

What transpired today

I woke up late today, since it is a Saturday. By late, I mean 8.30 AM. Normal waking hours for me is 7.00 AM.

Anyway, so I was taking my morning dump while swiping through pictures in Tinder when I came across the picture of a Japanese lady. Now, for privacy’s sake I will not show her picture here, or which part of Japan she is from, but I can probably tell you she is called Nao.

I’m sure you will all agree that Japanese ladies are hot. Actually no, I don’t care whether you agree or not. I think Japanese ladies are hot. So I clicked on her picture to read her profile introduction message. What I saw shocked me, because apparently her favorite singer is Kurosaki Maon.

It was shocking to me because a couple days ago I came across this song which I absolutely love to the bits and have been playing it on my laptop over and over and over and over and over…… and over and over and over again.

It is rare for me to listen to a song for the first time and within 10 seconds decide that I love it, and this is one of those rare songs. I was also attracted to one of the singers on stage.

maon kurosaki
This one

Her name? Yeah, Kurosaki Maon ι»’ε΄Ž 真音. I have since searched more of her songs online and am loving a good many of them.

Anyway, the point is, I’ve just discovered this lovely singer a couple days ago, who (I think) is a relative unknown, and then now I’m seeing the profile of someone who likes the same singer. I mean, what are the odds? Right?

So, I swiped right. I swiped a Like for Nao. This was the first Like that I did intentionally on Tinder.

And then I went back to focusing on my morning dump. I didn’t think too much of the swipe to be honest. I never expected anything else would happen.

Well, something did happen. As I was getting out of the toilet, my phone beeped the notification alert.

Shit, I ran out of time. I have a dinner to go to. To be continued…



    • What? Wait till I describe the process in minute detail. Like how long I took to squeeze… never mind. πŸ™„

  1. Too much information about what you were doing while checking Tinder??? xD

    I met C. on a similar dating app (well, in this one you could talk to anyone without them having to like you first). So these things sometimes work, haha.

    • What do you mean “too much”? I didn’t even describe the whole process wahahaha! XD

      I know these things sometimes work. But until I become one of them, I guess I will always be apprehensive… πŸ™„

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