1P100W #90 – Come On!!!

I am supposed to come up with a new blog post today. I mean, at least I intended to. But it’s… difficult.

Today is a very important day for all sports loving Malaysian. Today is the day where we have a genuine chance to break the Olympics gold medal duck, not just for this time for since, like… ever.

So, come on, Datuk Lee Chong Wei! Come on! All 27 million Malaysians are standing united behind you!

This picture is kind of late. At the point of posting, Datuk Lee is leading 10-7. I hope by the time you read this, we would’ve won and confirmed Monday as holiday.

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  1. Of course we were rooting for him to win gold (and the public holiday also)! ^_* I was actually hoping that he’d be our first gold medalist (and not the doubles pair) coz if anyone deserved it, he did for all the hard work he has put in.

    • I was rooting for all three of them (Datuk Lee and both the doubles pairs), but the doubles pairs I did not set expectations, rather just try to support them. After all they already exceed expectations. Although the men’s doubles final got a bit disappointed lah, they nearly got it. >.<

    • He did his best alright. I mean it literally. It was one of his best games ever. It was not enough, sadly. 🙁

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