Waiting Out The Traffic

It’s a lovely Friday evening yo, but I’m still stuck in the office because the traffic is still shyte outside. It’s Hari Raya next week and most people took days off to make it a week long holiday so everyone’s balik kampung (driving back to hometown) today.

What better way to kill time in the office after hours when there’s nothing but free internet? In case you’re also still stuck in the office, here’s my playlist for this evening…

Linds‘ new song’s music video with her most daring choreography yet…

I recently “discovered” that Linds has a second channel for all her non official music videos stuff. Like, those behind the scenes,

or her misadventures while on tour,

Oh, I almost forgot. I want you guys to meet Phelba. She’s Lindsey’s number 1 fan, although she has never been able to meet Lindsey face to face before, even after stalking following Lindsey for years…

Seriously… I think I need to watch something that is not Lindsey. Even I myself am feeling a bit creepy, like I’m turning into a fanboy or something. That’s unacceptable. No…

Maybe I should watch some recipes and see if I feel inspired to cook anything nice for the weekend…

It’ll be cool to learn a new language too. Thanks Monica for sharing me this:

I mean, thanks Monz! Think I’ma grab some choccy biccy! 😉

Let’s end this with some nice songs and nice kissing, shall we?

Have a nice weekend yo, and for those of you who are already on holiday mode in Malaysia, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri~ And I’ll see you again next week.

Or next next week… 🙄


    • LOL! I don’t think I can. It’s not just the slang, the words twist… too complicated. 😐

  1. Arrgghh!! Traffic!! The other day it took me 2 torturous hours from Jalan Sultan Ismail back to Damansara Utama. So tired when I reached home. Happy holidays! 😀

    • The horrors of KL rush hour traffic. I don’t even want to hear about it >.< . Happy Holidays to you too!

  2. Happy Holiday to you, RG. I have a week long holiday too, but I seems having several activities that keep me really occupy .

    • Good for you! I did not take additional leave so I will spend some of the week still working.

    • Shortly after 7pm I think. I wasn’t watching the time. I was not heading out of the island, so I just had to wait out the buka puasa traffic. This morning the traffic out of Penang was horrendous. Almost as bad as KL and JB causeway…

  3. I was about to say you are Lindsey’s no. 1 fan in Penang or maybe the whole of M’sia. Maybe you would want to save up to catch her next live performance overseas or write in to request she performs in Penang.

    I guess you would go for French toast – the guilty way! Hehehe.

    Enjoy the Raya break! I trust that you did not take on additional work during the break on volunteer basis like you did before for other PH.

    • Nah, not even close. She had a show in KL last year and I didn’t even go. Actually I didn’t even know hahaha. I’m actually a horrible fan. 😛

      Arhhhh!! I forgot the bread just now!!!

  4. Nooo, there can never be too much Lindsey! I love the NY video of Phelba. It is my favourite video of Phelba, and I daresay LindseyTime video too 😀 What a cutie.

    I love french toast. Dang. I want some now. By the way, more the abbreviation for biscuit is more commonly written as “bikkie” I’m not sure why the vid didn’t say that 🙄

    • They did, they said biscuit = biccy. That’s why I said I’m gonna get choccy biccy XD ..

        • Hmm, those blokes in the video spelled it as “biccy”, I was just copying. I guess as long as it sounds the same. 🙄

  5. u watched so much in the office? anyway, I m stil in the ofis too…traffic around Klang Valley is kinda havoc too…

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