Shit Traffic (Again)

Sigh… I’m supposed to be posting a new blog post today. I even have some pictures ready. But… those pictures are sitting in my personal laptop, and I’m now stuck some place, waiting out the shitty Friday evening traffic jam, yet again. Darn it, I thought things will get better after Ramadan. Apparently not…


So here I am, watching Youtube with my work laptop as entertainment.

Thank goodness I have Kimberley for company. Kimberley’s sweet voice makes everything better. Just better. I freaking love this song. It is currently my favorite Kimberley song. I guess I’m just a sick masochistic idiot who prefers heartbreak over jovial. I love this song much more than her first popular song <爱你 Ai Ni>.

Also, here’s some more hot anime chicks. RWBY does remind me of Final Fantasy, so a RWBY x FF7 crossover is most definitely awesome! I can’t wait for RWBY Season 4 to release. Although I still love Tifa more. 🙄

Speaking of which, here’s something else I discovered from Rooster Teeth (the producing company for RWBY): Red vs Blue. It is a very pointlessly annoying but freakishly addictive mini series that spans 14 seasons (267 episodes) and still counting. Best part is each episode is only a few minutes long. I highly recommend all of you to try watching it. Just one episode, please. Although there are soldiers and guns, there’s no gory bloody scenes. In fact there’s not even much shooting. Promise.

Think I’ll just continue being annoyed for a bit more until the traffic eases. Have a good weekend yo…


  1. The last video you showed me was quite good. A nice dry sense of humour. But I don’t know if I will be able to watch all 267 episodes. If it is the same kind of humour and same kind of storyline, it can get old fast

  2. Is Tifa the one with the black hair? If yes, I also prefer her, she has gorgeous big eyes and look at her boobs. Sharp nose too.

  3. 爱你 might’ve been too overrated, if you ask me. Personally, I prefer Never Change. 🙂

    In regards to our traffic congestion, I think it’d improve once the public transportation can have an overhaul.

    • It is only overrated to ladies. Ask guys. 😛

      Public transportation overhaul? Pfft… Maybe in another 50 years… 🙄

      • It’s going to be longer than that – with the way things are going now, man. You and I both know what will lead to a successful overhaul. 😉

        Yeah, one of my college friends – a guy – loves that song to death. *shakes head* He shouldn’t have given me the advance consent to his Mac because I found it on his iTunes playlist, lol.

        • If you mean change of govt, sorry to tell you I do not share the same views. Have you see what the opposition is doing these days with neutral eyes? Bullshit. Bickering even when they’ve not won power. And f**king sleeping with the 22 years dictator. I’m sorry to say, things will remain the same, might even get worse in their hands. I’ve lost all hopes on a clean and transparent and competent govt, much less a successful overhaul on anything including public transportation. 🙁

          • Yes, I meant the change of govt. That’s the name of politics – bickering over things that the opposite has done to divert attention on what they’ve done. I know right; it’s only plausible in a fantasy world and rather hard to achieve in the real world. *shakes head*

  4. The lyrics are on a sad topic but I don’t find the tune/music sad sounding at all. The music is kind of upbeat. What animal is that? Baby Alpaca?

    Ok, upon your recommendation I have just watched season 1 episode 1 of RedvsBlue and apart from one character named Donut which is interesting because Donut is food, there is way too much standing around and talking about Why are we here? which is the title of this episode. Is this meant to be a comedy series?

    Do you plan to watch all 267 episodes?

    I thought you are staying near to your workplace. Why still so jam? Move even closer to your workplace lah.

    You have a good weekend too and don’t tell me that you plan to spend the whole weekend to finish up the 267 episodes. 🙂

    • Huh? I actually don’t pay much attention to the music when I listen to a song which involves singing. The singing and the lyrics… breaks my heart, kind of. Maybe it is just me. And, who cares what animal is that? It could’ve been a puppy or hamster. 🙄

      Sigh… I guess you cannot appreciate American humor as much as I do. That’s the whole point of this RvB thing. Standing there and talking bullshit. And hahaha, not all episodes are “Why are we here?”, although all episodes are talking mainly. 😛

      I don’t know. It is annoyingly addictive. I watch a few episodes until I get annoyed, then I do my other stuff, then I come back and keep watching because I can’t stop. 🙄

      • I guess I don’t have the patience to sit through the talking to get to the humour.

        As for the sad song, perhaps it reminded you of you and someone so that’s why you feel so much for it. Since you don’t care for the animal there, it seems to be a mistake for the MV to include it.

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