I had grand plans for the weekend. I was finally making somewhat good progress on my books writing activity and I thought it was time to get on a roll and push on.

And then I saw this Youtube video. This awesome times 100 Youtube video.

I’m a Final Fantasy fan. Well, semi-fan. I only know mostly Final Fantasy VII stuff thanks to the animated movie. This video, well, it was 37 minutes of non-stop [Dead or Alive] and [Final Fantasy] crossover fight scenes. That’s why the title of this mashup is called Dead Fantasy.

Of course I was hooked beyond all hopes of redemption. Unfortunately, the creator who goes by the name Monty Oum died over a year ago in February 2015. So the actions stopped at Part 6, leaving the story hanging in the balance. I think if he did not die, there would have been Part 7, 8, 9, 10 and more.

But seriously, this guy was awesome! So I searched around for more of his works. And I found this!

RWBY (pronounced Ruby) was an anime series Monty directed, and he finished 2 seasons before his demise. His co-workers at Rooster Teeth are continuing his works though, they’ve finished Season 3 and Season 4 is work in progress.

As you can see from the trailer above (if you’ve actually clicked on the video), this series involves a lot of bad-ass girls wielding bad-ass weapons destroying not-so-bad-ass monsters. But what I particularly like is the fact that this is an American production. Not American subs of Japanese anime, but American anime, 100% Made in the US of A.

If the difference in animation style is not apparent to you, the way they speak in the anime definitely is. I hated American dubs of Japanese anime, because they suck. Japanese anime is never made to cater for American emotions, so the dubs could never connect. No such problems with this RWBY series, because the animation is designed specifically for original English speaking voices. It reminds me of Frozen and Finding Nemo. In a good way, might I add, because it makes sense, and makes the series awesome!

A lot of the Youtube comments are complaining that this cannot compare to Japanese anime. I say, stuff that mindset. It is just different. The animators here have different way of expressing their creativity.

Most importantly, it proves that Americans are not only capable of producing pathetic Nickelodeon cartoons. They can do awesome and cool anime if they want to. Gosh I really hope to see more of these stuff!



  1. This auntie here has no idea what this fantasy final is.. she only knows HK TVB drama series… hahahaa… anyway, a good eye opener for me..

  2. There’s a period where i will “chase” after cosplay and wherever there is cosplay, i will go take picture, haha…

  3. I know la you like anime thingy.. Looks like Resident Evil or something..The girl running that time, weird la, the screen just focused on her boobs, but the boobs not bouncing geh *boing boing* (ehhh, what am I talking about?)..

  4. I can’t believe I just watched a girl cutting up werewolves brutally. Stylish drawings.

    I am more interested in reading more about Monty Oum. So talented and passed away at such a young age due to a simple medical procedure. So frightening that a simpla medical procedure can cause a person to die so more points for the YOLO camp.

    • What’s wrong with a girl cutting up monsters? Not the first time. Happened with Attack on Titan. Even happened with Underworld (Kate Beckinsale is so hot!!)…

      Yeah, Monty’s death was so unexpected. I’m sad that I only learn about him long after his demise. I’m going to hunt up more of his other works. 🙄

      • Focus on the word “cutting up” and not on the word “girl”. I would prefer not to watch cutting up of any sorts because I could smell the “sheng” ness (bad smell) of the blood and innards splattered all around after watching it. Yucks!

  5. I did not click on the YouTube because anime and really all things TV series and film don’t interest me that much. If America wants to do their own anime for their own audiences, that is fine. Something for everyone.

    • Be careful what you say. Did you watch Heist’s MV? I can totally imagine Lindsey voice acting an anime sometime in the future. She’s into that kind of stuff. 🙄

    • You never read some of my anime related posts then. I don’t like all anime, but crazy about some of them. 😛

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