Postcard from Singapore (Yippee~)

I rent in Penang, so most of my mail, I direct them to my home in KL. And seeing how I only go back once in a blue moon, I always have a big pile of fan mails to go through. I have a lot of fans from Maybank, Alliance Bank, RHB Bank, PTPTN (college loan), etc.

So I was going through my most recent stash of mail when I saw this.

At first I thought someone sent me a postcard of sushi. But upon a closer inspection, turns out it is a picture of eggs benedict.

A quick flip over and…

Hmm, I think this is the second or third time I receive something from Libby.

And I got a card from Sharon for CNY earlier this year.

You Singaporean ladies, stop trying to guilt trip me so often! I feel like a moron for not sending souvenir to my blog readers every time I see these! πŸ™

Seriously though, thanks Libby, for remembering me. I shall try my best to keep this postcard somewhere safe. πŸ™„ πŸ˜›


  1. I love this postcard. It’s all about the food and we all know me and you are such foodies! πŸ™‚ I really miss local food in Singapore – affordable, fresh and so delicious!

    • Yeah! But you seem to have become a vegan, I wonder how it will be for your new travels. Hopefully you will continue to eat well. πŸ˜‰

    • Actually I will give to any bloggers who wanna send me things, male or female. Just so happens only female bloggers bother to send things usually. πŸ™„

  2. Wah, so nice! You must be so happy to get those cards. Your happiness will encourage these two Singapore ladies to send you more cards and letters.

    • Actually I hope they don’t send me anymore cards. I feel guilty every time I see these cards. 😐

  3. haha… I remember that time, i was so worried when i didn’t receive that news from you that you have receive the card, and it turns out your mum thought the card from one of your relative in Singapore, haha…

  4. I am one of your fans!

    It is my pleasure to send you a card, so don’t feel guilty lah.

    There is a meaningful message in the post card (in Chinese) – β€œWhen you walked to the end of your youth, will you miss yourself?” (translated into English)

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