Gordon for Weekend

I’ve had a very very productive weekend so far… watching clips after clips of Gordon Ramsay swearing at people and humiliating the donkey out of them. It means I’ve neglected the more important tasks of continuing my book writing, or nailing down the design for my book cover, or even getting more information on securing the copyrights of self-published eBooks.


Okay, truth is, I haven’t been feeling that well. Had a horrid week at work, coupled with a few minutes in the rain on and off, so… you know…

Which means, the only thing I can blog about today, is sharing some of the videos I’ve watched so far.

If you are anti-swearing or below 18 years of age, DO NOT CLICK ON ANY OF THE VIDEOS! Yours truly shall notΒ be held accountable for any potential trauma that might be induced due to the watching of these videos…

First off, some short clips on Gordon’s US version of the Kitchen Nightmares series, where he traveled across the country trying to help struggling restaurateurs save their restaurants from going bust. While his original UK version of the series seems more… believable and less scripted, the US version is where all the “donkeys” and “fucks” and “stick heads up arses” can be heard in reckless abandon. Much more entertaining.

He’s been getting a lot of flak for capitalizing on ailing restaurants’ vulnerability to boost the entertainment values for his show, but… I don’t know. Come on, guys. Those restaurant owners signed up for it in the first place. They’re supposed to know what they were getting into. And people were yapping about more than 60% of the restaurants he “helped” ended up closing down anyway. To me, that means a more than 30% success rate. That’s a helluva lot when we talk about making leopards change their spots!

And then there’s Hell’s Kitchen, where we get to see Gordon humiliate the shit out of contestants who want to earn a place as a executive chef in his restaurants. Some of them are professional chefs in their own rights!

I thought some of those dishes looked great to be honest. But then, I’m not Gordon, so… πŸ™„

Okay, okay… let’s get away from vulgarity. Contrary to popular belief, Gordon is not always a vulgar person on TV. He’s only vulgar when it comes to dealing with bullshit. I mean, come on, seriously… who doesn’t want to yell at lying and misguided arrogant people? The only way to set an arrogant person straight is to get someone more arrogant to yell at him. And it makes for good television!

Here’s one of Gordon disguising himself up and attending a cooking class by another celebrity chef. I only discovered this today! I never knew Gordon would do such prankful things…

And here’s one of Gordon doing a cooking demo with his daughter. Some of my friends said Tilly (Matilda) Ramsay is hot and they would love to date her. Hmm… I won’t be one of their competitors in their dreams, that’s for sure πŸ™„ .

But it is apparent that she’s taking after her dad’s attitude. At least on screen…

Well, unlike some of the more well established cooking bloggers out there, I don’t actually follow a lot of celebrity chefs. In fact, the only chefs that I regularly watch and know off the top of my head are Gordon and Jamie Oliver. Gordon for his, well… expletives. And Jamie for his noble intentions trying to make people eat healthier.

Their on screen persona doesn’t seem to be able to stand each other, and I am totally baffled as to why. Their restaurants, yes. But their shows? It seems totally unnecessary to me, because their shows are different in nature and seem catered for different markets. I would love to one day see a show where Gordon and Jamie does a cook-off.

Wait, has that already happened?


    • I think there are a lot of chefs who are cooking masters. The thing with Gordon is that he also has a strong personality and TV charisma. Not every chef and be successful in TV shows. πŸ˜›

  1. yea…I remembered Hell Kitchen where my mum enjoys watching it….despite all the yelling, cursing and swearing…which makes it even more interesting…according to her.
    I dislike that show coz it made me very tensed & stressed, coz u dunno when these contestant gonna be picked up for his ‘lecture’. I used to have a boss who yell&swear like this, and I kinda respect him coz he screw the hell up of those unproductive yet arrogant staff.

  2. I used to watch a lot of cooking and cooking reality shows but less nowadays because of my other hobbies of blogging, colouring, etc….hehe! πŸ˜‰ When it comes to Gordon, I’ve come to realise he puts on different personas on different type of shows…it makes for good TV. Us audience wants (and likes) more drama. A good example would be Australia’s Masterchef and US’s version. His Kitchen Nightmares is not the first and won’t be the last of this kind of show…there are others like Robert Irvine’s Restaurant Impossible which also has a closure rate of around 70%. He also belittles the restaurant owners, chefs and their menu but maybe with a little less foul language…so, what’s new! πŸ˜‰

    • I agree US version of his shows (or anybody’s shows) has more drama a.k.a more scripted. But I don’t buy “US audience wants that” shit. If you read the comments on these Youtube clips, it seems a lot of Americans are disappointed and prefer UK version of Gordon’s shows. Just like they also prefer UK version of Top Gear. I think it is the networks producing the shows that need to wake up. They have been treating their general public like fools. πŸ™„

  3. Having lived and studied advertising in US, I have been exposed time & again by fellas there how they make such TV shows to gain success and popularity. All lines, scenes and swearing were often pre planned to make them so natural and realistic! Even when the politicians campaigned over TV, they often used some kinda “inner talk” CDs to play in the background to psycho the listeners to vote. Their big shopping malls play these CDs all the time. I am just sharing what I was being told in the 90s.

    • Well, they take social engineering very seriously. Don’t say psycho, the correct word is “influence” wahahaha! πŸ˜›

  4. A productive weekend? Good la! My weekend is just like ordinary days only, busy with my kids….

    I used to watch Gordon Ramsay’s shows, now seldom liao, TV channels mostly switch to Disney, or Astro on Demand, haha!

  5. I enjoy reading this post about Gordon and his styles and also about Jamie even though I might not know much about them, thanks for sharing.

    You enjoy watching cooking videos, for me I enjoy listening to songs while doing housework in my kitchen.

    It is good that you have a β€œproductive” weekend, at least it is β€œproductive” as it is not as if you do nothing and stare into blank space.

    • Yeah, I do prefer the British version too. But the US ones do have a lot more swearing going on. πŸ™„

  6. I watched the don’t microwave salad video. Making fresh food and then reheating each day…with such amazing equipment. I don’t get it D: It looks like they have a lot of supply πŸ™„

  7. Oh, I remember Hell’s Kitchen. I used to cover my ears when I couldn’t take his incessant swearing – I swear, I heard more of the censor working its way around the script than watching the content of the program. I guess he has his reasons for having the arrogant on-screen persona, though. πŸ™‚

    Hope you’re taking good care of yourself, CL!

    • It’s for the sake of being entertaining. That’s why they do what they do on screen. Same goes to Jeremy Clarkson (formerly) of Top Gear. On the other hand, it seems high end restaurant chefs are really like this: foul mouthed, shouting and swearing bastards. That’s their world. πŸ™„

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