A couple days ago I posted this photo on Instagram…

Yeah, it was me. I wasn’t trying to show you my pair of Skechers. I was trying to show you my bare feet in 3 inches of water.

Why? Because after weeks of scorching heat, the sky gods decided it was appropriate to give us 3 days of continuous rain and downpour.

Here, let me raise my camera angle and show you the actual situation.

And maybe a sideways angle.

Lucky for me, I was parked in another parking area. Cars here were centimeters away from being screwed big time when I was wading my way past. And it was still raining at that time.

We’re a difficult bunch to please, aren’t we? Malaysians? Give us sunshine we complain. Give us rain we also complain. Apa lagi Malaysians mahu (What more do Malaysians want)??

I have to admit, I was pretty annoyed and frustrated that I had to take off my shoes and socks and wade into 3 inches of water across 100 yards of cement and tarred surface, bare footed. Gave me blisters afterwards.

But… as much as I would like to rant and bitch nonstop about it, I realize I shouldn’t. Because, could be worse…

Could be this, for example.


Or this.


Three inches of water is probably what people would call a “first world problem”.

Gosh, I hope it would remain a first world problem and won’t worsen and become an actual problem like what happened in most parts of Malaysia a couple years ago.


  1. I must say that I have never experienced any flooding till my first trip to China. Somehow it seems each time there is a downpour the streets are flooded, twice I saw people waterskiing on the main road being pulled by some SUV…
    blisters from walking 100 yards barefeet? You should try walking more without shoes I guess :p

    • I think it is probably thanks to poorly planned over-development. Our big cities usually have this common problem: inadequate and messed up drainage system. Every time there’s downpour, the water can’t leave fast enough. 🙄

  2. Yeah, ours is nothing compared to other countries.. a bit inconvenient for us to take off the socks and shoes but on the positive side, we reach home in one piece… safe! :)c

  3. I am very familiar with floods. In Terengganu, during the good old days, my grandparents’ area got flooded every year after some new developments came up behind the house. It was terrible, water in the house reached above our ankles. Outside it can reach your thigh. No fun, grandpa had to wash the floor after the water subsided.

  4. As a small kid, I used to jump into flood waters to play when growing up in Thailand. The water was almost black and I had no fear. Today I get panics to wade across waters after knowing how much bacteria could be swimming inside too.
    Penang has been flooded often around Komtar & Caunter Hall during the heavy downpour and high tides since the 1970s. Nothing new except it is getting worse and flooded new areas too.

    You should keep a pair of Pua Chu Kang’s yellow boots inside your car for handy use.

      • I see that they sell lots of plastic covers for our shoes in all the 100YEN shops in Japan. Now I understand its use just to protect shoes from rains!! Maybe they have knee length plastics for flood crisis. I will get you one!! Ha ha

        • No need, I don’t think I would want those wrappers. Plastic sandals more practical I think…

  5. At least you know how to count your blessings as compared to Third World Countries which may have more problems like flood, starvation and poverty

  6. Put a pair of spare plastic sandals in the office lah so you can wear them to wade in the waters, no need to go bare foot and get blisters. 3 inches ok lah. Better not be deeper. We need the rain leh.

    • I always wanted to buy a pair, but forgot, then the rainy season stopped and I forgot all about it…

  7. 3 inches only….’sap sap sui’ la…my place here the road (highway) submerged in waste deep longkang water (*that was last year, nearby KTM serdang)…And 2 months ago, terrible hailstorm. I waited in the ofis until ZZzzZZZ….

    • Really zzzzzz… I know KL will get it worse, the water dispersing system there is even more screw up… 🙁

  8. Compared to the last few raining photos, yeah, 3 inches of water seems like nothing. When it rains here in Melbourne, we don’t even get anywhere near 1 inch… 🙄

    Maybe when the monsoon season rolls around at the end of th year you will get even more rain, who knows. Maybe this is a preview of what’s to come 🙄

    • I hope it is all it is rather than a preview to come. You know, we welcome the rain, but in sporadic bursts rather than continuous non stop for a few days. 🙄

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