Fahrenheit 600 @ Publika

If you are wondering about the title, well… yes. I’m back in KL for the weekend.

Well, actually, I’ve been back since lunch time and met up with an American lady for lunch. I asked her to recommend a place and we ended up coming here.

If you find it bizarre that a KL born-and-bred had to ask an American to recommend a place to eat in KL, rest assured that I was pretty bemused with myself too. In my defense, she has been staying in KL for more than 3 months now. In fact, she has been in KL longer than my combined duration for the past 3 years. As of today, she is more local than I am.

Anyway, Fahrenheit 600, yeah. This is a pizza place located in Publika, Mont Kiara. The name of this place is derived from their specially imported brick oven that is capable of maintaining a 600 degrees Fahrenheit (or 315°C) temperature. Well, it is nowhere near the Zesti Woodfired Oven (700°C), but it is still a helluva lot higher than the normal ovens. Needless to say, the pizzas they make here would typically be more crusty compared to many other pizzerias in the neighborhood.

Too bad I could not get a photo of the oven from where I was seated, and I was too lazy to get my lazy ass off the chair to get more photos. I’ve just driven a car for 4 hours, remember?

Here’s another view from where I was seated. To be honest, we were lucky to even be able to be seated. I forgot today is a Friday and Friday lunch hour means any F&B establishments that are at least semi-decent would be full. And this Fahrenheit 600 is more than semi-decent. But, like I said, we were lucky. There was a table by the entrance that was just vacated.

Noooo.. I’m not trying to show the lady on the next table with her back facing me. Don’t know her. She’s a stranger. She is quite hawt though, like her hair. What I’m trying to show you is the coat wearing gwailo (white man) who was just about to leave. I mean, a pizzeria that a white man would patronize, and leaving. Good sign (at least in Malaysia), right? For now, let’s overlook his not-too-thrilled face in the picture. 🙄

According to the black board by the counter, this place sells pizza, pasta, sandwiches and calzones. We were given the menu, but I completely ignored it because they also offer Set Lunch at RM 19.90 that comes with a main course, a drink and a dessert of the day.

I’m not sure if the main courses in the Set Lunch menu change daily or not. Today it was a Neapolitan pizza (the actual name is longer), a white tuna spaghetti (the actual name is longer) and a… and a… baked sausage and eggs (not quite sure what it is)?

Sorry, I’m a horrible food review blogger. I know. Lucky for me, this is a paid (you know what I mean) review, so it’s fine.

Anyway… let’s get to the food, shall we?

Drinks: Minty lemonade and Strawberry lemonade

The lemonade was surprisingly good! Sour and packs a punch, unlike those processed crap. Or maybe it was just me. I was tired from a 4 hours drive and this lemonade greatly refreshed me. I enjoyed it a lot.

Neapolitan pizza – with chicken ham and (wild?) mushrooms

Hmm, I didn’t realize the crust turned out so… white in the picture. It is not that white and there were some rather distinct charred marks. I had a slice of it, and… well… not the best pizza I’ve ever had, but better than many other. I wonder if the fact that it was Friday lunch time had anything to do with it. Maybe on less crowded times, their pizzas would be more awesome?

White tuna spaghetti – with garlic, cili padi, olives and… (sigh) some leaves

I was a bit disappointed when I saw this plate. The sauce seemed too… watery. And that big bunch of… leaves sitting on top of everything…

But my disappointment turned into delight the moment I began to tuck in. The leaves, they were… tasteless. No nasty herbs aftertaste at all. I guess this is actually something bad, but it was great news to me 😀 ! And everything else was excellent. The tuna was nicely cooked, and the sauce was very delightful to me. The cili padi was (I think) a brilliant touch. I thought this was as good as my favorite aglio olio.

One thing though… I’ve never seen or eaten cooked white tuna before, so I’m not sure if the tuna is really white tuna or not. It tasted kind of… just like any other cooked tuna to me.

Can anyone with experience in cooking white tuna let me know whether they are supposed to taste more or less the same as cooked any-other-types tuna?

Otherwise… it was a good lunch outing. Good call, American lady! 😉


  1. I agree the pizza wasn’t very good this time :(. The first time (only other time) I went, it seemed to have been cooked for longer and is more crispy. And it’s a topping that I usually wouldn’t get, but decided to try since it was the lunch set. I think after this experience, I like Mikey’s (on the other side) for pizza more now.

    Haha I actually find it a little amusing that tuna is such a popular topping on pastas here. I don’t think that’s very common in America. And I think white tuna has less of a fishy taste?

    Anyway, I just discovered this secret pork based restaurant hidden inside of the BIG grocery store. That’s where we should have gone!!

    • I heard great things about Mikey’s too. Gonna have to try it soon. 🙄

      Secret pork restaurant? OMG!! Why didn’t you discover it 2 weeks earlier?? 🙁

  2. Trust that the base was darker than the photo as you said. That pizza looks like bread with something piled on top of it…

    I’m not a huge tuna fan. A lot of tuna taste is too strong for my liking 🙄

    • I’m okay with tuna, but not a huge fan of cooked salmon. In fact, I’m the opposite of the word fan when it comes to cooked salmon. 🙄

  3. I’ve had some great meals at this place. Pizza is good, but they have a whole lot of other dishes too that are yum – especially the salads. Coffee is also superb.

    • Yeah, I noticed they have an extensive menu. But in the face of set lunch menu, sorry full menu. 🙄

  4. The last time I was here was more than 2 years ago and I remembered the pizzas to be pretty decent then. The photos of their pizzas (on my blog) were well charred (yours definitely needed more time in the oven, I think).

    Those leaves on top of the pasta is rocket (or arugula) I believe. I’m surprised that you found them tasteless as arugula is known to be quite pungent in taste. My friend found the taste difficult to eat. Some would say it tastes peppery (those who like them) while some would say they’re bitter (obviously those who don’t like them). Me, I love them! 😉

    • Hmm… I suppose maybe I was right then. I guess their standards dropped due to Friday lunch rush. Or maybe their standards just dropped over 2 years. I think your crust in 2014 looked much better. 😛 🙄

      I don’t know if I got a bad batch of those leaves or not. No trace of those nasty herb taste at all. Or maybe my tongue is immune to this particular type of leaves. My tongue is broken after all. 🙄

  5. Nice review, I enjoyed reading it, thanks for sharing, for RM19.90, you get a pizza, spaghetti, plus sausage and egg, that is really value for money, no picture of the baked sausage and egg?

    • Erh, Libby, I don’t think for RM19.90 you can get all those but one of those main. You either choose pizza or pasta or sausage and egg as the main course. RG, right?

    • Heh, Mun is right. We can pick either 1 of the 3, not get all 3. There were 2 of us, so you get to see 2 of the main courses. I think I picked pasta over the egg dish because the egg dish has beef. 🙄

  6. For about RM20 your food is all right. Why do you say that the pizza is not the best that you have eaten? You like thicker crust?

    As for the greens on top of your pasta, they look like rocket vege aka arugula and taste nutty and peppery. Did they taste nutty peppery?

    Does the tuna taste like the tuna you ate in Europe? The one you bought from the stall in market I think.

    • I do like thicker crust (like Pizza Hut), but I think even the thin crust version, I’ve had better, I think. 🙄

      The leaves, they taste like nothing. Usually when I consume these leaves, I would go “OMG OMG OMG, this nasty taste!”, but this one I was like “Hmm, nothing? Interesting…”

      The tuna in Barcelona was medium rare, so they don’t taste the same, hehehehe…

  7. eh, why no pictures of both of u? ok la…I know u r camera shy…how about just a pic of her solo? also, I thought u r goin to show us the picture of the desserts too…but mana tau…dun hav pulak…instead a zoomed-in pic of the spaghetti?!

    • Why would I post a picture of another girl, solo, in my blog?? That’s very moronic, no??

      The dessert, is 2 small scoops of ice cream, not photo worthy hahaha! 😛

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