Bulk Pasta’s Verdict

I cooked a big bunch of pasta on Sunday, had a bit, and stored the rest in 5 portions.

I had one portion of it on Monday and confirmed that baked pre-cooked pasta is perfectly fine.

Then I had another portion on Tuesday. Looks exactly the same as Monday’s

And then on Wednesday. And Thursday.

And the last pack today, on Friday. Still looks pretty much the same

It works. If I wanted to, I could do this again and again in the future. The pasta did not go bad, and I did not go crazy with bored repetitiveness eating the same thing continuously for 6 days.

Will I do it again? Nope, probably not, under normal circumstances.

Well, I did not go crazy with boredom, but I did get bored by Thursday. I mean, I did not go “Arghhhh!!! This is the most stupidest idea ever thought in the history of mankind!!!” bored, but I did go “Meh… this is unnecessary, I’m deserve better” bored.

So… back to normal cooking portions now…


    • Actually the last things I would consider freezing and reheating are soup and porridge. I don’t know, it just doesn’t feel right for me. Maybe I have a peeve for reheated soup and porridge. πŸ™„

    • Yeah, back to cooking fresh. I’m watching Gordon yell at a smokehouse for having great smokers but serving reheated food. Makes me feel ashamed even for myself. πŸ™„

  1. So it works! Good. You can do it again next time if necessary. I guess you did not get bored because you still eat other food for breakfast and lunch for the 5 days. If you eat this for all meals of the day, I am sure you will be very bored by day 5.

  2. Pasta week officially over! woo-hoo!!!! am excited to see what’s ur next cooking (after looking at the pasta for a week)…heheeehehe!!!

    • Hmm, I dunno. I guess it is back to baked chicken breasts. Speaking of which. I haven’t done that for quite some time already have I? Hmm… πŸ™„

  3. You could well be doing the local eateries out of business if you cook in bulk like you did with the pasta ?

    I used to cook different dishes for the week in one cooking session. Perhaps, this is not ‘lazy man’s cooking.

    • How? I cook only for myself, cooking in bulk or daily won’t make much of a difference to the local eateries I guess πŸ™„ .

      Yeah cooking different dishes sort of defeats the purposes. Instead of minimizing the efforts required, you just transferred all the efforts into a single compacted session. That sucks. Totally not Lazy Man modus operandi.

  4. So you survived eating pasta for dins all week. If you are feeling really, really, lazy or can’t be bothered to cook for the coming week, then maybe you can do it all over again πŸ™„

    • I think I’ll just go back to what I used to do, prep the ingredients over the weekend and cook fresh daily. I think I would prefer it this way after trying both ways. πŸ™„

  5. I guess 6 days eating the same thing can be boring. Maybe can cook two different things and freeze? Can alternate mah. Fried rice freezes quite well too.

    • That would be too much work over the weekend for Lazy Man. It is quite tiring to cook in bulk also. πŸ˜›

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