1P100W #89 – Porridge

When white people fall sick, they usually take those creamy chicken soup for comfort. It was very strange for me, because as far as I can remember, cream is something you are supposed to avoid especially when you’re sick.

Chinese blokes like me, we take rice porridge. So that’s what I made me’self last weekend.

It was the first time I used the Porridge function of my rice cooker. I suspect it was also the last time. After almost 2 hours, this was the result:

Watery and carrot chunks were mushy-soft, but the rice was still mostly intact! I used 5 cups water over 1 cup rice. Was it too much??

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  1. Mum mentioned that it takes 2 hours to reach those Cantonese style porridge else 2 hours just give you TeoChew style porridge.

    I didn’t want to hijack her conversation, hence my posting here. What is the difference in the above two?

    • Cantonese style porridge is those porridge that is so smooth that you can’t see any rice in it. The ones often served in dim sum eateries as mentioned by Mabel Kwong below.

      Teo Chew style porridge is like rice mixed with soup. You can see all the rice floating in the soup water.

  2. Sounds like creamy chicken soup out of a can – that’s not a home remedy. Chicken soup yes! But made with a clear broth and veggies, usually carrots and onions.
    Your porridge might work with reverse psychology – if you don’t get better soon you’re going to be stuck eating this porridge πŸ˜‰

    • I like your reverse psychology concept. I definitely wanted to get better to stop eating porridge. πŸ˜›

  3. Yesterday I cook porridge on rice cooker too.. less than one hour, all soft.. I think it is the brown rice that makes is harder to get soft and soggy… I put in minced meat, salted eggs and dry scallops… carrots is a much better choice.. at least got vege inside the porridge…

  4. I love to eat any type of porridge very much that have lots of meat and potatoes and carrots thrown inside. They are yummy enough not just for sick or Chinese blokes.

  5. I’ve never used (more like trusted) a rice cooker to cook porridge! It needs vigorous boiling in the initial stages before coming down to a simmer towards the end. I usually take 30 – 45 mins depending on the amount I make…and the rice grains will be quite broken down by then. I will add meat or veggies in the last 10 – 15 mins so that they don’t get overly cooked or mushy.

    I think chicken soups work too (I take that sometimes, especially those canned chicken noodle soups) coz it’s comforting and warm….and it’s a lot faster to make than porridge.

    • Well I thought it should be fine, seeing there’s that button for me. I used to cook Maggi with rice cooker and the water boiled well, so I thought it should be able to handle porridge. Who knows I was deceived. πŸ™

      Those canned soups, a lot of additives leh, normally when you’re sick, I thought you’re supposed to go all natural and stay clear of processed food. πŸ™„

  6. I think lastime you cooked this before hor, but you used minced meat and egg, I remember geh.. Porridge reminds me of my baby, coz now, it’s time for him to start porridge liao.. I’ve been missing my blogrolls for a week (or two), baby not feeling well, in out in out from clinic, I also sien..

    • Yeah I did, hehehe. But last time not as watery as this time. Last time I cook with pot instead of rice cooker. πŸ™„

      Aiyo, you don’t worry about the blogs lah. Worry about your baby first. 😐

  7. You are right, porridge is sick people food, I also take porridge only when I am sick as porridge is not very filling and I go hungry very fast if I eat porridge, I must take rice to feel full and sometimes two plates of rice

  8. Not too much water but not enough time. When I use the rice cooker to cook porridge, it takes way more than 2 hours to reach those Cantonese style porridge else 2 hours just give you TeoChew style porridge. If you want quicker Cantonese style porridge, just blend your rice until it becomes tiny bits of rice before cooking.

    • What the… when I cook porridge with pot over fire, 1 hour was all I needed. So rice cooker is rubbish for making porridge anyway huh. πŸ™

      • I always cook porridge using the rice cooker because “ng sai tai fo” aka no need to watch over the fire because if you cook porridge in a pot over the stove, you have to constantly monitor it to make sure that it does not overboil and overflow out of the pot and if you did not put enough water, the porridge will dry up fast and get burnt so you need to constantly watch it and stir it too.

        • Yeah! Exactly! I hate cooking porridge using pot for exactly the same reason! I hate to have to constantly be there watching the pot and stirring it. 😐

          • Then use the rice cooker lah. Just boil the rice longer (max I have boiled is for 5 hours – rice cooker does not use much electricity) until it is a bit sticky but like Claire says, it will only be smooth if you use all white rice. Brown rice will never be smooth.

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