1P100W #88 – Not-Too-Dry Pasta

You may have seen my bulk pasta cooking yesterday. Well, I took one of the packs from the freezer, let it sit on the table for 5 minutes, then chucked it into the oven for 20 minutes at 180Ā°C.

To ease some of your concerns, nope, it was not too dry. Picture above, that’s how my pasta looked like when I opened up the foil. I did drizzle a bit more extra virgin olive oil to it, but it was just my personal preference and not at all necessary.

Also, I did not feel bored with it yet. Of course, only the second dinner, this. We’ll see again on Friday. šŸ™„

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  1. It looks good. I am very eager to hear how you will feel about it on Friday. Hope it was worth all the bulk cooking and it leaves you with more time on your hands after work…that is, if you don’t get home too late šŸ™„

    • So far not too late yet, although the rain has been messing up my travel time to work and back from work. šŸ™„

  2. Oh, I sure white flag after one day.. cos I don’t take pasta or spaghetti.. But I think you will prevail till the end… šŸ™‚

    • I will probably be frustrated and complain. But I can’t wave white flag lah. Since the food is already cooked, I will have to suck it up and eat them all. šŸ™„

  3. Let’s see what happens when you get to Day 5….but, then again, men are usually less fussy eaters than women. They (men) can eat the same thing over and over again (saying from experience)! šŸ˜€

  4. After this is what? I always cook potato-carrot chicken and freeze into 2 portions. ABC soup (with char-choy) pun into 2 portions, but no need freeze. Some people I know, they boil pasta and macaroni and out in fridge (no need freeze), then cook pasta sauce, freeze into few portions.. You need a lot of “tupperware” for this, haha..

  5. Wonder by Friday, will u be mentioning, no pasta for the time being after eating it for 5 days…

  6. Wow, it looks good. Not too wet either. Looks just nice. I think you can do a similar post each time you eat one for the remaining 4 packs so that we can see for ourselves that the food is still as good as the day before. Or that it is not a good idea to keep it frozen for more than x days.

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