1P100W #87 – Belly Fried Rice

What belly, you might ask. Why, pork belly, of course!

And I finally made a plate of fried rice that resembles a typical fried rice. I mean, it is of the correct color. Because I finally have a bottle of light soy sauce at my disposal. In the past, my fried rice was only seasoned with salt and pepper so the rice remained uncharacteristically white.

Originally, I planned to make belly soup, but without realizing it, I was searing the belly pieces, and I thought it would be a waste to make a soup out of seared belly pieces. So, fried rice it is!

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  1. Some paleo diets sub cauliflower for the rice part. Then it becomes healthier but of course individual rice grains are so yummy!

  2. How come your mom thinks fried rice is not healthy? It depends on what ingredients we add inside. Anyways I could eat fried rice everyday with spicy hot sambal belacan and telor goyang on top!!!

  3. Fried rice is always a good choice of a meal, especially if it’s not oily 😀 There is your energy carbohydrates which is the rice, and then you got the protein from the meat. Vitamins from the veggies. Easy to cook and easy to eat 😀

    • My mom would be horrified with your logic. To her, fried rice is on the unhealthy end of meals, because to her, the only good choice of meal has a veggie:meat:carbs ratio of 9:0:1. Fried rice is not that. 🙄

      • Well, it can be. Just add more veggies to the fried rice. Or, you can cook fried rice and eat it over a space of a few days – have one bowl of fried rice and pair it with a dish of veggies 🙄

        • Rubbish, then that’s no longer fried rice but fried veggie. Which is why I say in my mom’s logic, fried rice = unhealthy. 🙄

  4. When I saw the title Belly Fried Rice…I knew instantly it would be pork belly. You should have named it Belly Good Fried Rice, then I would have thought otherwise…haha! 😀 By the way, I can’t believe you can live without a bottle of light soy for so long. For me, it’s one of the three fundamental seasonings I must have in my home. I can probably live without salt, but not soy, I need it for my soft-boiled eggs, for dipping, for cooking, for everything! ^_*

    • Well, I don’t do soft boiled eggs or practice dipping at home, so I’m not as desperate as you. I guess I watched too much white people cooking, so the only crucial seasoning I always thought I need is the salt and pepper combo. 🙄

  5. Eh, your fried rice looks so so good, looks like nasi goreng USA (don’t ask me what is nasi goreng USA, I saw it in the mamak menu and I just tried lor, since it sound so interesting, the colour looks like your fried rice, mixed frozen veggies and meat, just like yours, but topped with fried egg).. Looks very “kau mei” and “yap mei”.. Yummzzz..

    • Nasi goreng USA uses sausage one, that’s the “USA” part of the nasi goreng. Mine maybe… nasi goreng China-USA hybrid. 😛

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