1P100W #86 – Book and Coffee


This was one of my holiday activities when not otherwise preoccupied with work. Book and coffee, life is good eh? 😉

I didn’t expect to be able to buy [When I was a Kid 4] so quickly. Thought they would all be sold out in no time. I guess most of Senpai Boey‘s more fanatic fans are congregated in KL.

The book did not turn out as I expected. There were some tear inducing moments rather than 100% childhood hilarious-ness. Still a very good read nonetheless. I’m not going to do a full length book review. Maybe quote Senpai’s blurb: This is “the book of everything, but kissing.”

[106 words]


    • I don’t think he does e-Books. It is probably hard to format his books into e-Books. They are basically comics and handwriting. Would be a pain to read through anything less than a laptop.

  1. Haven’t read any of the books. Maybe one day… I do see it at bookstores and now you pique my interest. 😛

    Thank goodness for the long weekend, I managed to finish a book too. 🙂

  2. Oh! I must go and buy. Judging from the cover, must be mostly about his grandma. Now, that is going to remind me of my late grandma and I will cry.

  3. You can’t be a kid forever and there are only so much childhood memories one can have… Well, actually you can always be a kid at heart, but with more responsibilities 🙄

    I’m still pacing myself with his second book 😀

  4. When I saw the post title, I knew instantly that this would be the book! At first, I wondered if you knew about this book but, knowing that you’re such a fan, I knew you would. Surprise, surprise, I have not bought mine yet. If you go back to read my previous post on this, you’d see that I guessed correctly the cover of his fourth book and the ‘related’ heart wrenching moments. Hmmm, I wonder if Senpai will give me a prize for guessing correctly….kekeke! ;D

    • I’m not a bigger fan than you, I don’t think. I think it is harder to get your hands on it if you’re in KL. I heard it is sold out very quickly in KL. 🙄

      You have to work hard to make Senpai notice you wakakakaka!! 😀 😀

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