1P100W #84 – Eco Bus?

I was driving behind this bus on my way to work the other day, and since I was stuck at the traffic lights, I couldn’t help but read what was printed. And felt bemused.

“Promoting responsible travel to natural areas that conserve the environment…”, really? In a big, thick black smoke spewing, diesel powered bus? Perhaps shutting down your operations and preventing the bus from going around would do more good to the environment?

Then I realized it was just an advertising banner. This might not be the actual eco coach. I wonder how an eco coach looks like. Electric powered bus?

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    • I did too. Actually I don’t know if it is or not. It may or may not be. It could have been an advertising banner on their own bus for all I know. 🙄

  1. Wah, you are giving the ecotour website free publicity in your post. Did you visit that website? Does it attract you to join an ecotour?

    • I didn’t even realize their website was there, goodness me! I was too focused on that message.

      No, I’m not interested to join an eco tour on that bus. Sorry. 🙄

  2. call out that advertised number and ask for details lo…Anyway I hate tailing behind big buses coz the emitted thick black smoke chokes me in my small car. I wonder when can they replace electric buses on the roads.

  3. Lol. The company Eco-coach probably wanted a big vehicle to put their message across, and that was their only option. Maybe the coach/bus actually does takes passengers to greener destinations…in spite of the black exhaust spewing out. Ironic, yes. Anything goes in Malaysia 🙄

    • Well they said “responsible travel”, I don’t think a big smoke spewing bus is a responsible way to eco travel. 🙄

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