To Have or Not To Have?

Remember I said I was going to read Dante’s Inferno? Well, I lasted untilΒ Canto III (kind of like the third chapter) before I said “Screw it!” and decided to throw in the towel.

No, it wasn’t because the book scared the sh*t out of me, no. You know I’m a Buddhist. Well, more like a Buddhist-Agnostic hybrid to be specific. I couldn’t care less about the Biblical version of Hell and Satan and whatnot.

No, it was because this book, is in poem format. Classical poem format. It made me fall asleep trying to read the d*mn thing! I think end of the day, I am still much more comfortable with modern English and modern literature format, modern man as I am. πŸ™„

So, no Dante’s Inferno for me. Instead, I went ahead to read Dan Brown’s Inferno.


In case you don’t know who Dan Brown is, he is also the author for the probably more famous book The Da Vinci Code. Inferno is basically his fourth book that features Robert Langdon as the main guyΒ (fictional Harvard professor on Indiana Jones-esque adventures). Inferno is being adapted into a movie featuring Tom Hanks as Robert again and is slated for release later this year, October 2016.

Well, Dante’s Inferno did not really f**k with my mind and messed it all up, but Dan Brown’s Inferno did, surprisingly.

Well, this is because in this novel, the main theme is about global overpopulation. In case “global overpopulation” is too complicated a term for you, it can be summed up by this graph:


You know this graph is not fiction. It is an official one from the United Nations. It was a 1998 graph that predicted global population will reach 7 billion in 2013. It is 2016 today, and guess what? Bingo! Latest UN statistics say we are at 7.3 billion plus as of this year.

Does this graph scare you? I don’t know about you but it certainly gave me goosebumps and sleepless nights since I finished the novel a couple weeks ago. Scared the sh*t out of me!

It took mankind millions of years to reach 1 billion people, but since the 1800s, with the Industrial Revolution, it took merely 200 years for us to grow from 1 billion to 6 billion people.

Some researchers did, well… researches and pointed out that the entire planet has enough resources to be sustainable for 7.7 billion people. Meaning to say, if we keep up with this growth rate, very soon we will have more mouths than the planet is able to feed. The most disturbing part is everyone is probably to a certain degree, aware of this serious problem, yet nobody seems to be trying to do anything to change it. Most people it appears, are still trying to “do their part” with providing more life force to this planet, thinking it is the right thing to do.

If our growth rate remains, I wouldn’t be surprised if the biblical Armageddon really do happen, not because of Satan, but probably thanks to the lack of resources triggering all the greed and sins of mankind and lead them to one big final battle to wipe everyone out.

I hope it won’t happen when I am still alive. Heck, I’m even feeling to scared to have kids! I don’t know, as of now, I’m thinking that if and when I get married, it might be a better idea to adopt rather than “do my part”. Can’t imagine my parents would take this lying down though. I guess we’ll see. Circumstances change all the time. πŸ™„

Disclaimer: I’m not saying all you parents are stupid and ignorant and evil. Giving birth to new life is still something beautiful and blissful. I still find kids cute and adorable. It is just that… I’m stating facts, facts that are substantiated by statistics and research. We ARE staring a serious global overpopulation crisis in the face, and it would NOT be wise to be in denial and hope it goes away by itself.


  1. I prefer to read Chinese books yet I prefer to blog in English.

    I like the fact that I am born in the 70s, at least I experienced good economy before, sometimes I feel scary for my nephew, wonder how next time they can survive especially with the scary inflation.

  2. Gee, at least you didn’t have to read Canterbury Tales, The Divine Comedy Series, The Carthaginian War, Iliad, Odyssey and Aeneid for studies. It actually pains me to read Aeneid and Iliad again (if I have to) because of its poetic ability to lull me into a tranquil state (which will then lead me to sleep on the pages).

    I’m not exactly worried by the graph because it’s part and parcel of our time on Earth.

    • I’m not exactly worried for myself. But I guess I will be worried about bring a new life to this scary Earth πŸ™„

      • I guess I typed my comment without elaborating, lol. What I meant is that I’m not too worried about the future kiddos being affected by the graph – because we never know what lies ahead in the future.

        But yes, I do get your point, CL. The prospect of raising a kid in the scary world (environmentally, globally, culturally and economically) is not that bright. =S

        • Good point there. You’re right, we never know what lies ahead in the future. Maybe next week the Illuminati will already reveal themselves and nuke all of us commoners everywhere in the world to death, so no point worrying. πŸ˜€ πŸ™„ πŸ˜›

  3. Yah, yah, me too got put off by the poem format. I hate poetry πŸ˜€ Same thing with the Canterbury Tales by Chaucer. Old English some more, so I gave up.

    When you get married, the natural progression would be to have kids or else it would come as a shock to your parents, what? no grandchildren? Have kids for the right reason and don’t have too many lah. Me, I made the decision not to have any, a long time ago. I figured there is already too many people in this world. Besides it’s not exactly a very happy place, they come into this world, grow up and have to deal with so many issues.

    • Yeah, kids are having it tougher and tougher these days as far as I can see. Our parents could never imagine the kind of troubles we are facing these days, and I believe we would never be able to grasp our kids’ problems when it comes time for them to face those problems. It is a sharks world nowadays πŸ™

  4. Our world’s population has reached 7.4 billion. Karma rules everything, even whether you tie the knot. I wish to attend your wedding when the day comes! Anyway the sutra says the coming disasters would wipe out huge chunk of population before the Laughing Buddha reincarnates. I sound like a preacher. LOL
    A reliable psychic told me very strongly that I would relocate to China! Sigh..!

    I knew Dan Brown’s books when I was trading in books. There were too many books in my hand and developed liking for all non fictions.

    • Hah… Why sigh? China is good what… Although not my cup of tea lah. If I have to relocate and up to me to choose, I would want an angmoh country. πŸ™„

  5. If only adoption was that so simple….you’ll know when you cross that bridge. But I think having one kid (even two) is perfectly fine….why let those who have ten have all the fun! πŸ˜‰

    • I’ll probably end up having 1 kid if and when I get married. Definitely would not go for net gain, as in 3 or more… πŸ™„

  6. Good decision to ditch the book.
    Well, I have done my part while you still have a decision to make.

    • Yeah, and I probably can’t commit now. It all depends on how my future wife thinks, and how we would navigate past our parents. I don’t look forward to the “death threats” to be honest πŸ™„ .

  7. yea, that exponential graph does scare the hell outta me! I m those who support Chinese govt in controlling birthrate for a better quality life. But again, upon googling, the population growth are mostly from the African region (with 2%++) where food is scarce. With so many disasters/wars nowadays, I tink world population ‘might’ slightly misaligned from this exponential graph…Well, only God knows.

    • With a population growth of almost 100 million a year, I don’t think the 1 or 2 million deaths from war would even dent the situation. Not that I agree with deaths from war at all. You also noted one interesting phenomena, usually it is those rural/poor areas that has particularly high birth rates. People who would think having more kids to help toil the farm or something would be more prone to having more kids. Which is why I think China is doing well, not with the birthrate control policy, but with the nouveau riche boom overnight. I might write more about what I think on this topic some time in the future.

    • Yeah China is interesting to me. While I don’t think their officially announced policy has been particularly effective, I think the social re-engineering they are doing behind the scenes are particularly worth taking note of.

  8. That is quite population jump. In a sense, we are ruining our own future by procreation but who knows what will happen to the Earth in so many years down the track. Maybe it will expand in size by some magical force and there will be lots of resources all round and everyone will live happily ever after.

    Wishful thinking πŸ™„

    • You’re probably not alone with this wishful thinking. Probably majority of the world population thinks the same. πŸ™„

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