The Time Machine (1960)

It has been over 2 weeks, and I am still without my wireless router. Apparently there is a broken component within the router that needs fixing and the service center in Penang does not have it in stock, so it is expected to take another week or two. Gawd, this sounds familiar, I hear stuff like this at work a lot. πŸ™„

Good news is, the sales representative in the YES Center set me up to get a rebate for the amount of days I lost due to “hardware malfunction” (after I sort of made a scene).

Bad news? I’m still without my regular internet. So the irregular blogging days is going to continue for a bit longer. Although I think it might be a permanent fixture. I think I have gotten used to blogging every 2 or 3 days instead of daily. It stillΒ satisfies my urge to share things, while at the same time gives me an extra few hours a week to do other incomeΒ generating things. I guess we’ll see. First I need to get my regular internet back.

So… thanks to the lack of constant internet at home, and also for the fact that I am not going back home this weekend, I did the thing that most college kids do these days. I hung out at Starbucks all day with my laptop and power cord.

Okay, not really all day. Six hours to be exact. And guess what I did in that six hours? I used the free Starbucks internet to stream and watch an old movie.

Okay, not exactly free to be honest. The drink and chicken pie was almost RM 30, so that means RM 5 per hour. That’s more expensive than going to a cyber cafe. But it was infinitely more comfortable, quiet and devoid of cigarette smell.

Anyway, which movie? A 1960 movie that was made with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’sΒ futuristic Metrocolor technology.

This movie:

The Time Machine, adapted from the world famous H.G. Wells novel of the same name.

I actually read the novel when I was 10. I was at that age where… you know… fascinated with naked girls futuristic science fiction (one of the reasons why I ended up studying engineering). I read quite a bit of these novels in fact: War of the Worlds (also from H.G. Wells), Journey to the Center of the Earth and 20 000 Leagues under the Sea (both of Jules Verne), etc. I guess The Time Machine is my favorite of the bunch.

I watched the 2002 adaptation a few months ago, and you know what? I hated that version to the guts. I love this 1960 version much much more.

No… not because of the “everything old is better” cliche. No…

I hated the 2002 version because they twisted everything from the novel. F**king Yanks… I mean, just take Weena for example. Weena is the Eloi (future 802701 AD human species) female protagonist in the story.

1960 Weena
2002 Mara

The 2002 adaptation, they even changed her name into Mara. And she’s black! And she’s like the Amazonian warrior princess! What the f**k?!

No, this has got nothing to do with racism.Β In the novel as depicted by Wells, the Eloi is a fragile, blond, fair skinned, curly haired, always cheerful people. You tell me which one of the above looks more like Eloi?

I really hate modern American movie adaptations of classical novels. Just because you’re a free country that wants to appear to be non-racist, doesn’t mean you should replace white characters with Asian or black characters at every turn! You gotta stay true to the spirit of the novel, come on!

Anyway… yeah… if you’re a H.G. Wells fan like me and want to watch a movie version of The Time Machine, I recommend the 1960 version. Forget the 2002 version because that’s bullshit.

Full movie link


  1. I thought that they’d give you up to 2 free hours of Internet browsing – or did that change after I stopped visiting Starbucks? When I was still in Taylor’s, it was free WiFi no matter how little or much you spend there. The last time I was in their branch in Jaya Shopping Centre, I had to spend RM12 just to get the Internet access.

    It’s good that you ‘demanded’ for the rebate. πŸ™‚ You shouldn’t be deprived of your Internet for such a long time and still be charged for that particular month’s usage.

    I almost thought of Genie when I saw your blog post, not sure why.

    • I never knew about the 2 hours. It was just wifi, you have to login through a website, but after that you’re set for as long as you stay connected. And nobody would come around kicking you away for sitting in there too long. Especially not when they don’t have many other customers. πŸ™„

    • Of course, and just like I’ll say to them “you’re free to disregard my comment”. They always do anyway. πŸ™„

  2. It’s interesting that the character was changed from white to black. You like Japanese anime and manga, right? I guess you know Ghost in the Shell. Hollywood is making a movie and the main character is going to be Scarlett Johansson, and then they will use special effects to make her look Asian. Because finding an Asian actress would have been much more difficult and weird, right?

    • What the… What’s wrong with these Yanks?! Because Japanese girls don’t speak English? Come on! What about that girl in Pacific Rim? And I’m pretty sure they can find good English speaking Japanese actresses if they want to!

      I thought they were already super scum for f**king around with Dragon Ball and All You Need Is Kill (which they call Edge of Tomorrow), but this… CGI a white chick to be more Asian… that’s a new low! OMG!! >.<

  3. It really sucks not having internet connection at home. One time my homeplug malfunctioned and I was so frustrated πŸ™ As for movie adaptation of novels, I find the classic ones are far superior. In modern remakes, there is a tendency to deviate from the original storyline.

    • Yeah, they always deviate, and then they give bullshit excuses like having to keep up with times. They should just stick to adapting Twilight and Vampire Diaries if you ask me, and leave the classical novels alone.

  4. Oh God, I have not watched this 1960’s movie but the trailer you shared looks funny but interesting.

    I can sit inside Starbucks everyday as we usually suggest friends to meet there instead of coming to our house. My wife prefers to do her work and thesis at Starbucks as she is more productive there instead of the comforts of home. Longest she often sat there was daylight till after sunsets!

    • Actually most of my friends no longer like to go to Starbucks. It is a place that I go when I feel like being alone nowadays. My friends prefer to go to those quaint little cafes. Apparently they know everything about the difference between affogato beans and americano beans and whatnot (actually not even sure if those are beans or just different type of coffee). πŸ™„

        • Pretty sure I’m the wrong one. I just randomly spew some coffee names from the cafes without knowing what they are. πŸ™„

  5. I guess boredom and fatigue start to set in once you’ve been blogging for a while…it’s beginning to happen to me too. You blog daily and now you’re thinking of 2 – 3 times a week…I blog like 3 times a week and I’m already thinking of cutting down coz it’s very time consuming…hehe! πŸ˜‰

    So, how many cups of coffee do you have to drink to stay there for 6 hours?

    And, would you be accepting of a black James Bond then…kekeke! πŸ˜€

    • Only 1 coffee. They have downstairs and upstairs and I sat upstairs. Nobody even noticed me, I think.

      Black James Bond??? Yeah I’ll accept that… when hell freezes over!

  6. I come here because of you.. I gotta confess after about a week not blogging/reading blog/commenting, I also backslided already.. I’m still feeling like a mess now, like no semangat like that, everyday phobia.. huhuhuhu..

    • Princess, our lives are like the waves of the oceans with high and low tides! All will be well again soon… Blogging has become part of our lives in many ways. Pity this SK Thambee wanted it out of his system and detox! LOL
      Can you see his reasons???

    • OMG my lovely princess. Thank goodness you (and your kid) are all well now. Nowadays it is easier to fall sick, not even kids but even adults. Take good care ya. 😐

  7. Sometimes it is enjoyable to get out from the house and watch online movies using wifi in a cafe.

    I like this part:”…satisfies my urge to share things.”

    Same as you, my purpose in blogging is to satisfy my urge to share things and get comments and feedback from my fellow blogger friends.

    • To be honest, it is only enjoyable when I have no internet at home. Normally I would be too lazy to even go out. πŸ™„

  8. Hope you get your router sorted out soon.

    Did you literally sit in Starbucks for 6 hours? You were lucky you could stream and watch a movie? No chance of that where I lived in London. The Internet was so slow. I guess no one struck a conversation with you in Starbucks.

    We only have one Starbucks here, in downtown. I had been there twice. This chain has never been my favourite. People rave about it even in London!

    My regular coffee shop in London spoilt me rotten. I had never bought my coffee grounds without having an espresso sample, they gave me freshly roasted beans, taught me lots about coffee beans, coffee notes etc.

    • Well, I went to a certain outlet that is quite secluded and not many people come. And to be honest, striking up a conversation is not something Malaysians do well unless under the influence of alcohol if you know what I mean πŸ˜‰ .

      Yeah, Starbucks is a crappy coffee chain. People who actually know coffee would hate this chain. But I happen to be a coffee idiot. I do drink my daily coffee, but I’m someone who is alright with instant 3-in-1 coffee, those expensive coffee beans mean nothing to me I’m afraid. πŸ™„

  9. It is for this reason that I am not a fan of watching movies these days: the storyline of new movies is really poor and predictable, or a remake that does not stick to the true message and values of the original. I haven’t been to the cinemas since last year.

    I didn’t know you could stream free Wi-Fi that is actually fast in Starbucks. I haven’t seen people bringing their laptop and stream movies at the Starbucks here.

    • Well, it is not exactly fast, but at least it is stable. And better than nothing, which is what I get if I stay home without a router πŸ™„ .

  10. I have watched the 1960 version and can only remember a bit of it. I did not watch the 2002 version. I like journey to the center of the earth best!

    Good that they give you a rebate after you “ask” for it because it is like you are going to be a whole month without it which definitely calls for a rebate. No point paying one month fees when you did not have access at all.

    • If by the end of one month they still have not returned my router to me, I’d probably kick up another fuss to terminate them. I’m looking at getting Maxis Fiber Internet because they’re cheaper than Unif**k. Too bad TIME doesn’t run to where I staying πŸ™ .

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