The Only Pirate At The Party

Remember when I wrote (or more accurately shared Youtube videos) about a certain independently famous and highly talented dance violinist named Lindsey Stirling more than a year ago?

Well, she has a book now, a book about her life story, titled The Only Pirate At The Party. And I bought it! The eBook, from Google Play Store!

Okay, it isn’t exactly a new book. It was released back in January. I’m a horrible fan. Anyway, I just bought it yesterday, on a lovely Friday afternoon, so the book is new to me.

I originally planned this to be my weekend reading material, but I ended up staying up late into Friday evening and finished the entire book before I went to bed. Yikes…


It is a highly entertaining read. Obviously so, that’s why I finished all 272 pages of book in one evening. Like I said, this is a book about Lindsey’s life story. There are stories of her childhood and teen years. Childhood stories are always entertaining to read, right?

Also, there are parts of the book which detailed her struggles and juicy stories on making it in mainstream showbiz as an independent non-singing artist.

I’m not supposed to share her original content in my blog without permission. That would be a violation of copyrights and could potentially land me in trouble.

But I really want to show you proof that there really are juicy stories in her book to hopefully entice you into buying it. Maybe I should break out my rusty de-plagiarizing filter, college student style.

See? These are just a bunch of words which is in no way a re-production of Lindsey’s autobiography, right?

Psst! By the way, she really did come back to that later. There were details. Lots of it!

But my favorite chapter is a chapter that has nothing to do with her childhood stories or her successes as an artist. No… my favorite chapter is a chapter that could fit into one page… oh, well, since I am already walking on the tightropes, might as well

This is an entire chapter

This chapter is awesome (to me) for quite a few reasons.

  1. It tells me Lindsey Stirling does not do drugs. That’s great news! I would be devastated if one of my newer favorite artists turns out to be a junkie.
  2. This is a very environmentally friendly chapter. I mean, yeah sure, I’m reading an eBook so it doesn’t matter. I’m referring to the paperback copies of this book.
  3. On the surface, this looks like an entirely unnecessary chapter. It is written for a very specific reason: to annoy the hell out of the readers and make them go “WTF?!”. That’s awesome! It is exactly something that I myself would do. Which brings us to point #4.
  4. This shows Limesey Styling has an annoying sense of humor which is quite similar to mine. No, that did not come out in the right order. You do not compare a superstar with a douchebag, it should be the other way round. So let me rephrase. This shows I have an annoying sense of humor which is similar to Limesey Styling. I have something in common with a superstar musician. That’s so cool!

Anyway, if you are intrigued with the book after my silly introductions, do go ahead and purchase her book. Remember the title: The Only Pirate At The Party. If you are in the US, you could probably grab it in a bookstore near you. Otherwise, there is always the Google Play Store (eBook) or Book Depository (paperback). I don’t use iPhone, so I don’t know the iBooks link…

Also, this is another RealGunners style paid post, if you know what I mean. 😉

Bonus stage:

I can’t share her book’s contents, but I can share more of her latest Youtube videos for your weekend enjoyments.


  1. Now I see why you connect… the “annoying sense of humour” ha ha. Jokes aside, I do enjoy true stories. I prefer non-fiction over fiction any day. Thanks for the peek into the book.

    • The “annoying sense of humor” is the main reason. Actually it is probably the only reason why I feel connected hahaha! 😀

  2. Ah, pretty girl with amazing talent. I’m convinced that the book is entertaining or else it would be hard to stay up to finish up all 272 pages. I still find it hard to read from my computer. I have to print out and read. So old fashioned 😀

  3. Gosh! 272 pages in one evening? You can read faster than me!

    Strangely I like to read blogs in English yet I prefer to read books in Chinese.

    • I hardly read Chinese books anymore nowadays. I think the last set of Chinese books I read was titled 神雕侠侣 hahaha! 😛

  4. You are such a dedicated fan as pointed out by Mabel Kwong. I am sure many after reading this would buy her book after reading your post. I only know about her after reading your previous post.

  5. “I’m a horrible fan.” Lol. The book was too good for you to put down so you finished it in one day. Consider yourself a dedicated fan 🙄

    I have two hardcopies of The Only Pirate At The Party, one signed by Lindsey, and the other signed by Lindsey and Brooke. My favourite chapter comes at the end, Sticks and Stones, where she talks about the fact that you don’t need to be the best to feel good.

    The book made it to the NY Times Bestseller list at number 10. I am so happy for Lindsey 😀

    • I’m not good with keeping mementos, so hardcopies are bad ideas for me nowadays. Good for you though. 😀

      So true. People don’t care about the best most of the time. More accurately, people can’t distinguish the best and the very good. I think it is more important to be unique, and have passion, and more importantly have flair.

      It took me awhile to figure out Brooke S Passey = Brooke Stirling. Silly me!

      • “people can’t distinguish the best and the very good” Very, very wise phrase and it sounds philosophical. I like it a lot, and I think one day I will borrow it 😉 I cannot wait to read your book when it comes out.

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