Return of the Carbless

I didn’t realize today is a working day for most people until I saw the timing of all the comments. I did not work today. Today is a public holiday replacement in my company. Yay!

Hmm… maybe I’ll show you some of my dinners last week. Dinners last week saw a return of the oven and the “no rice” theme, because I felt fat.

Not like I have never felt fat before, but more like, that feeling was more… palpable. Like, there were more “Gosh I’m fat!” moments, on top of the usual “Gosh I’m fat!” moments, if you know what I mean.

You don’t? It’s okay, I don’t know what I mean too most of the time these days…

Anyway, so yeah… no rice, no carbs…

DSC_0001 (800x501)
Baked chicken breast with broccoli (Tuesday)
DSC_0015 (800x549)
Baked haddock fillets with broccoli (Wednesday)

If you’ve noticed the reddish-brownish parts, that’s me sprinkling paprika over the meats. That’s the new part, the paprika. I actually bought that because I have a new recipe that I wish to try. Maybe that will end up in the blog some time next week if it turns out well. We’ll see…

Everything else is similar to how I usually bake my dinners in the oven. Same salt and pepper seasoning, same olive oil, same lemon juice, same garlic granules, same tin foil, even same oven temperature profile (180Β°C for 20 minutes)!

Also, if you’ve noticed the lack of ingredients variety, like how I don’t have tomatoes or carrots or mushrooms or eggs or whatever… that’s because of a combinationΒ of reasons such as GST, 1AmDeeBee, Jeeby and RoseMama, low increment, low profit sharing payout, no internet causing lack of freelance income, car headlights need fixing, etc, etcΒ Well… let’s just say that… time’s are bad these days… πŸ™„


  1. So shiok la got holiday on a weekday. I am saving all my leaves now for trips.

    I actually like boiled carrots and cauliflower more than broccoli nowadays. Add some gravy and they are yummy. I am with chicken and agree that good fish is getting expensive now!

    • Not a huge fan of cauli when compared to broccoli. Mostly it is because every time I try to cut a head of cauli up, they make quite a bit of mess with all those crumbly bits.

  2. Good that your company gave you a replace public holiday. Most I know won’t get any replacements if the public holiday falls on a Saturday (if you work a 5-day week). My, you put a lot of chicken granules on your chicken…isn’t that some form of MSG too?

  3. Oh, you all if Saturday is public holiday, the following Monday is replacement off day? Mine different.. Very sit dai too.. If Saturday public holiday, they give you back half day annual leave, pooohhhh..

    • We get 14 (or is it 12?) days annually allocated for public holidays and replacements. So some days we get, some days it is business as usual where even if that day is public holiday, if it is a workday then we have to go work.

  4. Your mum would approve!Does she know about your blog?

    The chicken popcorn appeared bigger than the ones from KFC.

  5. Your carbless dinner looks very good. Full of protein and vegetables. I love to eat broccoli but I always steam them because I don’t have an oven.

    • You should seriously consider investing in an oven if you ask me. It is like the ultimate lazy man’s kitchen tool. Maybe it will entice you into cooking again. πŸ˜‰

      • But steaming is also very easy. It is the washing of vegetables that get to me. Not to mention gas is cheaper than electricity unless you are talking about a gas oven.

        • Not that much cheaper though. I’ve been cooking at least half of the month (for myself), and the electricity bill can’t be more than RM 5 difference. And you don’t have to worry about calling the gas man and wondering if he is legit or you are allowing some crook into your house or something.

          The veggies, well… you know when you eat out, most of the time the veggies are not properly washed right? Some times they are not even washed, for goodness sake! That’s why I never like salads, especially those from outside. That’s why as much as I dislike washing vegetables, I think that is one of the main reason why I cook. Because I can wash my veggies properly to ensure I’m not eating pesticides.

          Don’t mention meats, because, well… with meats, there’s really nothing much we can do, eating out or cooking. πŸ™„

  6. Those dinners actually look good. Yum, I love brocolli and can eat a whole head for one dinner. On the other hand, I heard baked foods can be heaty πŸ™„

    • It can be heaty… if you do not let the food cool down for a bit before eating. As is with any other form of cooking methods I suppose. πŸ™„

      • But I like my food warm and hot as opposed to cold. A lot of the time after work, I am still too lazy to bake things in the oven to eat. I’d much rather cook one big lot on the weekend and the microwave each evening. Talk about healthy… πŸ™„

        • Well, microwaving your own pre-cooked food is alright I guess. Microwaving those frozen TV dinners, now that’s terrible. πŸ™„

  7. times are bad…at least u r still having brocolli + chicken/fillet…that’s good enuff for most people in the world πŸ˜‰

    • Yeah, definitely. When I say bad, it is relative to my previous dinners rather than other people’s dinners. πŸ˜›

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