Random Ostrich Phone Photos

Here’s more photos from my new Leica powered toy Huawei P9 Plus.

AEON Queensbay Mall – You probably can’t feel it, but I can. The indoor pictures seem sharper
Taking a shot at the raindrops with the car moving
My friend was surprised by the Macro capabilities
She was also surprised by how much detail going into the Macro shots
I was surprised how bright the picture of my dinner turned out to be. This was in my kitchen with low light

Again, the old phone, the Xperia Z3 already had a damn good 20.3 megapixel camera, so it is hard to notice the slight improvements in quality here and there from my new toy. But the point is, I could notice it from where I am.

Oh, right… dinner. That’s me finally doing a pork belly version of my taucu stir fry. Yum yumsss… 😀


    • I think it is normal, phone cameras, heck even proper cameras, they get worse with time. Well not exactly time, but with use. All those lenses have typical lifespan. Take 10000 shots and then you can basically kiss your camera goodbye.

  1. Wow.. the pictures are so sharp! Not bad.. I also must go get one.. hehehee.. I talk only.. By the way, I really do not have a camera, I lost mine in Europe.. sigh..very careless of me!

  2. That’s good lah you are happy with your new phone. My phone punya photos not nice. Maybe when I have more money I upgrade to a better one. Ah, pork belly! My grandma has a pork belly recipe using taucheow. Must cook that one day.

    • When you have more money? Thought you boss. Boss also need to “when have more money”? 🙄

  3. “Ostrich” phone – I don’t understand. I’m so behind with technology… please explain. I’m looking for a new phone by the way. I have a cheap Samsung that has so little storage that I can’t download any apps and the GPS never works. Any recommendations? This new toy of yours sounds good?

    • Well, because of one picture which I included in the blog post. If you have been Facebook-ing lately, you probably realized an ostrich on the loose on Federal Highway. Guess which smartphone brand capitalized on that for marketing? 😉

      There are a million different type of smartphones out there to fulfill different requirements of different people. I wouldn’t want to recommend you something that you may not need. But a phone with a good built in camera might be a good idea, saves you the hassle of lugging around big-ass cameras on random unplanned visits to restaurants. Like my new toy, or an iPhone. 😛

      • Oh, yes I saw that ostrich ad on Facebook. Thanks for putting me back in the loop. I guess I need to shop around a bit for a phone. Time to do some research. 😉

  4. I spy with my eyes that in your old post, you stated that your mum is aware of your blog. Pork ….. Wouldn’t you get a clip on your ear??

    I can see you are trying to get to know your new phone better. The hard earned cash!!! It’s worth it, ain’t it? It is not as painful as thought?

    • Well, it is good to give her something to nag about sometimes, something other than “when will you get a girlfriend?” 🙄 …

    • No, I don’t like brown rice, just like I don’t like vegetables. But I know they are necessary, so I eat them. 🙄

        • I never really got used to it too. Of course, I would prefer white rice too. But for me, eating brown rice falls under the “I really have no choice” category. Because I’m fat. 🙁

  5. Wow, the macro shots are so good! Can take close up of food photos, now I am interested but wait till my hand-me-down hp says good bye on its own first.

    You are eating wholegrain rice or some other grain rice and not totally white rice, I see from your photo. Very good!

  6. pork??? u r eating pork with fats??? ok, I keep my mouth shut else ur mum…..
    nice shot of the indoors….so any outdoor pictures? (as in outdoor in natural light….)

    • In due time, I guess. Although I rarely go outdoors in Malaysia no thanks to our “wonderful” weather. 🙄

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