Internet Reinstated

I know it is Friday today, but I’m on leave. I guess I should thank the company. They must have realized that we have been particularly burnt out over the past couple of weeks so they decided to highly encourage us to take leaves. Good call! So here I am now, Friday afternoon, blogging.

But that’s not the point today. I have good news today! Actually, I have good news and bad news. Good news first. Bad news in my next blog post, I guess. 🙄

My regular internet has finally been reinstated! It wasn’t straightforward, I tell you. I was told to go collect my router in their Queensbay Mall shop, then in long-standing Malaysian customer service tradition, they made me wait a heel-kicking hour or two just because the person assigned to me went to lunch. I even got to squeeze in a movie session, watching The Rock.

But, all things considered, internet’s back. Yay!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I went on a Youtube videos watching binge on this lovely Friday afternoon instead of working on something productive like making it across the halfway mark for my book (yeah, I’m around that stage).

So… let me share with you some of the videos I have watched. Maybe you can enjoy them over the weekend or something if you share the same taste as me. 🙄 😀

I hate the Britney of 2016, but I super love the Britney of 1999.

I remember back then, we had an hourly MTV show and another hourly Channel [V] show, both them showing white people music videos. This video of Britney came on and my mom was appalled that our Malaysian TV had “porn” shows. She forbidden us from watching these shows again.

Okay, no more porn. Let’s watch some boy bands. The 90s boy bands were awesome, man! They were da bomb! Of course, kids nowadays would beg to differ. They only know their Big Bang and G Dragon I suppose.

Maybe something much more recent. Like this awesome opening scene of Furious 7. When I watched the movie, I did not realize it, but this 3 minutes sequence was a single continuous shot. Meaning to say, zero NG for 3 minutes continuous. Jason Statham is awesome!

And here’s a couple of videos of white people enjoying and “enjoying” Malaysian food. A lot of these show up on my Youtube front page under Recommended all the time. It is always fun to see how the angmohs deal with our food. Sometimes they’re really hilarious, especially when they’re clueless. But I suppose if I made videos of my food experience in Istanbul and Barcelona, I would be equally hilarious to them. 🙄

What the…?? Ultraman will have a modern reboot?! I am totally going to watch this! It will probably be crap, but heck. It’s Ultraman, dude. Ultraman!

Guess I better stop here. I can feel that I’m not being coherent already. Have a wonderful weekend, folks. 😉

I don’t know if I will resume my daily blogging schedule or not. I kind of got used to this non-daily blogging routine over the past month or so. I guess I’ll just blog when I want, be it continuous days or alternate days from now on. Let’s not fix a schedule and keep you guys guessing. That would be fun, no? 😀


  1. RG, you are so much younger than me. My time is Spice Girls and Kylie Minogue and Belinda Carlisle. Boys group is Duran Duran, NKOTB and Wham. You can guess my age by now.

    • I’m not interested to guess your age, hahaha! This is the internet, where age does NOT matter! 😛

  2. Of course you would love Britney of the 90s….she was HOT then! 😉 Oh, I love boy bands….Backstreet Boys, ‘N Sync, 98 Degrees, BoyZone, Jonas Brothers…but, my all time favourite was Westlife followed by Backstreet Boys!! 😀

  3. I also feel very happy when I bought my keyboard and I can use my desktop again that time, this shows we can’t do without Internet and Computer.

    Channel V, yes, how I miss it, they always have very nice MTV but I watched the Mandarin Channel V instead.

    I also love the 90s songs and music, those were the days. Not forgetting Michael Learns to Rock (MLTR) and Savage Garden.

    Britney, She is hot, isn’t she?

    I ever saw white people trying to use chopsticks as fork and spoon, hilarious!

    I like this post, thanks for sharing.

    • Oooh yes Savage Garden and MLTR! And of course Britney is hot!

      You know, I think it is not uncommon for white people to use chopsticks. At least the Americans. When I was stateside, I noticed a good many of them can handle it. Maybe this has got to do with a good number of Chinese restaurants there. You know what’s alien to them? Using the spoon and fork together to eat rice. That’s alien. It’s not like it needs special skills, they already know how to use spoon, and fork, separately. But using them together? Nope, just way too weird for them!

  4. Yay to your internet access being back! I wonder what the bad news would be. Since you don’t want to post daily will you write about the bad news tomorrow?

  5. good to hear that ur internet has been reinstated! I agree that 90’s boy band were awesome…myself goin crazy over these MTVs and Channel V during my teenage days (but I dun neglect my studies)…I opened the revision book but my eyes glued to the tv screen..yea, I m a hopeless student. Btw, I watched Mark Wiens vlog and read his migrationlogy blog every now and then. OH man…I m so gonna watch these BSB, Britney, Nsync video…later…coz I m still in da ofis!!

    • I don’t even know staying back on Friday evening is good or bad. I suppose if you’re in Penang and at least for this month, it is a good thing. Traffic is at a standstill thanks to weekend + buka puasa >.< ! Hahaha that Mark Wiens dude, his facial expression every time he eats something, puts Jamie Oliver and those Taiwanese foodie show presenters to shame! 😀 😀

  6. Congrats on being halfway through your book. Very good effort. I am no where near that, so thanks for the inspiration 😀 🙄

    I love the Britney back in the day. I still remember Channel V and I remember when I lived in Singapore, I would wake up early before 10am to get ready and watch the hour of vids 😀 I also remember watching Jessica Simpson, Christina Aguilera, Westlife, Blue, A1, and later Shakira and the very raunchy Liz Phair which I recently rediscovered 🙄

    • You’re killing me, comparing your book progress with mine again. My book does not need research, just needs me to sit down on my lazy ass and keep writing. Shall I stop writing to wait for you? 😛

      • Oh no, no, no. Continue on. I need some lazy ass to inspire me to continue mine 😀 I am sure you need to dig deep in your memory bank to find stories to tell anyway lol.

        Now this blog post has inspired me to waste time and go hunting in my hard drives for all the 90s songs I used to listen to 🙄

        • Listening to nostalgic songs is not wasting time. It makes you feel good, and when you feel good, you don’t feel stress and it leads to better productivity in the long run and also more robust health. 😉

  7. Thaaaaat came as a surprise. I didn’t know you loved the 1990s Britney. Britney was my childhood idol, used to listen to her songs and Westlife on repeat.

    I wasn’t familiar with Backstreet Boys and N’Sync until I was a teenager, but I thought Boyzone and Westlife were popular back in the day?

    • She was young and hot, so why wouldn’t I love her? (Okay, her songs were nice too wahahha!)

      Westlife was alright, but Boyzone? Meh… I’m totally BSB and N’Sync…

      • Hey, I still love some of the Boyzone songs 😛

        And yes, I do agree with you. She was hotter back in the day, especially with her sensual dance moves. Songs like Lucky and Oops, I Did It Again? 😀

        • Yeah, now she’s just like a… crazy bitch or something.

          And don’t tell me not to judge. Telling people to not judge artists are bullshit. Being judged is their job, that’s how we decide whether we like them and want to support them (by parting with our hard earned money) or not.

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