Xuan Feng 轩风 @ DeliverEat

I’m sure you’ve been wondering why I have been able to keep up with making some blog posts this week, and if my router is fixed. The answer is no, my router is still with the repair center. But thanks to Mexis upgrading my 1GB data plan to a 3GB at a RM 20 discount monthly (gotta love Selcom fanboy for kicking up a fuss and making his fuss go viral, don’t you?), I find myself being able to turn on hotspot for short bursts of time and do whatever it is I want to do online every day.

I won’t promise to do it daily, but when I feel like it, I’ll:

  1. Turn on hotspot on my phone,
  2. Load my blog’s New Post page and upload picture(s),
  3. Turn off hotspot,
  4. Write my blog post,
  5. Turn on hotspot,
  6. Hit Publish,
  7. Turn off hotspot and go to sleep.

I probably won’t be doing this tomorrow though, probably gonna be driving back home for the long weekend.

I used DeliverEat again last weekend, on Saturday. This time I made sure to order from a restaurant that is further away from home. I picked 轩风 Xuan Feng.

DSC_0011 (800x542)

This one is located at Krystal Point, which is a solid 7 kilometers from where I am staying in.

7 kilometers is not even worth batting an eyelid as far as distances in KL is concerned, but it is a loooonnnngggggg distance by Penang’s standards.

DSC_0015 (800x503)
Katsu Fish Fillet Curry Rice (RM 14.90) – This was brunch
DSC_0012 (800x503)
Stamina Don (RM 14.90) – This was early dinner

The fish fillet rice was alright, but I throughly enjoyed the Stamina Don. Those pork slices… reminds me of my grandma’s cooking. Well, she stopped doing any cooking at all about 10 years before she passed away, so that means it was a long long time ago.

Also, when I showed a friend pictures of my orders this time (different friend from before), she said to me: “Dude, Xuan Feng is no longer in Krystal Point, they’re in Elit Avenue now. Barely 2 kilometers from your place!

!@#$%^&* I never noticed that!

I’m glad that my memory is intact. Actually I was just being sarcastic yesterday. Those forgotten pasta, they probably sucked hence my brain did not want to remember them. I’m not worried about my memory at all.

Now, where the heck did my router go? It was here this morning. Did a thief break into my house??


  1. The portions look very Large… worth paying the money and for delivering. Yes, I notice Elit Avenue has a lot of eateries all around there. But so far, I tried the Sangkaya only. 🙂

  2. Brunch and dinner treat takeaway, wow. Good life 🙄

    3MB a month for internet on phone. Hmmm. I have 10GB on my phone for $40 Aussie dollars a month 🙄

    • 3GB… if 3MB a month, I’d rip my face off. I heard the rates for mobile plans are worse in Australia. Apparently not. A 10GB plan in Malaysia would probably be RM 150-200.

  3. hah..hah.. Nice set meals. I don’t know why I get a kick out of eating meals that come in compartments like that 😀 Have a great weekend with your family!

  4. I wanna laugh at the memories of Penang folks who always scream at the distance!! My friends always shrieked in KL when I told them it was nearby and drove 10km!! Siao lang..

    You are so clever to order so far to get better food. I like that type of curry as they don’t use coconut milk.

  5. Did the breaded fish fillet soften by the time it reached you? Maybe they should have packed the sauce separately. And did you order your dinner meal because of the name stamina don? Did it give you stamina? Wakakaka! So, yet another “failed” delivery….we want to see you make your money’s worth from DeliverEat by ordering something more than 2km away!! 😀

    • Oh the curry was packed separately, I poured them over the fish before taking picture. But yeah, still, the crust was not as crispy as it would be probably due to prolonged soaking in the container.

      Hahaha, I ordered the stamina don because it looked like this in the website:
      Stamina Don

  6. The Katsu Fish Fillet Curry Rice looks good to me, maybe cos of the curry…

  7. So you are trying to be funny now? Your router is at the shop waiting to be fixed, right?

    Hahahaha, very funny post, that the shop has moved closer to your place now.

    • Eh?? What is this post? Did I make this post? I have no recollection whatsoever. 😛 😛 😛

  8. what?? barely 2km from ur place & yet u dunno? seriously dude, I wonder if u r aware of ur surroundings now…
    Anyway, lucky u coz u still gotta taste ur grandma’s cooking. I never have the chance to taste even ONCE both my paternal & maternal grandma’s cooking! They both stop cooking before I was born.

    • Actually the new place, Elit, I always go. But I never noticed this “new” addition to it. 🙄

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