Sunday Buffet Lunch @ Parkroyal KL

I did go out for a nice meal with the family today. After some intense discussions, we finally decided on the buffet lunch at Chatz Brasserie, Parkroyal Kuala Lumpur.


I was shocked because when I called to make reservations, I was told that it was RM 78 nett per pax, and senior citizens (> 60 years old) get half price. I thought that was… cheap. I mean, it is weekend after all, and Parkroyal seems like a reputable hotel.

So off we went. There’s no time limit. The weekend buffet lunch starts at 12.30 noon and ends at 4.00 pm. We arrived exactly on 12.30 noon and left after 3.30 pm.

There were a lot of people there already, so I could not take photos of the buffet counters. Even I would acknowledge that it is rude to snap pictures at the expense of hindering other people trying to get their food to appease to their hungry stomachs.

So I shall just show you my food instead…

Seafood casserole, chicken sausages, veggie, okra with chickpeas, roasted lamb with mint sauce
Chicken satay, fried dumpling, chicken siew mai, broccoli and cauliflower, more roasted lamb with mint sauce, sweet and sour fish
Chicken rice – OMG the chili is mucho kick-ass!Β 

But I still think Doubletree JB’s version is better… πŸ™„

Chee cheong fun and yong tau foo (stuffed bean curd and stuff)

Hahahaha yup! You guys who saw this chee cheong fun picture on Facebook/Instagram, this was from a hotel buffet! πŸ˜€

There were also some stuff that you can find in the buffet counters, which my family ate but I did not eat, so I did not take pictures. Stuff like: char kuay teow, grilled fish, curry laksa, roti canai, salad, cold cuts and cheese, breads etc…

Also, you know, having buffet with my mom means there are certain things that I am not allowed to take, unless I am feeling suicidal.

Like these… nice to see, cannot touch
What? Noooo… these were not mine. I asked someone from the neighboring table if I could snap a photo of his dessert plate. True Story, wink wink

What the… where’s that picture of salad? And where’s that picture of fruits and rojak? Goodness, how did I not take pictures of those???

Ice cream – passion fruit, raspberry, matcha and coconut flavor

Well, when I say ice cream, I’m not even sure if they are ice cream or not. What I know for sure is that these were rather soft, not like those crappy tough ice cream from tubs. But they also don’t feel like gelato. I’m not sure what they are. πŸ™„

The food was alright. I think you can have better in more expensive hotels. But it was decent enough. It is most definitely worth RM 78 per pax if you ask me.


  1. I really had no idea that ParkRoyal has buffets! I don’t recall seeing their ads unlike Meridian and Armada that kept posting at Groupons. I would visit Park Royal once a year whenever SK lured me to their Perfumes Warehouse sales! People would queue up till the escalator!

    What a pity you didn;t share the buffet photos. I am not shy like you la with camera.

    • Is not about shy lah, this time there were lots of people moving around, so I did not want to disturb anyone. I would complain again if the place was empty but the staff stopped me. πŸ™„

    • We would’ve went to a coffee shop, but then there’s the dad to consider. Our dad is a very conservative Chinese person when it comes to food if you know what I mean, so… buffet is the safest choice πŸ™„ ..

  2. Heard about Park Royal… Their food looks quite good to me.

    Your post reminds me that I have not have buffet for quite some time already, haha!

  3. RM78 per person…what the. Over there it sounds so much πŸ™

    You really no shame ask someone permission to take photo of their food πŸ™„

    • RM 78 for a weekend buffet in a fancy hotel is cheap. Normally it be more than RM 100… πŸ™„

      Did you catch the part where I said, True Story? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

      • I am not very good at telling sarcasm from non-sarcasm. I’m what you call a no-nonsense kind of girl most of the time πŸ˜‰

        No, I still think RM78 pp is way too much for a meal, even if it was for a special occasion as you mentioned earlier in the comments. But, well, if you want to, good on you πŸ™„

        • I guess Malaysians always get their priorities… not to say wrong, but different. To me, RM300 for a health screening is too much, but if it be a special occasion for a special someone, double that amount would not be too much. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›

    • Yeah, as far as I can see, they’re doing okay, but not as well as I imagined. Heck, even the restaurants in Times Square were not doing as well as I thought when I went there on Saturday. They surely need some of your business too if you know what I mean. πŸ˜›

  4. The food looks delish and it sounds like the place had a great selection as well.

    I don’t eat at buffets very often but whenever I do, I never worry about the calories. It’s usually a treat for me to see so much western food and so many desserts!!

    • Maybe you should go more often then. I wonder how a buffet in a Taiwanese hotel looks like. πŸ™„

  5. Yes, Parkroyal is a reputable hotel, just that their array of food is not in the same category of those hotel buffets costing above RM100 but, for the price, the food is certainly decent enough (I’ve eaten here a few times).

    Eh, I’ve always thought that the definition of senior citizens (eligible for half price) are those 55 and above? Has this changed recently or it’s just this hotel?

    Hah, I see you had chicken rice…now you know common this dish is in hotel buffets πŸ˜‰ I’m also surprised that your mom agreed to a buffet! >.<

    • Yeah, I noticed the nonexistence of sashimi, oysters, and all those exotic stuff. But I think, this would be a more appropriate buffet for the international visitors, because I think the food here are more to the local palate and would show to the visitors more about Malaysian cuisine.

      I don’t know, that’s what the hotel staff told me: “60 and above get senior citizen rate”.

      Well, it wasn’t me who suggested buffet, I just tagged along. If it was me who said it, no way. Not in a million years! >.<

    • Actually buffet is not really about eating until you drop. In fact, buffet in its original spirit was like high end mixed rice. You get a big spread and you “choose what you want to eat from that spread”. It is us Chinese/Asians that made it “eat everything from that spread”. That’s why buffet in white people country is cheap, but here it is slit throat pricey. But then… sigh, chicken and egg case. Because it is so pricey, we try to eat our money’s worth also… πŸ™„

  6. That was a nice spread!

    I would still eat the dessert and cakes but I would share the portions and calories. Let others have the biggest share because I am a generous person. Lol. ?

    • Have you watched “How I Met Your Mother”? Do you know who Barney Stinson is? If you do then… “I did not eat the dessert and cakes. True Story πŸ˜‰ .”

  7. One of our favourite makan place! You know, my boys will make sure to eat the chicken rice here. They love it that much.

    Great that they have weekend buffet lunch. Other places have hi-teas. I prefer buffet lunch to hi-teas.

    • Hahaha next time if you go JB, bring them go Doubletree. They will love the chicken rice there even more, I think. πŸ˜›

  8. I used to eat buffet here and find it decent. Now I am waiting to get old enough to get half price before I go eat buffet again because I can’t eat much now. Just want to go because want to look at lots of food and sample bits here and there so need to wait till can get half price first.

    This must be for a special celebration else your mother wouldn’t have agreed to let you go for a buffet lunch. What celebration is this for? Belated Mother’s day? or someone’s birthday?

    • If you just want to look, no need to wait. In fact, don’t even need to pay. You can just go and request to see what they carry in their counters first before committing. Most hotel buffets I know allow this. πŸ˜‰

      Hahaha I guess it was Mother’s Day + Father’s Day + sis birthday combined. πŸ™„

      • Not just look only la, must also nibble here and there so gotta pay la. Another 15 years to go! Hah!

        • Aiya just pay up lah! Since now you can still eat pretty much every thing. Who knows if by the time you qualify, they moved the bar to 70 yrs old (like what they want to do to EPF now)? Or if you suddenly cannot eat this cannot eat that? So I say, go now lah! πŸ™„

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