Stuff My Face Silly?

It has been a long long while since I last set foot inside Queensbay Mall’s Pizza Hut. The place seems… classier than I remember. Or maybe it was just me not paying attention to their surrounding before…

DSC_0015 (800x559)

Anyway, I ordered the… I don’t know the full name but it’s something to do with X Men. So let’s call it the X-Men pizza set (2 pax set = RM39++). The other colleagues went for pasta and the more traditional pizza sets.

DSC_0013 (800x502)

DSC_0014 (800x554)

Well… let’s just say I’ve had better pizza before.

Well… let’s be more specific and say I’ve had better Pizza Hut pizza before.

Guess I’ll go back to good ol’ Hawaiian Chicken next time. No… I did not end up stuffing my face silly.


  1. I hate thick pizzas. Blergh. In China, Pizza Huts makes pizzas inside a frying pan. What kind of disgusting sacrilege is that?

    • I like thick pizzas (because that’s my childhood), but.. err… from frying pan? No thanks…

    • OMG! Now that you mentioned. I didn’t even realize the cheese was made into X. So that’s what it is all about huh… 😐

  2. Yikes. The pizza doesn’t look nice. I’ll stick to the Hawaiian Chicken too. Yes, Pizza Hut looks much classier now compared to last time. My boys actually love it here 🙂

    • I was really surprised when I got in there. But I think not all Pizza Hut outlets in Penang look that nice. Maybe some are behind schedule with their renovation. 🙄

  3. It’s been a while since I had Pizza Hut’s pizza. I remember liking it, my favorite was the Super Supreme and I can finish one regular pizza all by myself in one sitting 😀

    • I still like it to be honest. Well, I love Shakey’s more, but they’re no longer around 🙁 . I never loved thin crusts like most, I mean I like it, but I don’t love it. I prefer pizza with the think bread crust, especially the edges. 😀

  4. I saw this promo in the newspapers today and thought of ordering delivery but, after seeing the photos here…err, no thanks….but thanks for your heads-up! 😀

    • Er… hahaha, who knows maybe it be like Sushi Me*t*i, the Penang version is the only one crappy. 🙄

  5. The older generation cannot appreciate pizza.

    Pizza is my all time favourite but not my mom’s, so unable to share Pizza with her, now that my sister has moved out, I seldom eat Pizza le cos no one to share with me. I usually call the Home Delivery Service, so I don’t have to travel and can eat it at the comfort of my home.

    I like Canadian Pizza Two For One offer

    • I know my parents would not appreciate pizza much, but you know who did? My grandma! It drives us nuts! She’s the type who would flinch at fried chicken and refuse to eat burger, but give her pizza and she will polish 3 big slices!

  6. Are those pieces of pineapples or onions in one quarter of your X men pizza? I think the last time I ate at pizza hut was 3 years ago. You shared your 2 pax set with another colleague?

  7. The X-Men pizza you had there looked very odd. The crust or base looks odd to begin with. The yellow X looks like a hardened blob of cheese. Those toppings on top of your pizza looks…I don’t know. Not appetising 😐

    The pizza from Pizza Hut my work bought wasn’t all that spectacular either. Hawaiian Chicken pizza? Does this mean you are okay with pineapple on pizza? 😀

    • Yeah, that’s the thing. The pizza is just… odd. I prefer the usual toppings with Pizza Hut. Well, I’ve been having Hawaiian Chicken at Pizza Hut or Chicken Delight in Shakey’s since I was a kid. Those are the ones I still prefer today. 🙄

  8. That’s a cute big X in the middle. I bet the tastes turned you off. Their Hawaiian Chicken is always safe to swallow…
    I normally avoid Pizze Hut in KL as the staff often need a beating for better service and blah blah. I think Canadian Pizza is the best but they are not that popular and known.

    • It’s not just the cheese. The whole pizza just… we just didn’t connect.

      Too bad there’s no Canadian Pizza in Penang. And I have still yet to taste Mikey’s Pizza! 🙁

  9. i seldom dine in Pizza Hut nowadays, the delivery is so convenient and FOC, I usually ordered them to deliver over. I would prefer Dominos/Papa John when it comes to Pizza.

    • I seldom have Pizza Hut, full stop. I also rarely use any delivery of any restaurants, full stop. Hahahaha! 😀

  10. I never had Pizza Hut in about 3 years. The Pizza Hut I sometimes went to in Taipei has a buffet which is perfect because you can pick and choose what you want.

    I am still trying to figure out what types are included in the ‘X -Men’ Pizza. Hopefully, it tasted a little better than it looks – but, by the sounds of it, it didn’t.

    • How I miss buffet style Pizza Hut! Here it is like an expensive restaurant. 🙁

      The four: seafood, tuna, chicken, chicken pepperoni. Don’t ask me for more details though. And yeah, it’s not that good. 🙄

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