Root Cause

I had this for tea time yesterday…

DSC_0010 (800x557)
Red bean 红豆

No, actually, not this, but these

DSC_0008 (800x546)
With assorted Malaysian pastries

Wow, they look absolutely delicious, don’t they? And they are. I really enjoyed them. It has been a (long) while since I last had cafeteria food for tea time.

Except, I’m pretty sure one of these were the root cause for this, so… yeah, anyway, go on, go on and comment how delicious they look. 🙄

I don’t even remember that I took pictures of my tea time snacks until I flipped through my phone’s photo album for some other pictures 10 minutes ago. Why the hell did I even take pictures of these?? Maybe I have subconsciously developed precognitive abilities, and I somehow knew that I would need these pictures for something when I took them.

Holy shit! I’m gifted! I have a supernatural gift! I’m potentially a superhero! Maybe I should learn how to make it manifest more strongly and harnest it! I’ll try to save the world predict the lottery jackpot number from a future date and act accordingly.

Okay, jokes aside, I’m feeling better today, but still not 100%. And I’ve got a team lunch tomorrow which will involve pizzas and I plan to stuff myself silly. So I think I’m gonna take it easy again for tonight. BG22 it is for dinner!


  1. Wahsei! Nyonya kuihs with red beans are my favorite. By the the red bean looks so thick to me. They looked indeed delicious. I don’t mind having them though I know I would be suffered like hell later. They are good for detoxifying.

  2. When eating kueh with tong sui, either the tongsui will feel bland or the kueh will be less sweet. So when I eat these, I must have a savory to blend in too, like a plate of mihoon so that the sweetness will come back after a savory bite, get what I mean? hehehe… So you are taking BG22 too? Me finished few tins already, not nice but forced myself to drink… 🙂

    • I different. I can eat savory and sweet, but not together-gether blended in. I will eat the dishes separately. 🙄

  3. When I saw your teatime treats, I wasn’t going to say how good they looked, especially the awful looking one on the right…hehe! 😀 You’re not the only one with supernatural abilities! I think many food bloggers have this ‘natural’ ability to snap first, think later (if they’re of any use). I’ve got lots of these ‘unused’ pics in my phone too! ;D

    • Tsk! Why you… you turn “superhero” into “food blogger”, that’s so deflating. 🙁

  4. those colourful kuihs are really tempting! but I seldom take tea-time these days unless I skip lunch! no chance to eat those kuihs…

  5. Maybe the kuih not fresh. You never know how long the seller keep them 🙄 Yes, stuff yourself silly with pizzas tomorrow. Earlier this week, my team had a pizza party too and we ordered pizzas from Pizza Hut. Thin crust 😀

  6. You sure have supernatural abilities and you even have wisdom to differentiate the Taoism & Buddhism chanting for the departed. You can easily freelance as Namo Lou.

    Look back at your disastrous food and anyone had coconut is the real culprit. Most kuehs can last for hours and overnight for safe consumption but not those with coconut milk.
    Enjoy your big lunch tomorrow.

    • I suppose you are right. You also have supernatural abilities to know that the red bean has coconut milk in it. 😀

  7. At least you’ve managed to narrow down the potential suspects behind the diarrhea… I think those kuih-muih wasn’t fresh when you ate them? (Hate to break it to you, but even stale sambal can cause havoc to the body too)

    • Well, one can only be so careful when dealing with food (or anything), nothing much else I can do I guess. 🙄

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