Not As Bad As I Feared

Contrary to what I thought would happen, I did not spend all day playing the online game. Okay, well… I did spend a good few hours on it, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be…

I was able to head out for a car wash and lunch. I was able to clean my toilet, my ceiling fan and my kitchen. I was able to catch up on 3 episodes of Dragon Ball Super. I was able to restart my story drart and write five lines. I was able to cook dinner. And I was also able to play the online game.

Let me show you what I achieved out of 3 days of 金庸群侠传 JY Online…





No? Hahaha okay I know, this is hardly interesting stuff for you…

Maybe I should tell you why I don’t think I will be in as serious trouble as I was back in high school. Why I don’t think the addiction will be that severe.

  1. The game is freaking complicated! Make no mistake, this is a late 1990s/early 2000s game, and yet I wonder how I was able to grasp everything that is going on inside the game interface. There’s like a million different things that you need to pay attention to, or else you will suffer the consequences. I guess this is more like an indicator of how old my brain has become nowadays. 🙄
  2. The game is newbie (and male) unfriendly. If you paid attention in my previous post, I created a guy character. Well, that didn’t go well. I was killed 5 times upon being born into the city after the protection period elapsed. Even as I got out of the city, I was hounded by other players who followed me and repeatedly kill me for no apparent reason. I can’t outrun them because they have better 轻功 and 身法. It got too annoying so I ended up creating another girl character. Now I am left in peace. Come on guys, you know 99% of the girl characters are actually guys, right?
  3. The game is kind of… deserted. I mean, yeah, there are some morons who are online and hound newbie players. But apart from that, nobody is really… around. You see lots of characters logged in, but they’re actually bots. Automated game playing, where a programmed script plays the game and completes all the mundane, repetitive tasks while the actual player goes to sleep. In the past, one of the reasons why online games are so addictive is because of the chat. You get to meet (chat with) many other players from all over the world. Now all you get are morons and bots. Boringggggg…
  4. Lastly, it is almost impossible to get low level support eg weapons, armors and whatnot. In the past, the 拍卖 (Auction) channel was bustling with activities and you can easily make 100k JY$ (game money), and buy yourself a 碧水剑 (+70 ATK) for 25k JY$. Now, nobody sells that. The auction channel is dead save for the occasional 神龙威武火焰斩妖除魔刀 (+1500 ATK) for 20 billion JY$. So, if you want a 碧水剑, you’ll have to make one by yourself by leveling up your 铸剑 (Weapon crafting) skills to Level 20. If you bot, that takes 30 minutes. But if you play for real like I do, that would take probably 1 week. Sigh….


Well, 20 billion might sound like a lot. And it sure is a lot, if it is USD or even RM. But 20 billion JY$ is like peanuts for the old players/botters nowadays. I mean… look…


If you can’t read Chinese, there’s a specific item that says 5 RMB (~50 cents USD)/1 billion JY$. It is being sold as an item in Taobao, no doubt by one of these old players/botters.

Well, I’m still soldiering on for a bit more… because I still find a bit of amusement with it. But I don’t think I will last 3 years this time.

Maybe 3 weeks. Or 3 months, max… 🙄


    • Exactly! I don’t get why people are still listening to The Beatles and watching The Six Million Dollar Man! 😀

  1. Don’t 影響我。。。我看不到,看不到。。。omg………

    I remember last time when I got a new game I played for like three days then I got bored so then change to another one, hardly for me to maintain for long, because I would have the feeling wasting time on game then I stop, few days later I felt bored then I play again…so every time it just repeat and repeat, hahaha

    • You know there is such a thing called 外挂 for JY Online. Last time will ban, now is use openly, because everyone uses it. If they ban, the whole server shutdown. 外挂 is very good, those clicking clicking thing that is boring and repetitive can let it do, we only play the real fighting and quests. 😛

    • Heh… Depends on who I get as my wife. I was shocked when I discovered that a good many of my friends’ spouses are avid gamers! OMG!

    • It would be true if people can exercise control. Games like this forces you to think. 😛

  2. I’ve never been a huge fan of online gaming. Definitely would prefer to stick to my Nintendo. From the way you describe it, you sound bored already and just going through the motions to level up and advance in the game.

    • I am quite bored, but I haven’t done exploring all the stuff that I used to like just yet. Maybe a few more days or weeks. 🙄

  3. Not interested in online games.. My colleagues now very “hing” 1 game, I dunno the name, but I heard something “summoners”.. The characters can sendiri fight one.. You just have to activate them, and you can do your work as usual, they will fight for you.. duh…

    • Either Clash of Clans or Clash Royale lah I think. My colleagues also playing, and I refused to join them. 🙄

  4. It is good to do a few things over a span of time, at least there is a variety, I don’t like to stick to something for a very long time, so boring, but it seems like I never get tired of blogging and blog-hopping

    • See, there is something that can make you never get tired of doing. For me, online game with ancient martial arts/warfare theme is THE thing… 🙄

  5. Good to know that you won’t get addicted this time and that you managed to do a lot of things this holiday. Just a matter of time to see when you will stop this completely.

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