High Strung

I was in town today to deliver a precious cargo, and seeing how I have no internet at home, I decided to hang around for a bit after the delivery was done. For 10 seconds, I had the brilliant idea of walking around Georgetown and shooting pictures. But by the 11th second, the scorching heat called me back to my senses, so I headed for the only place I could think of, Gurney Plaza (yawnzzzzz)…

So I decided to watch a movie. I was shocked to see that there’s an Angry Bird Movie. What the hell is that??

I have no interest with watching Angry Bird in movie form. I’m imagining that it would be lame. So I bought ticket for another movie. The movie title is High Strung. According to the brief synopsis on GSC’s Movie app, it is a dance musical, with absolutely no familiar names in the cast (okay, except for Jane Seymour), and I could not find a Wikipedia page for this movie.

Hmm… looks promising. The last time I watched a dance musical with Jane Seymour and a bunch of unknowns in it was this TV only movie called Lovestruck: The Musical. I loved it a lot!

This one though, the musical part of the movie is the violin. Figures, High Strung. Strung. Geddit? Geddit?

There weren’t many people in the hall, much like some of the movies I have watched before. I guess everyone prefers watching shooting birds more than anything else, eh? Sh*t, that didn’t sound right

The guy lead

I don’t know, the few girls who were in the hall were like “Ohmigosh! He’s hawt!”… Is he? I wouldn’t know, I’m no expert with rating hot guys….

The girl lead

The girl, on the other hand… well, okay, she’s not that hot. She looks like a country bumpkin in the movie, but I guess that was intentional, because that’s what she was in the movie. Even her name, Keenan Kampa… hmm… let’s just say some might conclude that this name belongs to a he.

But she could dance well…

Like, very well…

When a girl dances well, it makes her hotness-o-meter go up a few notches, if you know what I mean.

So I searched her up on Google on my phone while having lunch afterwards. Here’s what I found:

Dance Magazine: 10 Minutes with Keenan Kampa

Woohoohoohoo!!! The Mariinsky Ballet huh… so this lovely country bumpkin is actually an accomplished ballerina who used to kick ass in the greatest ballet troupe in the world!

Coming back to the movie. Well… I don’t know. I think this movie is kind of a wasted opportunity. The choreography, the dance moves, the violin parts, they’re all awesome, no doubt about it. But it was let down by a lousy plot. There were a few scenes which absolutely could not connect to each other and as a result, I kind of got lost trying to figure out what was going on.

But the dances are awesome. And it shows the wild side of Manhattan (New York City).



You know, it is movies like this that makes me feel intrigued about New York. I swear if I am ever going back to the US on personal expense, the first place I’ll go would be NYC!

I mean, are those scenes real? Do underground dancers really just, appear out of nowhere and start challenging each other to dancing showdowns on the streets, in the subway stations? Reminds me of another movie that I like a lot.

Okay I’ll admit it, I like Friends With Benefits a lot not because of the flash mob, but because of Mila Kunis…

Ahhh I’m distracted yet again. Here, here, trailer for the movie, High Strung.

I don’t think it is a marketed movie here. Probably not all cinemas are showing it. If you are interested in dance musicals, might want to give this one a try. 😉


  1. I thought one blogger said Angry Birds was a good movie! No? I better skip this bird shooting one too.

    This is something very interesting about NYC. The only reason I wanted to study in US was after watching 4 times, the earlier musical movie – GREASE (John Travolta & Olivia Newton John) I was so in love with their dressing and coolness in black outfits. I applied to 5 colleges in NYC & got accepted but my family sent me elsewhere instead for my own safety. My partying track records worried them. Nothing could change me as I still visited NYC many times and loved it. You need to hang out at SOHO at night!!

    • No, I did not say the bird movie is no good. I did not watch, so I would not know. You should listen to your friend and go watch it! 😉

      Yeah, I know. SOHO, Time Square. Only a moron would go to NYC and not go there, and I’m not planning to be one. If I ever find myself in NYC, I will definitely go there!

  2. Eh, cannot wiki the movie ahh? Macam not popular punya.. Now very “hing” musical eh? Most of the series I’m watching in Astro now pun musical punya.. That Gallovant thingy……

  3. I guess this is another one of those dance movie like FootLoose and Dirty Dancing. How could you have lost the plot? So confusing meh, the movie?

    How did you post this? You got your modem back?

    • No, I typed everything, then connected to my mobile hotspot and post it. Can’t do it very often because my Win 8.1 laptop is a data guzzler.

  4. I have never heard of this movie before (Angry Bird I have seen some promo in Aussie in the shopping centre). I like the choreography and music from the videos, but…it seems like one of those movies where you watch and then you feel like you wasted your time and day 🙄

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