Going Unplugged Again

You know I’m struggling to rediscover my daily blogging mojo, and I think I’m getting there. But I think the gods might be disapproving of my will and wants to set up yet another obstacle for me to overcome.

My wireless router is busted, yet again. It refused to come alive when I switched on power. F**k!

So… I’m without internet again today. I’m typing this with my phone as wifi hotspot, and it’s not going to last long with Windows 8.1, so I better keep it short.

I’m going to bring the router in to the service center tomorrow, but I don’t think I will get a replacement because the router comes with 1 year warranty and that has expired a few months ago. I’ll probably have to wait for a repair. Who knows how long that will take.

At the very least, I will be without internet for this coming weekend at least. I won’t blog at work during working hours because that’s unprofessional. But I might sneak back to the office in the weekend just to blog, but if I don’t… you know… for the coming week or two (or maybe longer), I’ll have either no new blog post, or sporadic, scheduled posts.

I’ll still read your blogs during lunch time, so I will leave comments. Other than that… don’t miss me.

Till then, here’s some Youtube videos for you…


  1. You are so funny!

    When I have no internet, my life was like upside down and mampus! I had to go to cyber cafe to read and post blogs! Those were the years. Now my internet addiction has waned down on healthy level.

    • I guess I am quite healthy too now, for I don’t even want to entertain the idea of going into cyber cafes. I’d rather be unplugged than go immerse myself in a room full of DOTA and Warcraft πŸ™„

      • Oh, so they say after two weeks only can give you back the fixed modem so does that mean you don’t have to pay for your internet connection for 2 weeks since you cannot use it?

        • Yeah, fat hopes. I mean, I’m sure I could get that 2 weeks waiver if I make a fuss of things, but I don’t look forward to the hassle so… On the bright side, I learned that my account is specifically tied to this piece of router, so if it cannot be fixed, I will either have to terminate the account, or sign up another account. I will go for the former if and when that happens because I’m quite sick of 1Mbps speed and being the laughing stock of my colleagues.

          Anyway, to preempt any possible follow question, you do remember my principle is to avoid worthless conflicts at all costs. To me, making a fuss for RM 39.50 (half month internet fees) falls under this [worthless conflict] category. Well if they tell me my router is busted and I can’t get a replacement and still have to pay out the remainder of the contract, then that’s a different story and I will most definitely kick up a BIGGGG fuss.

          • Sorry ah, I didn’t go search your archive for which service provider and which package this is. Can please share again ah?

            Since you say it like that, I hope that router cannot be fixed and you terminate this account and get a better package that is not tied to a router lah so that next time the router is busted, just need to swap one from the service provider and continue life online.

            • I’m using YES, their FIZ package, RM 79/mth for 1Mbps unlimited quota (now I think RM 89).

              Actually no, I’m rather hoping it can be fixed. I just found out there’s no TIME broadband to where I’m staying in. I rather tough out the few more months and then move some place with TIME. (Oops, I dropped a vague hint on what I’m going to do huh)

  2. I kena before, not only router kaput but my computer pun kaput due to lighting. After reading this post, I quickly checked my modem (forgot to unplug) when I got home because there was a thunderstorm. Luckily it was OK. Hope your router gets fixed soon. It’s quite a torture to be at home without connection πŸ™

  3. No wifi means nightmare to me! Now in my own nest, I have streamyx.. if that is not working, I have 3gb data as spared oxygen tank…. Hope your oxygen will be replenished soon! πŸ™‚

  4. Must be the heavy rain and Thor thingy la.. I want to call to car service centre also like s**t la, cannot call, and the line not fixed for 2 weeks already..Aiya, you say don’t miss you, but once you say like that, we’ll lagi look fwd to your posts ger la, hehehe.. Happy weekend πŸ™‚

    • No internet, hard to be happy la for the weekend. Maybe I’ll work on my book a bit more. πŸ™„

  5. At first I thought you want to talk about unplugged music, me too, my Desktop is not working these few days because my cursor disappeared and I don’t know how to fix the problem so for this one week I have been visiting Internet Cafe to update my blog πŸ™

    • Why not send the desktop for repair? Surely there are shops who would be able to fix it for you.

  6. must be the thunderstorm, nowadays really gotta unplug every devices from socket….mine kena before when I wasn’t at home. Anyway, yea we will miss ur blogpost!

    • What thunderstorm? Here not like KL, it mostly did not rain at all… yet, except during the night. My modem was busted in the day because it only stopped working when I tried to turn it on after work.

  7. Is it worth to fix it than to get a new one? Kena petir is it?

    Asking us not to miss you is like asking people not to think of the pink elephant. We will miss you!!! Erh, miss your posts.

    • I don’t even know if I can get a new one or not. They said each router is fixed for one account. I don’t know what will happen if it needs to be replaced. I guess I’ll find out today.

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