Forgotten Pasta

The other day I was reading Phong Hong’s post on her mystery chicken and I said, I too have my fair share of unknown food pictures at my disposal. By unknown, I mean I don’t even remember that I have eaten those things, let alone when I took those pictures.

Here, let me give you some examples…

A Linguine Dish

DSC_0001 (800x533)

This one has been in my laptop for over a month. I totally do not recall having eaten this before. I’m pretty sure this was outside food. I don’t have white plate, and I don’t sprinkle crushed herbs on my own cooking. At some point of time, I remember having had a spaghetti carbonara at James Foo. Well, this ain’t carbonara. I wonder what it is, could be either alfredo or pesto. Doesn’t make sense because I never order either of these two. I suspect it was not good at all, that’s why I don’t remember it. I mean… look at all those watery gravy!

My Own Cooking

I also have this set of pictures in my phone. It says pictures were captured last weekend.

DSC_0007 (800x633)

DSC_0008 (800x591)

DSC_0009 (800x539)

The thing is, I don’t remember cooking this at all! I know I bought macaroni, still have some of it in a jar, I did 2 rounds of macaroni in soup, but… what the heck is this?

And, seeing how red the dish is, I must have also had a can of red pasta sauce in it. But I don’t remember buying pasta sauce, and I could not find any pasta sauce can in my almost barren fridge, nor could I find it anywhere else in my small flat unit. This doesn’t make sense at all, because it is not possible that I would use one whole can of pasta sauce to cook a pan of macaroni, because that’s just too much!

I think I’m much too young to go senile. Is there a minimum age when people starts to go senile? Shit…


  1. Oh man, I miss pasta 😛 (I can’t eat wheat) They all look yummy. I used to cook aglio olio pasta, and I made it using olive oil, chilliflakes, and tuna. After lightly cooking the mixture under light fire, I pour it over cooked pasta. Yum!

    • Oh dear. You can’t eat wheat, or just gluten? You know there are gluten free pasta sometimes in those organic shops. Of course, you’d have to pay a premium though..

  2. So Phong Hong inspired you. Have I ever inspired or instigated you? LMAO!

    I love to eat macaroni. You are clever to cook several versions for me to explore further. I started thinking of adding Japanese curry, Thai green curry or maybe fry them into Mamak Mee Macaroni. Wakakakaka

    • I don’t know, probably, I guess everyone have inspired me in some ways or other… 🙄

      Japanese curry with macaroni, I have already done it before. 😛

  3. The pasta looks good.

    Can you get pasta and pasta sauce from a corner shop or do you have to buy it from a foreign supermarket?

    We only have one brand of Italian pasta over here. I’m not sure about pasta sauce because I have never buy it. Parmesan cheese (there is only one type) costs half an arm and leg.

    • We can get from some corner shops (not all), but for good ones, we still need to go to a supermarket. For really good ones, then foreign supermarkets at the price of both arms and both legs. Same goes for cheese. 🙄

  4. The pasta you cook actually looks good. But cannot remember cooking it all all…mmmm. Maybe you were very tired at the time of cooking and your mind switched off.

    At least you forget cooking at home. So many times at work I’d take a phone call from a client, finish the call, open up the program in my computer to make a note of the call…and can’t for the life of me remember what the heck we talked about 🙄

    • Yeah, I kind of figured out what that macaroni was after spending real effort thinking about it. No big deal, don’t worry about it 😉 .

      Jesus… I wonder if some of the helpdesk folks I have dealt with before were like you…

      • It looks like tomato sauce macaroni. That linguine dish looks like pesto, pretty sure of it since I love pesto pasta and a lot of it looks like that minus the sauce 🙂

        Quite a lot of the calls I take at work, I’d be pacing around my desk, walking up and down the corridor as I talk (wearing headset). So by the time I get back to my desk, no wonder I forget most of the stuff… 🙄

        • I thought it looked like pesto too. A poorly made pesto. 🙄

          What the… I thought only bosses get to pace around when answering calls with the wireless headsets. You’re either a high ranked employee, or the Oz is awesome!

          • Poorly made, yes, because, all that gravy. If there’s one thing I cannot stand, it’s pasta with gravy. Just…no.

            Well, let’s say there are many, many people ranked above me at work. Let’s say, at my current work I have it good. We will talk more about this soon 😉

  5. See the macaroni, makes me crave for it, maybe if i am not lazy, might go buy and packet and cook it, haha…

  6. Wei…your home cooked pasta looks so good and if you cooked it last weekend and cannot remember, then jia lat liao! You can’t be more senile than me 😀 Maybe temporary amnesia? 😀 😀 😀

    • I don’t know. I’m very sad and worried thinking about it now. And the best part is, this is not the first occurrence. Just that previously I did not bother to share my “forgotten” dishes because I didn’t know what to write about them 🙄 ..

      • Eh, seriously, don’t be very sad and worried about this lah. Sometimes when we have other things on our minds (maybe you were planning your Tur/Bar trip at that time), we will go into automatic mode when doing our usual tasks like cooking and eating and taking photos of the food we ate so it is quite normal to not have any memories of them because there are other things on our mind. From now on, try to focus > 100% on the task at hand and see whether any new unknown and unremembered photos come up or not from this date onwards.

        Erh, do your photos have any timestamp on them? If they have, then you would know on what date you took them and perhaps try to think back to that day to see what you did or if you have a daily dairy, then can check your daily diary based on that time stamp. If not possible, then focus hard from today onwards and see whether these kind of photos still appear or not. If yes, then maybe you do have some kind of memory issue and need a brain scan.

        • Hahaha don’t worry, I’m not too bothered by this. I was just finding something to post and was inspired by Phong Hong’s mystery chicken. I always have unused pictures that I could not recall after some time, I think this is normal for everyone, especially if said picture is from something meaningless to us 🙄 .

          By the way, I figured out what that macaroni was after spending real effort to think hard about it (I don’t normally bother). I’ll save the big reveal just in case I need some instant material to blog about next week. If I don’t, you can remind me after some time. 😛

  7. The two pastas you cooked look good enough for 2 – 3 portions, so you would have eaten them at least twice (x 2) over the past week…and you can’t remember? You must be senile! >.< Unless it was not cooked by you. I remember you have and use a non-stick black pan/wok…not a white one?

    As for the first dish, it's definitely not pesto pasta as I don't see enough of the green pesto. And I think it's not alfredo pasta either coz that one is very cheesy, creamy and kind of dry. I think it's an ill-made watery carbonara with parsley flakes and it was horrible…and that's why you can't remember eating it! 😀

    • I don’t think it was “the two pastas”, it was probably two pictures of the same pasta. My memory can’t be THAT bad can it?? If I cooked two pastas and forgot about both of them, then that really sucks! >.< Oh the white pan, yeah that's mine. I changed it, the black one developed scratches (probably because it was cheap) and made me worried. So I got myself a ceramic pan. Hmm... if it is a carbonara, I don't know where I had it. For sure not the one in James Foo, their carbonara does not look like this...

  8. The pasta looks so yummy, sorry for the short hiatus from your blog and not leaving comments, I just fixed my mouse and my keyboard and now I am back!

  9. Okay, this is tempting me to cook pasta at this hour for midnight snack. Damn, your pasta looks so tasty!

    Unless you associate senility with memory loss, I highly doubt that you are going senile, man. Maybe you were so hungry at the time of taking the photo that you forgot how you made it?

    • Pasta for midnight snack? Please, don’t!

      I not only forgot how I made it, I forgot that I have made it even. I don’t remember cooking this, let alone how, or how it tasted… 😐

  10. Photo 1 – eaten by your friend or colleague and you just captured their food so that was why you could not remember it.

    Photo 2 – the red colour is due to leftover ketchup sauces from leftover packets from fast food places like McD so that accounts for the pasta sauce that you could not remember.

    Other possibilities:
    1. You have multiple personalities so those two dishes are eaten by personality 2. Now that you are in personality 1 so you could not remember eating them.

    2. Alien or ghosts or spirits took over your body sometimes so that accounts for the missing memories. Good to know that you are not going senile at a young age with these scientific explanation.

    • Photo 1 – It would be strange for me to have a picture of my colleague’s food but not my own. But then, it could be. After all, if is also strange for me to not remember anything about something I have eaten.
      Photo 2 – I never take ketchup/chili sauce when I have fast food, not even when I dine in, so… nope.

      Other possibilities:
      1. Could be. That could explain why I am so fat! 🙁
      2. Please, no… 😐

  11. now the question: was that u cooking or ‘something’ that got into ur body to do the cooking?! so eerieeeee….haha! anyway, whoever it is…that plate of macaroni looks good in red!

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