English Premier League’s Fairy Tale

I woke up today to a very major surprise when I launched the ESPN (sports) website and saw these tweets…leicester1

Huh? Serioussss?! Leicester City, they finally did it! They won the English Premier League champion for the very first time in their history!

This is a very big fairy tale come true. For those of you who don’t know football, there are 20 teams in the English Premier League. The big and famous teams are Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool and so on. Leicester is like, one of the smallest team out of the 20, with the team’s combined worth probably over 10 times cheaper. The Leicester team is almost entirely made up of the big teams’ rejects, players who the big teams deem not good enough.

It is kind of like a 1940s Volkswagen Beetle being in a race with the Ferraris and Lamborghinis and GTRs, and the Beetle won!

Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez – the two goal scoring machines for Leicester this season
And some of the rest of the team – the Asian dude is Okazaki Shinji (also plays for the Japanese national football team)

I have to say a big part of their success is also thanks to their manager, Claudio Ranieri. He is a very experienced football manager who unfortunately, have also not won a football championship before. He came close a few times in different leagues though. This time he was able to set the team up and motivate them properly to achieve the impossible. Bravo!

Claudio Ranieri – the maestro behind Leicester’s success

He was once Chelsea’s football manager, until the rich Russian tycoon Roman Abramovich came and bought the club. Abramovich decided to get rid of him, and towards the end of that season, the players were clearly not giving their best, trying to save more energy to impress the new manager to come. That was also probably one of the reason why he lost the championship to Arsenal that year.

That is why this tweet is so funny

If you are reading and are wondering what Chelsea has got to do with this, well… I don’t wanna bore you with football maths but,


To win the Premier League, each team plays 38 games over the entire season, a win gives you 3 points and a draw gives you 1 point. At the end of the 38 games, the team with most points win.

Up till last night, it was game 35 for Tottenham, and they were 8 points behind Leicester. They were playing Chelsea and they needed to win to at least keep up hope of being able to have a chance of overtaking Leicester.

But they didn’t. They scored 2 goals at half time and Chelsea fought back with their own 2 goals to turn the game into a draw. So Tottenham only got 1 point. They are now 7 points behind, and with 2 games left, there is no possible way for them to catch up. The title race is over, Leicester is champion!

To make things better, the Totscums lost their cool and kicked out at Chelsea players toward the end of the game

You know I’m an Arsenal fan right? Losing out on the Premier League title race is terrible, and I have already acknowledged that we were out even a couple months ago.

But losing out to the Totscums would be a whole new low! If we could not win it, it is best to root for Leicester instead of the scums! And they did it! Yeahhh!!!!

And who knows, maybe the scums will lose their cool in the last 2 games and we might get to overhaul them back. We might get to celebrate St Toteringham’s Day yet again!

Anyway, the day belongs to Leicester City. Good job guys! You did it! You freaking did it! You’ve proven to the world that money is not everything and that with hard work and determination, everyone can succeed!

The fans
More fans
Some of the Leicester City players


    • Everyone said: they going to lose steam, they going to collapse. But no, the ones who said were the ones who collapsed while they kept going. So, they deserve it!

  1. I’m so happy Leicester won!! As a Chelsea fan, the last thing we want is for Tottenham to win, so we were glad to “help”….kekeke! 😀 Jokes aside, everyone was rooting for the underdog and it’s great to see a fairy tale ending (everyone loves a fairy tale ending).

    The other big plus point is now that they’ve won, they can “resume” talks of a movie about them. If they had lost, the movie deal could have been canned (who likes a sad ending)…haha!

    Now, the next ‘talk of the town’ would be if they can repeat the feat next year. I think NOT!! They were very lucky in a very “strange” EPL year when all the big guns were under-performing…at the same time. But it’s a great result that can motivate the smaller teams next year as to nothing is impossible with hard work + send out warnings to the bigger teams to get down to work instead of just having fast cars and million dollar mansions.

    • Movie?? Really??? I am so going to watch it!

      I don’t even want to think what they can or cannot do. We said they will be like Hull and fall off after Christmas. We said they will have jitters and fall off when the heat gets turned on. We said they will not be able to handle the nerves and collapse in the title run in. What we said, happened to our own teams but they still kept their cool and kept soldiering on.

      The crazy thing is they don’t have a lot of different tactics. Their tactic is always the same: fast break, sucker punch. Everyone got them figured out, but nobody knows how to stop them! Unless someone comes up with a new strategy (actually Arsenal has a good carbon copy to beat them twice), I think they will keep running away next season too…

  2. I noticed about this news, even though I don’t catch up most of the sports news, indeed it’s very big thing to them and nothing is impossible.

    • World Cup is the most farcical of them all. I used to follow World Cup too, but I have level upped and ditched it nowadays. None of the World Cup matches are real, my dear. They are ALL fixed to give the bookies maximum winnings against the betters.

      If it is excitement standard you seek, go back to EPL and the UEFA Champions League. Heck, even watching JDT and Tampines Rovers are more exciting. 🙄

      • Really? Last time I used to watch with my Dad and discussed about the matches with my Dad, now that he has passed on, actually I also seldom watch soccer already 🙁

  3. I have been thinking lately about so many earthquakes happening besides the global changes in weather patterns. Now even football victories like this gave me a big disbelief. What will be next???

    Tomorrow hot news that Roast Mama charged in U.S. Courts?? Lol

    Err … Didn’t know you are Arsenal fan.

    • Aiya, you said before you’re not a football fan and I remember. Don’t have to pretend that you know something about it now, hahaha! (My blog name is a very obvious hint that I am an Arsenal fan).. 🙄

      • What do you remember? I was a fan and even a gambler before I went to US where they don’t watch follow soccers. I may not be a fan like you, so what?

        • That’s not what I remember. I remember you said somewhere you don’t follow football except for when it is time for betting during World Cups or something. That’s not a fan hahaha!

          • I will still watch World Cup always. So I don’t qualify to be a fan.

            I watch boxing, wrestling and sumo matches on YouTube very often. I think my heart is very violent. Beware!

    • It is! Ranieri dared not even admit it and kept brushing it off until the recent few games. They were supposed to be fighting relegation, not winning the title! Bravo!

  4. I was ecstatic when I heard this news this morning. Well deserved. As a Liverpool fan, I was pretty certain we wouldn’t take the mantle this season given how young and fresh a team our club is of late. But pretty much every year I’d go for any team but Chelsh*-…. 🙄

    It is an amazing road to victory for Leicester City given they were just promoted back to the EPL a couple of seasons ago. Very well deserved 🙂

    • Exactly, I never dreamed of a day where I would root for Chelsea. But then I am an Arsenal fan, it is a given that I hate the Scums more than I hate the Chavs. 🙄

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