Ah Niu Wantan Mee @ Delivereat

This happened last Friday:

I went home after work only to realize I have run out of food to make dinner. I was starving, but I was also too lazy to go out again, especially not with the prospect of contending with Friday evening traffic.

So… I used DeliverEat for the very first time in my life. This thing is a food delivery company, they don’t really sell their own food, but help you place orders to a select pool of restaurants, and deliver those meals to you.

It was my first time, but I think it was pretty easy. It was basically just click click click, then fill in your address and pay using Paypal, and then wait for your food to arrive. They even have an Order Tracking page where you can see whether your food is being prepared or is already on the way to you.

DSC_0001 (800x638)

I was starving, so I clicked on the first restaurant on the list called Ah Niu Yun Tun Mian (Wantan Mee). I know, I never have anything complimentary to say about Penang’s wantan mee, but the picture looked promising enough. The char siew were real char siew, and the wantan looked plenty big in the picture.

But they have a minimum order of RM 25. F**k! How am I supposed to spend RM 25 for wantan mee???

So I clicked on a dumplings soup and a braised pork dish, just to hit the bare minimum. To compound matters, they also charge 10% admin fees and RM 3 delivery charge, making my RM 25++ order become RM 30++.

If I was not that hungry, I would probably balk. But I was too far gone so, what the heck. Just, pay up and learn my lesson.

Good thing, 2 minutes after getting payment confirmation, the tracking page said Food Being Prepared, and 3 more minutes the page said Food Is On The Way! At the 30 minutes mark, I got a knock on my door and dinner was delivered.

DSC_0002 (800x596)

Woooo… that’s too much food for dinner. I kept the dumplings soup in the fridge and that was breakfast the next morning.

DSC_0005 (800x588)
Dumplings (sui kao) soup – RM 9.50

As for the rest…

DSC_0003 (800x496)
Wantan Mee (Big) – RM 7.90

They packed the sauce separately, and look at the bits of pork lard in it. Nice!

DSC_0004 (800x516)
“Braised Pork” – RM 7.90

Yeah… braised pork… “Braised Pork”… this was not what I expected at all. I guess I was too hungry to focus on the picture when I placed my order, but the picture was very clear on what this dish is.

See, if you Google Translate braised pork into Chinese, it shows ๅค่‚‰ lu rou, which in Hokkien is pronounced as loh bak. Well, yeah, the above is what loh bak looks like.

Yeah it was pretty decent loh bak, though not what I expected ๐Ÿ™„ …

Let’s go back to the wantan mee. I think I may have discovered a semi-decent wantan mee in Penang. Why? First, the char siew is real char siew. Second, the noodles are of the right texture, unlike the grossly under-cooked sh*t that those Penangite hawkers love to dish out.

DSC_0006 (800x521)
More importantly, the wantans are of the correct size! Big! Yay!

So yeah, dinner was good last Friday…

Except when I told a friend of my experiment, the response I got was “What the hell, man? You know Ah Niu is like, less than 2 kilometers from your house? You paid more than RM 5 to have the food there delivered to you? Why not order from somewhere further away?”

Well… f–k! No, notย f–kย because of overpaying for delivery. I was hungry to the nearer the restaurant is the better it was. F–k because… how did I NOT know that a decent wantan mee exists so close to where I am staying in??


  1. LOL….when hungry brain stopped working la. as long as can get the food fast then will hentam too.

    Wah lau eh…min order rm25 ah… hmm…the sui kow looks so so only but the wantan mee looks quite good la

  2. You tag this post as wantan-mee and your siew yoke wanton mee as wanton-noodles. Not consistent lah so I cannot get all your wanton mee posts in one listing when I select the either tag. Just thought you may want to know enable easy listing of posts.

  3. I just had Wantan Noddles the other day, had a craving for Wantan Noodles and yums, craving satisfied

    I always order Pizza using Home Delivery, it is so convenient and they are quite fast too

    • Strangely, I have never tried ordering pizza through delivery. Hmm… that might be a good idea.

    • Actually I think I’m gonna do it again this Friday. Once you use it, it really feels super convenient. ๐Ÿ™„

  4. For me, the best part about wantan mee is the noodles. I’m not a huge fan of pork wantans as you should know… ๐Ÿ˜€

    I think it’s a good call for a Friday night, and better than eating instant noodles at home if there was some in the cupboard ๐Ÿ™„

    • Yeah I know, but I’m a HUUUGGGGEEEE fan of pork wantan (or pork whatever) and this is my blog, so… ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. That’s why I never eat wan tan mee whenever I’m in Penang. I never found it as tasty as the ones sold in my hometown, sorry about that. The delivery fee should be worth it – cause it’d have almost been the same if you drove instead (I’m factoring in the time spent on traffic congestion, petrol and possibly the parking fees [unless you’re double or triple parking =P ]). But you’ve a point there, though.

    To answer your question, maybe you’ve not taken a drive around the neighborhood hawker centers as of late?

    Have you seen the traffic congestion in Taman Pelangi and Subang Jaya? It’s crazy too!

    • It’s not exactly my neighborhood, it is probably neighboring taman. Like SS2 to SS19, close to me but not THAT close…

      I’ve seen Subang Jaya traffic, and I tell you I’ve seen worse. Wait till you hangout in Ampang/Cheras ๐Ÿ™ .

    • No, not really. I’m in a low cost flat surrounded by rich people condo. Food in every direction is at least 500 meters away…

  6. It’s pretty risky to order delivery when one is starving. I’ve had my fair share of deliveries being late. The delivery time of 30 mins is really fast by any standard (usually it’s around 45 mins to an hour).

    When one is ordering delivery, one cannot think of the delivery charge…think of the convenience and how you didn’t have to move an inch…kekeke! ๐Ÿ˜€ But my delivery orders these days are those that don’t charge delivery.

    Now that you’ve found a good wantan mee that’s less than 2km away, the next time you’ll be going there to eat instead of ordering delivery?

    • Who? Who doesn’t charge delivery? Let me check if they operate in Penang!

      Er.. that area… although people still call it Sungai Ara (the same area as my house), I classify that as area as Relau. Relau’s place in my dictionary of Penang traffic is Normal > Traffic Jam > Hell Traffic Jam > Relau. Also there’s limited parking space there. So… now that I think about it, nope, guess not. Guess I’ll stick to delivery, unless I had to go with friends…

      • Those with a minimum RM order don’t charge delivery eg. Shogun2U. And most pizza outlets also have free delivery. If you meant those food delivery companies, then of course need to pay lah! ๐Ÿ˜€

        • Well they charge admin fees AND delivery fees… I’d imagine they charge the restaurants too because the base prices seem to be higher than when you dine in!

  7. Here we use FoodPanda often when my mum was still alive. They are really very fast, good and efficient with after sales service! If any complaints, they will give you token of cash voucher for next order. If you forgot to use it for one month, they would even email you reminder to use their voucher. That’s why they are popular.

    Thanks for saying Penang Wan Tan Mee is nice! Hee hee hee… KL is still better lah.

    • Unfortunately FoodPanda is not available for Bayan Lepas area, else I might be able to try them too and compare.

      What the… I said I finally “discovered one semi-decent wantan mee in Penang that is acceptable to me” after EIGHT YEARS, and you interpret it as “Penang wantan mee is nice”. You would do well in Utu5an or even M’k1n1 as their headline editor! >.<

  8. hahahaha… never mind, at least you don’t have to take the keys, take lift, walk out to the parking lot and drive to the 2km place where you need to find parking again, walk, order, wait and then drive back again to the place you are staying, park the car, walk up again… etc etc…hahahahaha… correct?
    The food delivery service sounds like Foodpanda, yes, I have used this service before in Ipoh..

    • Yeah you’re right. That place, actually has issues with parking. You make me feel better after listing it out and reminding me. That’s the main reason I don’t go to that area for my meals. ๐Ÿ™„

  9. In recent years appeared like dozens of food delivery companies in China! I sometimes order from a small sushi bar 5 minutes away, so yep, I also overpay for delivery hahaha

    • What the… 5 minutes away? Seriously??? You’re more Chinese than Chinese! What happened to the “Europeans love going for long walks” stereotype? ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. Ohh, so it’s like Food Panda hor.. I not so free online check this and that lor.. If I’m hungry or starving, and there’s nothing at home already, I call KFC delivery jor.. Lucky I always have a few things stock up in my pantry – luncheon meat, bread, eggs, Heinz baked beans are a MUST !!

    • So you actually won’t be in a situation of “nothing to eat at home” also lah… good leh ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. LOL! such an ‘amusing’ discovery…u hav been staying at ur area for more than a year yet u dunno what are the nearby shops? But anyhow, the delivery was so efficient, and save up some time to search for parking(if u r driving out)…I dun mind paying a lil’ for the delivery charges (once in a while). The wonton noodles and dumpling soup in the picture look tempting!!!

    • Nearby also not really nearby lah. The distance is near, but I have to drive through 3 traffic lights and 5 different condo clusters to get to it. Maybe it is worth getting delivery too. ๐Ÿ™„

  12. RM30++ is a small price to pay when one is in danger of dying of hunger. I think the wanton mee is not undercooked because the noodles became softer on its way to you in its plastic container.

    • I don’t think so, the “softer due to being in container” usually means soggy, but this one wasn’t soggy. It felt like something I get from the wantan mee stalls in KL. Anyway I like it lah. ๐Ÿ™„

      • Wanton noodle won’t be soggy lah. I speak from experience because there is one stall here if I eat there, the wanton noodles would seem undercooked but if I tapao and eat at home, the wanton noodles would be just right because it becomes softer (still continue cooking from the residue heat) while in the plastic bag/container. Go eat once at the shop during lunch on Sunday (when the traffic is ok) and see whether it is a bit undercooked or not lah.

        • I think maybe my soggy and your soggy might mean different thing. Usually when I tapao wantan mee in KL, they would mix the sauce and a bit of soup together in the noodles before packing it. Then the residue heat will continue cooking the noodles and the sauce will be absorbed. By the time I got around to eating it, the noodles would be thick, soft and somewhat mushy. That’s my soggy. That’s why I rarely tapao wantan mee back home. To me, wantan mee is something you eat at the food court. ๐Ÿ™„

          You know in Penang it is worse if you eat on the spot. They love to undercook their noodles AND serve you with half a ladle of soup INSIDE the plate TOGETHER with the noodles. To me, that’s also one of the bullshit things that they do… ๐Ÿ˜

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