How I Watched 3 Movies With 1 Ticket

Yup… Yup yup yup yup… Yup! I dropped the ball and missed out on making a new post yesterday…

Here’s what happened…

I went out for my weekly grocery shopping early in the morning and decided that I wanted to catch a movie. This movie, because it has Kate Tsui 徐子珊 in it and I’m sort of a fan of hers and I have not seen her in action for a long time thanks to me not watching HK TVB series nowadays. Is she still in TVB nowadays? I heard a lot of the famous ones left.

buddy (816x1024)
Buddy Cops 刑警兄弟

Yeah, it was a crap movie, just like every other movies that came out from Hong Kong lately.

The story began when I decided to go to the toilet after an hour of lame jokes and abject boredom. Not exactly sure if it was nearing the end of the movie or not.

When I got back to the hall, the scene was where Rumlow punched the Captain and shouted “I’ve been waiting for this!”, and that’s how I realized I entered the wrong hall. It was the starting scene for this movie,

Avengers: Civil War

I was supposed to get out and get back to my own hall, but it was a fight scene so I decided to wait until the fight scene was over. And then I noticed there were unoccupied seats in this hall, and I got an idea.

Instead of going back, I decided to just sit down and enjoy Team Cap vs Team Iron Man again, even though I have already watched it last week.

At this point of time, I was effectively watching my second movie inside the cinema with only 1 ticket for 1 movie. It got me riled up and I decided to try to get into a third movie. So when the credits started rolling (there’s mid credit and post credit scenes in this movie so the staff were not there blocking the hall entrance yet), I sneaked out the back, went to the toilet again, and then randomly entered yet another hall. This time it was this movie.

The Jungle Book

Nice! I have not watched this yet! Actually, I totally had no plans to watch this, but since it was free, I did it anyway. It was this scene with the Scarlett Johansson snake when I entered, and I’m not sure where in the movie is this. It was probably not yet halfway.

Yeah, yeah, the CGI are awesome and all, but I can’t say I enjoyed the movie a lot. I hate what Disney is doing lately, taking all our childhood stories and turning them into scary ass, adult sh*t. To me, The Jungle Book should always be this…

I was supposed to spend an hour and a half in the cinema, but ended up being in there for close to six hours. I quickly grabbed some stuff in the supermarket, drove home and crashed. I only woke up at 11.45 PM, groggy but alert enough to realize that I was not going to be making any blog posts.

So I went back to bed and continued sleeping. I even skipped dinner, yay!

Anyway, that’s how I purchased one ticket and watched three movies instead. Well, okay, I had to pay RM 5 more in terms of parking, so, not exactly 100% free… 🙄


    • It was okay. I’m not sure if it qualifies as good or not, because it made me so tired! 😐

  1. That’s a sneaky move. =P

    I’ll usually just wait until the middle of the movie (that’s usually when the climax is) – and if it’s really not good, I’ll sneak out. Most of the movies that I’ve watched are pretty good, thank God.

    • What?? I thought movie climax always happen towards the end of the movie. But in a way I agree with you, usually the middle of the movie is where they make you anticipate the climax. If you’re bored by the middle of the movie, chances are you’ll be bored until the end…

  2. Hmmm, this is not good oooh! But for certain very good movie I don’t mind buy another ticket to watch the movie again, intentionally to keep raise up the 票房

    • Hahaha I know is not good, but… I’d rather think that no harm was done. Not like I made the cinema lost money. If I left, they would still be showing the movie. 🙄

  3. wah…u taking advantage of the loose management? LOL! hmnnn…kinda fun and thrilling…Long time i never have such fun before.

    • Hahaha, I don’t think I would be in any trouble for getting caught, but you know, it was kind of a nervy affair when I switched halls.

    • Hah, no I did not go back. I’m going back in a couple weeks’ time. We already have arrangements. 😉

  4. So I see you like to take a walk on the wild side! 😀 But why need to pretend to go to the toilet first. Since you’re so daring already, just walk straight into another hall lah…wakakakaka! 😀

    • Hahaha, I was actually nervous when I was trying my little “stunts” out at that time. Pretending to go to the toilet first seems… less risky. 🙄

  5. Can la, ma lat lou can spend 6 hours & watch 3 movies in cinema, no problem.. I also want if I can, serious.. Dont wana go home vacuum, mop and pickup toys 100x a day! Uwahhhhhh…

  6. Yes, I noticed that you did not post anything on Saturday 7 May 2016. I can understand why you don’t want to go back to movie 1 since it is boring but why would you want to watch a movie that you have watched before is beyond me unless you find it worth more than one viewing. As for movie 3, you are just taking advantage of the system and openly admitting it here. I wonder does any of the cinema management read blogs to support their plans to avoid these kind of thing from happening。

    • Well, I enjoyed the movie, and especially those fight scenes. So I wouldn’t mind watching it repeatedly. I think the movie title is wrong, but I still enjoyed the movie nonetheless 🙄 .

      I’m pretty sure the cinema management knows. If I were them, I would not bother with these harmless advantage taking. Right now, they are running the movies at less than full capacity, regardless of whether the few scoundrels (like what I did) pay their worth or not. I’m not going to spend more money to ensure these few “freeloaders” get bounced out while it doesn’t increase my revenue at all.

  7. This is quite a feat. Something exciting for the weekend and the perks of being one person on your own 😀

    So the toilet is at the (outside) entrance of the cinema? Can’t you just walk in to any hall you like? I mention this because in Australia no one really guards the hall entrance to each cinema/movie, just at the front near the food stall.

    • It’s outside the individual halls, but not outside the general movie hall areas. It is AFTER you scanned your tickets.

      I think you won’t get any form of vigilant patrolling in the cinemas or what, because people are expected to be gentlemanly and not take advantage. Only in places with kiasu Asians (Chinese really) do you need to watch out, I think. 🙄

  8. I have known this trick as it is common in KL now. Even the staff are aware of this but who cares, they thought…. In life we need to do silly things sometimes to walk the middle paths. I might go watch 3 movies with 1 ticket too when there are 3 good movies showing.

    • Huh? It is so lax in KL? So far from what I’ve seen, in GSC Queensbay Mall, the staff (cleaners) will really stand and block the back (entrance) the moment the movie credits start rolling. That’s why if you wanna sneak out, you gotta do it like 5-10 minutes earlier.

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