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Remember this?

DSC_0008 (800x546)

Yeah… so I think I have nailed down the real root cause. Because I only ate one of the above items today, and I’m, well… you know… again…

I suspect it is not so much as bad food, but my tummy’s intolerance to excessive coconut milk. Last week was the first time I had this dessert in the cafeteria and I got struck down. Today I had the same dessert again and things is going south rather rapidly even as we speak now…

But, boy… it was really rich and creamy, that bowl of thing…


Still… again… see you guys tomorrow, I hope… šŸ™

[Two trips to the toilet happened in the process of typing this post]


    • Nope, I never go to the doc for laosai, this kind of thing, just gotta let nature take its course…

    • I don’t think they add coconut milk in cendol. At least I have not tried one that does. Don’t they usually add condensed milk?

      • OMG…coconut milk is the no. 1 thing in cendol…that’s why it’s so fragrant…and unhealthy! What cendol have you been eating? šŸ˜€ I’ve yet to come across one made with condensed milk unless you’re talking about a specific recipe of a restaurant purposely wanting to make it more healthy and reduce the santan or replace it with milk…it tastes totally different.

        • I think I might have been a fool for all these years. I usually see them pour some white stuff from a tin, so I assume those are condensed milk. Until I saw tinned coconut milk in AEON yesterday >.< ...

          • People usually use evaporated milk (not condensed milk) in ice kacang but I’ve not seen them used in cendol. You’re lucky…you’ve got lots of famous Penang Road cendol over there…have you tried any?

  1. Wasehhh… I know I sound crazy, and you might feel like slapping me.. But if I know WHAT will make me laosai, I will purposely go for it again, to LAO everything out, a few pounds lighter, PLUS, I get the MC, huhuhu..

    • Yeah, I really feel like slapping you. Cheat MC, yes lah, if can I also wanna do that. But make yourself really get sick just for the sake of MC, that is bullshit lah… so what if you get the MC, you still stuck at home and suffer >.<

      • Err I’m a weirdo.. I like laosai one wor, coz can clear the system & make me slimmer, ok I know I chisin..

        • Laosai is dehydrate you only, not really clear the system one, normally the weight u lost by laosai will be regained with a glass of water or two. šŸ˜

  2. Take a good rest and make sure you stay hydrated! Maybe you should start asking around your office and see whether or not anyone else got the same after effect as you did after eating this one item from the cafeteria.

  3. I’ve the same problem with milk. I can’t take more than 3 cups of milk (it doesn’t matter if I’m taking it with coffee or tea) or I’ll be making more trips to the toilet. =( Oddly enough, I’m alright with milk powder and condensed milk. *sighs*

    • Well, because those milk are not really milk. You’re scaring me. Are we becoming lactose intolerant??

      • I seriously hope not… I don’t want to forgo anything made from milk (including coffee, matcha latte, smoothie and the like).

        • I guess don’t worry, just keep having what you like as long as it doesn’t collapse you. šŸ™„

          • And keep everything in moderation too! =) I mean, you still can have the coconut milk, but try to limit the consumption and you’ll be fine. Like instead of having a large bowl of the red bean tong shui, try having it in a smaller bowl?

            • Yeah I know. I guess the only thing for me is to stay away from the tong shui of my office cafeteria LOL!

  4. Oh dear. Maybe it’s not the excessive amount of coconut milk. Maybe the coconut milk used in the red bean dessert is expired or bad šŸ™ Take care, more water.

    • If that’s the case, there would be a lot more sick people in the office, so I don’t think so. šŸ™„

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