1P100W #79 – Bubble Ball


No, I am not in the picture above. But I spent all morning doing the same activity. Bubble Ball Football for teambuilding. The ball weighs more than 5 kilograms. There’s a hollow space in the middle for you to slip into and carry the thing around like a backpack. You won’t beΒ able to see anything in front of you. And… you try to play football.

It was hopeless, we ended up crashing into other people more often than getting the ball. It might look fun as a spectator, but I can’t say I enjoyed the experience.

And I’m all sore now, crap….

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  1. This ball carrying activity was only for guys, right? Though there may be a few girls who can carry a 5kg ball.

    • The girls get a smaller ball. Probably lighter, though I did not try to carry it to confirm.

      • Yikes! I thought girls can get away with it. Is there a cut-off age? I can’t imagine over 45 years old women having to be stuffed inside smaller bubble balls and running inside them. What a nightmare!!

        • Not specifically, but you can of course decline to join the team building altogether. Just that it won’t look good on your immediate manager’s face so he will try his best to prevent you from declining. Well… if you work with MNC, just get used to it, and instead of sulking and complaining, best to just try to have fun anyway… πŸ™„

          • I don’t think I can have fun being stuffed in that ball so will definitely decline to go since not looking to climb the career ladder so don’t care about what managers think lah MNC or no MNC. Did all of you know that this bubble ball is part of the team building activity before all of you signed up for it?
            But big strong men like you should have no problem with this. A few days of body being sore should be nothing to big strong men. I guess your body all ok now.

            • Well, yeah, I suppose you are right. There are a few here too who would insist to decline all “extra-curricular” activities, even if it was only a nice lunch. I guess most of us who accepted still harbors some hope of something more in the future. πŸ™„

              I’m pretty sure it was mentioned in the invitation, but most of us probably did not read the email at all (including me). We already know it would be something terribly tiring and sore-inducing regardless. And, actually, the bubble ball was just morning. I did not mention second half of the day where we went to the War Museum and engage in Running Man-esque of running around, crawling and climbing tunnels, and solving “missions”. It was 8k steps of up down up down up down zzz…

  2. I have been to teambuilding courses before, you know la.. government always have to fulfill the seven days course in a year otherwise the appraisal form tak cantik.. so I dread going for these courses each year.. dont like to swim, scared of heights etc etc.. but love to eat only! I wont mind playing ground games as long as I dont have to fall and hurt myself.. so I understand how sore you are now…falling and falling again through the bubble game!

  3. Your team building activity looks like torture, lol. It would not be fair to those who cannot lift 5kg… πŸ™„

    I never like team building activities at work no matter how much I like my workmates. At my current work, once a month we set aside a day and not work. Instead we attend professional development courses and catch up with each other on what’s happening with the team, all done in a meeting room that we have to book because of Occupational Health & Safety reasons. It always ends with a trivia game. Sometimes, there may be junk food πŸ˜€

    • Now your type of team building is something that I would appreciate! You’re right, mine is like torture πŸ™„

      • My work team building day is always on a Friday. Sadly, no phones allowed. But that doesn’t mean we can’t sit and silently tune out and plan our weekends in our head πŸ™„ Oz is a great country πŸ˜€

  4. Hmmm…I am not supportive of those team building activities. To me it’s a load of crap and only benefit the organizer. I am glad I didn’t have to go through any of that.

    • But if your big boss is a supporter of such activities, then nothing much you can do πŸ™„ .

        • Hahaha yea la, I know, hence the “if”. I was referring to my own pathetic situation πŸ™„ …

          • Your big boss himself got go into a 5 kg ball or not? Torture his staff but he himself laughing away if he doesn’t need to do it.

            • He did, for half a game. Most of us did 2 games (3 for those who qualified for the “final”). I can see his intentions actually, he wanted us all to be more active, be healthier and whatnot. Doesn’t mean it won’t make me curse in pain when I wake up the following morning, and the following, and even today… πŸ™„

  5. phew…luckily I dun have this in my teambuilding activity…I wonder who invented this “hassling game”?!! yea, it is not fun at all bumping into another trying to kick a football. So, did ur team win?

  6. Yes, this is more fun….for the spectator (for sure)….than the one actually in the ball. We can laugh at how silly you all look bumping (into one another) and rolling (all over the ground)! πŸ˜€

    • Hahaha, it was almost too small for me. Unfortunately I was not fat enough to be able to use that as an excuse πŸ™ .

  7. I heard that it’s a good exercise? Do keep hydrated – you wouldn’t want to be dehydrated or suffer from heat stroke with the insanely hot weather of ours. =/

    • It is. The only reason people do this is because it gives the spectators a good laugh. πŸ˜€

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