1P100W #77 – Flyover

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When I was driving home after the movie, I purposely took the newly opened flyover that connects Queensbay Mall area to the second bridge (cutting across the factories area). Stupid move, this… I was effectively making a huge detour to get home. But I wanted to see for myself what this flyover is all about, so…

It was alright, just a normal flyover. When they closed down parts of the coastal highway to construct this, the other roads in this area became more congested. Now that the flyover is finally open… there’s no marked difference in the other roads’ congestion.

In my vocab, that means… bullshit!

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  1. Maybe over time people will use it but as you said to Mun, maybe not 😐 Maybe it’s intended for people who are wanting to get over to the other side of the town quick, like for tourists.

    Man, I miss going over flyovers like these and seeing the view from above. Flyovers aren’t too popular in Aussie.

    • Haih, it got worse when they closed roads for construction. But now the roads all re-opened, that “worse” did not go away. 🙁

    • The bridge itself, RM 4.5 billion (up from initially 2 billion). This flyover, I not sure… 🙄

  2. If more people use the flyover like you do, then the other roads congestion will improve lah. Problem is why people don’t like to use the flyover and still use the old congested road?

    • That was not me “using” the flyover, that was me “trying it out”. In truth, that flyover is worthless to the factory workers (who are the main contributor for the morning rush hour). The flyover starts before the factories, and cuts across all the factories. Nice to see, cannot use. It is meant for cars from Georgetown to get to the second bridge, that’s all.

  3. I guess the cars have increased many folds as 10K new vehicles per new plate. Penang is definitely bursting.

    BTW the first phase of that stretch of coastal road has my trails of footprints there. It was my first job working for Hyundai Construction in the QC lab. Everyday I had to use heavy wheelbarrow to collect all wet cement samples made for each pillars under the bridge, besides all levels of granite pebbles used to build the road. I had to do daily tests and submit stressful reports. I salute the South Koreans as there is no big cracks on the bridge each time Indon tremors hit. The road also had no big potholes unlike KL. Today I know how good roads and pillars are made. Want the recipe??? Wakakaka

    • Yeah I suppose so. There are a lot more cars in Bayan Lepas than before…

      You are like Tony Stark lah, you have done everything in your life huh… hardcore clubber/college “chef” in the US/construction worker/etc etc etc… and you’re rich.

    • This flyover is good for those from Georgetown who wants to use the second bridge. It brings absolutely no value whatsoever to factory workers I reckon.

    • It got worse when they closed off some roads for construction, but now that construction is done and all the roads are re-opened, the traffic did not revert back. Worse is the new normal it seems 🙁 …

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