1. Fuiyoh, … this time timm !! Interesting wei.. You put your title like this, people lagi wana click and see what’s written inside, haha.. Ooohh, laosai ahh? After this, ringan a few pounds, ok jugak, wakakakaka.. Ok kidding, drink more water, and stay near to toilet 🙂

    • I wonder too. It could be the chicken rice (lunch) or fried noodles (breakfast) or potato chips. Oops! 🙄

  2. Hope you feel better soon! Drink lots of water and keep hydrated. Take MC tomorrow if still not feeling well. Get a good rest!

  3. hmnnn could it be the lap cheong porridge?? that lap cheong started to rot in ur stomach/intestine and the worms now crawling out! anyway, take care & get well soon!

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