This Post Got Nothing One!

I wonder how many of you have played Street Fighter 2 before as a kid. I know the regular commentators probably don’t, since you’re all aunties ladies and Street Fighter is a boy’s game. But maybe some of the silent readers will know…

You know how midway through beating up all your opponents, there would be bonus stages where you get to smash things up? My favorite is the car stage, like what you see in this video below.

I’m bring this up because today I’m going to give you Europe 2016: Bonus Stage.Β I’m going to show you some of the selfies I took when I was in Europe recently.

You see, I bought the Sony A5100 because it has the flip screen, and I thought that would be nice when I go solo traveling, because flip screen will allow me to take selfies easily, right?

WRONG! Turns out the most important ingredient in taking good selfies is not the flip screen, nor is it the camera, but the skills of the selfie taker. Also if the selfie taker has a big head, a selfie stick/monopod is absolutely necessary too.

I didn’t even know how to operate the flipped screen mode of my camera, I bought the camera but neglected to familiarize myself with all the features it has to offer. As a result, most of my selfies focused on my face and blurred out the scenery behind me. And without the user manual, I didn’t know how to fix that crappy focusing.

I’m actually very hesitant to do this. I’m going to embarrass myself by showing you my epic fail selfies. But the words of a friend keep ringing in my head. “Most of the successful bloggers frequently do things that embarrass themselves and post those things online! People love those stuff!

Hmm… okay… but… I’m still hesitant. That’s why I’m doing this on a Saturday, where statistically my blog’s readership is the lowest of the week. I even masked the purpose of this blog by giving it a bogus title and a bogus feature image. I hope very little people will see these…

DSC_0048 (1024x576)
At Dolmabahce, Istanbul
DSC_0106 (1024x576)
At Galata Tower, Istanbul
DSC00770 (1024x580)
While walking to Barceloneta
DSC01267 (1024x580)
At Passeig de Gracia
DSC01458 (1024x580)
At Camp Nou’s press tunnel (I think this is the best of the worst)
DSC01498 (1024x580)
At Camp Nou pitch side, it was very sunny

You know what… this is bullshit. I can’t do this anymore. Think I’ll stop here. Maybe I should go to a bar and get drunk to forget that I made this post… bye… πŸ™„


  1. I do played street fighter last time, it was one of my favorite game, hehe.

    Aiyo, Why you don’t smile in your picture one? All looks like so serious >.<

  2. Why so serious in all the pics?

    And hey, I played Street Fighter! Can’t remember much about it though, but I remember the car smashing.

  3. I don’t usually check my blogs or reply comments/comment on weekends, but I came back for you.. Ehhh, your mouth looks like “si ham” mouth, cannot open one hai mai? Open a bit la wei..

    • And Mun’s correct.. You said you hope noone would see this, and you give bogus title, etc.. Ehhh, your title already sounds like there’s something la.. Your title like this ahh, lagi people wana read what’s inside, haha.. And she’s right again, but half right, I’d scream jakun+sakai! Coz you look like jakun! Wakakakakaka.. No shave+harm choy face+si ham mouth.. Jakun mou?

      But having said all these, I wana saw TQ for showing your face and I LOVE all the pictures you posted! I LOVE to see your face more please, pretty pleaseeeee πŸ™‚

      • Yeah, I agree, I really look like a jakun, hahaha πŸ˜›

        Er… depends on when I go travel again lah. I’m not usually a selfie person. πŸ™„

  4. I see your selfie, makes me think of TM, he said that in my photo, i never smile,lol…

  5. With a title like that, I am willing to bet money that this will be your weekend post with the most pageviews. And muahahahaha!! I am sorry I laughed at your selfie, that first one. And then I read Mun’s comment and had another laugh. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    • We’ll see about the pageviews. So far I’m still on track with the lowest pageview count… πŸ˜€

  6. Yay face pictures! These aren’t so bad, just gotta smile :). I don’t know how to take selfies either. Maybe my arms are too short, but even when I hold the camera (my cannon has a flip screen too) as far as possible, my face is still 2/3 of the frame. i hear you’re supposed to hold the camera up above your head and point down so you look skinnier, but it doesn’t look good when try that either. I kinda gotta admit that cell phone selfie sticks are pretty awesome for that purpose.

    This is a very catchy title. I was interested to see what it is, and was surprised/happy to see face pictures!

    • I guess I’m just not used to taking photos of myself, so smiling is very tough for me. And I most definitely do not know all those selfie taking skills. Although I suppose if and when I go on another trip again, I’ll probably get a monopod before I go. Selfie stick is too weak to hold my camera… πŸ™„

  7. Hello handsome! So many photos of you and might send the gals screaming in hysterical with your macho shots! More please…! Don’t be shy la cos I also don’t give a damn. I post my sukak la.

    Let me recall back where I started…. Game and watch games… Then went to US when Nintendo became a new craze. My Japanese and Korean housemates played Dr. Mario and many other games everyday with me. Life was a bliss of games, booze and smoking!!
    Late on I became a hard core fan of arcade games for many years during my bachelor days. I used to spend hours with the boss of a watch chain business in Malaysia to play all those street fighters of the earlier years. I advanced to their gambling machines when I realized they had hidden rooms behind. My winnings lured friends along who became losers and incurable addicts. Lol
    I also have a playstation set which I won as grand prize during a company dinner and gave up playing already. So I can understand the thrills of these games. I can still play for fun when kids asked me to join them! No sweat cos this uncle could beat them anytime la….

  8. I play Street Fighter (dunno which version) on Playstation version ? whenever my husband asks me to play as the 2nd player to fight with him. I don’t know how to specifically do any moves so I just do button bashing and sometimes I can win against my husband. So got your regular readers play street fighter punya.

    With a title “this post got nothing one” – it will surely attract lots of people to read it because curiosity kills the cat mah. Too bad Princess Ribbon is not going to read this because she doesn’t have internet access at home or else she is going to scream – jakun! sakai! nice what your selfies, why say not nice!!

    My selfies are also like your selfies with big head and very less of the backdrop. So as far as selfies go, your selfies above is good enough. You even give us the “resting bitch face” without a smile.

    If somewhere in singapore aka sharon sees this, she would approve all of your selfies because for the past few posts, she has been asking you why no take your own photos with the places. So you did! πŸ™‚

    Have a nice Sunday!

    • Playstation is too modern for me already. I grew up with Sega and Nintendo. Street Fighter and Sonic the Hedgehog were my favorite games… πŸ™„

      I’m not giving you any special face, it is my typical face. I’m just not used to… refer to my reply on Mabel’s comment. πŸ™„

      • Your typical face is a perfect “resting bitch face”. According to wiki, it is:

        Resting bitch face, or bitchy resting face, is a term for a facial expression (or lack of expression) which unintentionally appears angry, annoyed or irritated.

        I think Urban Dictionary explanation is the correct one. The wiki one I gave above not so. Urban Dictionary says (please note the term – naturally looks mean – which is what you have been telling us that it is your normal face. Ok I know they usually use this term for girls but…) :

        resting bitch face. a person, usually a girl, who naturally looks mean when her face is expressionless, without meaning to. Nah, she’s just got a resting bitch face…

  9. I played a bit of Street Fighter when I was a kid, but mostly stuck to Mortal Kombat when it cameo these fighting games. The sidequests were always a bit annoying to me because I always felt they slowed me down towards going to the finish line.

    Your selfies ain’t too bad. At least it looks like you got long arms so you can push the camera further away from you to take in the background. Me and my short hands holding my Canon camera to selfie… πŸ™ I think the background is supposed to be blurred out because the camera will focus on your face unless you fiddle with the settings. But you didn’t know the settings as you said πŸ™„

    Maybe you should have smiled liked this in the photos πŸ˜€

    • I, on the other hand, was a 99.9% Street Fighter kid, I think I only played Mortal Kombat twice maybe, in the arcades. Those bonus stages are my favorite! πŸ™„

      I cannot believe you actually think my selfies are not too bad. They really are too bad! Also… I’m not used to smiling on camera. I mean, I’m not used to faking a smile on camera. I mean, I’m not used to faking a smile, full stop. πŸ™„

      • I felt that sometimes bonus stages are challenging and as such can be a drag. I felt some of the ones in Final Fantasy are like that, but the bonus stages in Mario weren’t really too much to handle.

        I thought you were having a good time on your Euro trip, so why not smile and ham it up for the cameras πŸ˜€ You got the lighting right for half of them and they are sharp, and you don’t look washed out like hantu in any of them. When I take selfies, my hand always shake and cannot hold the phone still. So imagine all the selfies I have to take to get a good one πŸ™„

        • To me, having a good time and plastering a smile on my face has no linkages. I could be happy and yet not smile. I don’t know, it’s just how I am. Maybe I need to practice more. πŸ™„

          Hahaha your selfies okay ma. Looks okay to me lah. I think it is normal for people to do multiple shots with selfies and select the best one. But not me, I do 1 shot and that’s it. Too lazy and untrained with the art of selfies πŸ™„

          • Maybe that is the trait of an introvert. Of course not all of us smile or put on a happy face when we are happy. But it would make for a different selfie if you had smiled in one of them, teeth or no teeth πŸ™„

            Lol. I could easily spend 10-20 minutes taking selfies from different angles and finding the best lighting πŸ˜€

            • I know, sometimes I thought I did smile, but when I look at the picture, it did not show my smile. Of course, I did not try 20 shots to get it right, so… πŸ™„

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