Rice and More Rice

After coming back from Europe, I’ve fallen into a routine with rice. I will cook rice once every two weeks, and the rice will last for three meals.

So I’m at it again over the weekend…


DSC_0003 (800x514)
Rice with Thai Fish Cake/Broccoli stir fry

I promised myself I would not buy anymore popcorn chickens unless if there’s lemon and herbs flavor. There isn’t when I checked last week, so I was all good…

Until I spotted a package with the words “Thai Fish Cake” printed on it. F**k! There goes another packet of frozen crap food into my basket and subsequently into my tummy.

The fish cakes come in circle shaped pieces. I cut each piece into three strips and stir fried them with broccoli and a squeeze of lemon juice. The lemon juice move worked rather well, it countered the spiciness of the fish cakes nicely. I’m a genius!


I have a three tier steamer. I used two of it today.

DSC_0004 (800x509)
One for reheating some rice
DSC_0006 (800x534)
One for steaming my dishes

There’s a bunch of greens and a minced pork patty in here. The patty was awesome, I mixed some soy sauce, garlic powder and garlic granules into it. The greens had a pinch of salt, a pinch of pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice over them.

After so many times messing up, you would’ve imagine that I have truly learned my lesson of [never to steam veggies and meat in the same plate] because both these stuff do not use the same amount of time to get cooked. The amount of time to get pork cooked would be enough to turn greens into yellows.

But no. Due to sheer laziness, I have not learned my lesson yet. Lucky for me, they are still edible and delicious.

My dad would not agree though. I doubt he would enjoy lemon juice infused steamed veggies. 🙄

Monday and today, well… something’s came up and I did not cook.


  1. I LOVE rice! If I had my way, I would eat rice twice a day everyday. But I can’t because it makes me put on weight 🙁 So now, I restrict myself to twice a week only.

  2. Did you miss rice when you were in Europe? A Chinese ex colleague was sent to Spain for 2 weeks and he came back saying: Bread, bread all the time!

    • No, not really. I’m not a rice person. I mean, I won’t die without rice. Your ex-colleague, he could’ve went to one of those crappy Chinese restaurant if he wanted rice. 😛

        • Poor thing. Next time tell him to bring cup noodles! That’s what some of my colleagues did when they went to Colorado for business trip! 😀

    • Once in a while is okay lah. Try not to eat white rice lo, eat brown rice or multi-grain rice. 🙄

  3. Good try, CL… yes, greens turn yellow if too long.. well, green or yellow, all went into the tummy, right? I have yet to try the garlic granules.. will look for them next time in Jaya Jusco…

    • If you don’t mind chopping garlic then don’t get garlic granules lah, very expensive! Only for Lazy Man, that thing. 🙄

  4. Rice! But me leh, call me anything, me leh, “tai soong sik farn” (see lauk makan nasi).. if the soong ngam ngor leh, I can eat 3 plates of rice! If the soong 5 ngam leh, I just eat a bit, give face.. Usually mil’s soong all very ngam ngor, braised fatty pork with hard-boiled eggs those type, wahloa, I tell you, I can eat 3 times rice, hak sei yan!I see your minced pork patty, but why so light colour? I usually marinate my minced pork with soy sauce, pepper and wee bit of sesame oil, mixed with tung-choi, crack eggs and mix, my kids “sik dou liam liam lei”..

    • My steamed minced pork not so hou liew like yours lah, didn’t have tung choi and egg, so only garlic powder, pepper and soy sauce. 🙄

  5. I can eat rice everyday for 365 days! No kidding.
    How about cooking like Yannie’s styles of throwing everything inside the rice pot to cook by itself?? Easy for a bachelor lifestyle. Let me introduce some fertile ladies to you in Penang who can even get married in 2 days!

  6. Good lah, at least you are diligent enough to cook some of your meals with healthy rice. As for steaming the vege and pork patty together in one plate, you can start by steaming the pork patty first and a few minutes before the patty is ready, open the cover and put in the raw vege into the same plate and continue steaming so that the vege will still be green. Still uses one plate lah.

    I like lemons so anything with lemon will taste good.

    • Hahaha yeah I know that theory, but my laziness is not about using one plate or not, is worse than that. I was too lazy to open the steamer and do more work. 😛

  7. ok..this is lazy man steamed pork + veggie….I can understand that. I would prefer to separate in another plate and put the veggie much later. Alternatively, I would boil the veggie and the boiled water use as soup to eat with rice.

    • Yala yala, I know all these methods, but I was too lazy to even open the steamer again at a later time to add veggies. And also I didn’t feel like soup so… 😛 🙄

  8. Rice is nice. I like rice, but when given the opportunity, I tend to choose noodles over rice. So lemon counteracts spicyness? If you squeeze a lot of lemon over a spicy curry, dunno if it will have the same effect 🙄

    • I wouldn’t say counteract, I would say complement. It doesn’t make the spiciness go away. 🙄

      • Oh dear. Then I will never be able to eat spicy food without chugging mouthfuls of water with each bite. Sigh 🙄 Lemon isn’t particularly my favourite flavour in the world – it’s tangy and not my kind of taste.

        • So far, the best counter drink to spicy food for me is soy milk. But then, if you have to chug a mouthful of drinks per bite, then it is just self torturing, better just not eat spicy food. 🙄

          • One time a few years ago, I made myself a bowl of Maggi Curry from the packet. Just like that plain noodle and the soup. For each mouthful, I chugged a mouthful of cold milk. Cannot tahan. Weak 🙄

            • Maybe you’re just not cut out for it. Don’t worry, it happens. Even among my colleagues, there are a few who cannot tolerate one bit of spiciness at all.. 🙄

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