Muse Dining Bar @ Elit Avenue, Penang

I realize it’s been quite awhile since I last wrote a Penang restaurant/cafe post. I suppose that cannot be helped, because I haven’t really been trying new restaurants or cafes for quite some time already.

Well, it is time for me to put an end from my mini dry spell…

I went out for lunch with three married women today because one of them have been yapping about this new burger place right next to the Aussie cafe and the Dim sum restaurant at Elit Avenue and how good their burgers are. And that’s how we found ourselves at Muse Dining Bar.

By the way, the three married women are my friends since college who just so happen to be married already. It happens when you are someone my age. I’m not someone with married women fetish.

DSC_0008 (1024x768)

Notice the irony here? The name of this place suggests a bar, but the friend said this is a burger place…

Truth be told, I have walked past this place for more than a few times already. From the outside, it does look like a bar, a place which focuses on getting you drunk and possibly laid. It didn’t help that the doors are covered with dark tinting. I would never have pegged this place as somewhere to get decent burgers.

You can imagine my shock when I entered the place to find myself staring at a somewhat spacious and rather brightly lit cafe-esque setup. From the inside, not only does it not look like a bar, in fact it looks like a place where you can bring your kids without much trouble!

DSC_0002 (842x1024)

Anyway, I was actually late, so my friends helped me place my orders first. I got me’self a Homemade Pork Burger meal set (RM 22.90). It comes with the main course + soup + drink (picture above) + ice cream.

DSC_0003 (1024x775)
The soup portion could do with some improvement, I reckon. One third of a bowl does not look good at all
DSC_0004 (1024x697)
Le Burger and some fries
DSC_0005 (1024x676)
Another view of Le Burger

Le Burger is constructed with negligible lettuce shred, a thick juicy pork patty, caramelized onions, bacon strips, a fried egg and cheese, all in between a burger bun.

I have to agree the burger was very good. But it’s only my second most favorite pork burger in Penang. I personally prefer my patty to be dry and with a crunchy crust around it, and in this respect I could get something closer to my liking in the place mentioned here. But this is only my personal preference. I know most Penangites love their pork patty to be soft, juicy and moist, and this patty ticks all the boxes so for most Penangites, this is probably a better place for you guys to have your burgers.

In hindsight, I should’ve ordered the pork belly sandwich instead. I didn’t because I thought this is supposed to be a western food kind of place, so the pork belly would most likely NOT be done like our Chinese style 烧肉 siew yoke.

DSC_0006 (1024x686)
How wrong I was! (Friend ordered this and gave me a small cut of action)
DSC_0007 (1024x740)
Coconut Ice Cream. This was pretty good too.

Hmm, maybe I should come back again for brunch one of these days, just for the sake of the pork belly sandwich… 🙄

Muse Dining Bar FB Page


    • Why?? It should be the perfect time to read. Eat while looking at nice burger. 望梅止渴, or in this case 望burger止渴 😀 …

    • That one part of set meal, they didn’t give us choice. I’m not sure if it is always coconut or it will change daily.

  1. I must tell my girl about this homemade pork burger.. .. she might like this place cos she loves western food too… I thought of going to Penang next week but something turned up and I have to postpone it till May.

  2. Yeah, you’re right…the place looks nothing like a bar…looks like a typical cafe! Is it because they have alcoholic drinks on their menu?

    And I agree with you on the soup. Of course I can understand the rationale of the set meal and the soup given cannot be full portion…they should learn to use smaller bowls instead of using the same bowl that would normally contain the full portion. I dislike it also when I get a glass of coffee filled up to only two-thirds of the glass! 🙁

    For me, a great burger patty would be one that is seared on high heat to achieve a crusty side but the patty should remain moist and juicy. Looking at the bun, I would prefer yours (soft) than your friend’s one that looks dry and crusty 😉

    • Well, yeah, they do have an alcohol menu. But so does Chinese restaurants and Station One, but they’re not called bars too. To me, a bar should look like a bar. 🙄

      You got my point hehehe. They don’t have to give more soup, but they could use small bowls. Presentation is pretty important! 😛

      Hahaha, yeah yeah, that’s exactly the ultimate patty for me! Crunchy on the outside, juicy on the inside! Not many can achieve this perfection, sadly. 🙁 … My friend’s one is a sandwich, they use those… I don’t know what that bread is called. Is it Brioche? It is kind of tough to cut into…

  3. I also prefer my pork burger to have dry, crispy and crunchy patty. That would be my ideal perfect burger.
    Can you please hang out more with unmarried and single ladies? This would make your mum happier and keep us excited with cupids hovering! Lol

    • Hahaha sometimes I do hangout with available ladies, but that’s not something that I will actively publish in my blog! 😛

  4. I don’t get it when you say about the pork belly sandwich. So you like the pork belly…soft? It doesn’t matter for me, because you know my relationship with pork 🙄

    But I will say that that is some massive pork burger. Generally if not for a beef patty, I like going for chicken patty and like it crispy on the outside. Like a good KFC burger kind of patty. I am guessing you used your hands to demolish that massive thing 🙄

    • No, I mean I like pork belly done the Chinese way, and I didn’t expect this place to serve it like how I like it. But they did, the pork belly in this sandwich is exactly the Chinese type. So I kind of regret not ordering it in the first place. 🙄

      Hahaha, I had to go back to work, so I used a knife and a fork…

      • If you Use hands to eat, you can wash your hands before going back to work. Burger cannot be eaten with knife and fork unless you want to be david cameron (uk politician) who ate hotdog with knife and fork and was criticized by the media. Your 3 married ladies didn’t tell you to use hands and later wash hands meh?

        • Normal sized burger use hand lah, big ass burgers where can use hand? You can’t even bite it off like you would a Big Mac (which is actually tiny)… And it will leave a lasting smell on my fingers even if I wash with soap. Such is the nature of MSG… 🙄

          • I abide by the principle of one should enjoy eating something the way one want to enjoy…not the way it should be enjoyed. So, I eat burger (big or small) with a knife and fork too…especially when there’s an oozy egg that will make it extra messy. Don’t like to use my hands when dining out if I can help it. Of course, not everything is possible…like stuff that you need to crack shells to get at! 😀

            • For me, I try not to use hand during work days lunch. Outside food too much msg, it leaves a lasting smell on the fingers and I hate it when I have to do work with such fingers >.< ...

      • So not my kind of burger. Sure, there is nothing wrong with eating burger with knife and fork. It is something I’ve never really tried, but if I did, I think I will be eating the layers one by one 🙄

        It would probably be easier to eat that giant burger with your hand if you push down on it vertically…

        • That’s what I did, eating them layer by layer. Okay, well, two layers by two layers. 🙄

          I don’t think this restaurant wants us to use our hand, usually the burgers will come wrapped in paper if they want us to eat by hand. And I cannot push the burger down, the juice from the patty will squirt out! 😐

          • The burger got sauce or not? Speaking of burgers, I bought a gourmet cheeseburger burger for dinner today. It cost $11.90 by itself and the sauce was tomato sauce and mustard together. Got quite a few pickles.

            • Caramelized onions and cheese considered sauce or not? But the patty itself is juicy, meat sauce! 😀

              $11.90 is probably a good price, (don’t convert to RM, don’t convert to RM) 🙄

  5. Hahahahaha, why are you so funny to point out that you do not have a married woman fetish. Is that even a recognised and common fetish?

    Yes, please go back and eat the pork belly sandwich and let us know whether you like it more or not.

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