Europe 2016 Day 7.2: Montjuic Walk

After leaving the Camp Nou and having rabbit paella for lunch, my next stop was a magical place in Barcelona. But that magical place only starts being magical at 7 PM and it was still early. So instead of taking the metro directly to Placa Espanya (nearest stop from the magical place), I decided to disembark 2 stops early at Drassanes and took a walk. After all, according to Google Maps, it seemed like a relatively short (3 kilometers) walk with some greens all along…

My walking target: Montjuic area

I’ll be honest here and declare that while I know the area where I took a walk, I have not been looking at Google Maps very keenly, and as you can see from the map, there’s a few paths within the area. So, the pictures below, I don’t exactly know where’s where. I only know they are somewhere between the Drassanes metro station and the magical place which I will write about (hopefully) tomorrow.

In other words, I’ll just sort of walk you through my walk to the magical place.

DSC01637 (1024x580)
Getting off the metro station, I had to cut across a cluster of buildings to get to the park area
DSC01639 (1024x580)
What? A hilly area?? I have to climb a hill???
DSC01640 (1024x580)
Oh no!! Uphill!!
DSC01641 (1024x580)
Keeping uphill!! Arghhhh!!!

It took me 30 minutes to struggle to the top of this small hill. Thankfully, I got some nice views to compensate for the ordeal.

DSC01645 (1024x580)
Good view of Barcelona city center
DSC01652 (1024x580)
Wow! Can see the seafront here!
DSC01658 (1024x580)
More seafront!
DSC01662 (1024x580)
It is actually a big area where you can relax while taking a stroll
DSC01655 (1024x580)
There’s even a cafe here to take advantage of the nice views. Must be expensive to drink coffee here

Because of that same assumption, I did not stay very long and decided to move on after getting some free views without coffee…

DSC01664 (1024x580)
Thankfully the trail was relatively gentle from here on out
DSC01665 (1024x580)
Hmm, there’s cable cars
DSC01672 (1024x580)
The trail becomes a proper road from here
DSC01676 (1024x580)
Fundacio Joan Miro

Hmm, I remember reading from somewhere that the Fundacio Joan Miro is another interesting place to visit in Barcelona. But the entrance ticket was 12€ and I didn’t (still don’t) know what I would see inside. Hmm, 12€ to see something unknown… 🙄

DSC01679 (1024x580)
Better to just take a photo from the outside and leave

At this point of time, I noticed that my camera had only 12% battery juice left. This is bad! I still need to shoot a lot of photos and maybe videos at the magical place. I cannot run the camera down before I get there!

Time to switch off the camera and break out the smartphone instead…

DSC_0037 (1024x576)
Further down the road, I saw this stadium looking building
DSC_0039 (1024x576)
Oh! It is really a stadium!
DSC_0040 (1024x576)
Seems like I lucked out, they were closing right after I took the shot

I wonder what this stadium is for. It does look like a football stadium, but I have never seen a football stadium which will open the doors and let you get a glimpse of the field inside. Interesting… 🙄

Right next to the stadium, there’s an entrance leading to somewhere. It seemed like an off limits place, but the gate was wide open and no one was manning it, so…

DSC_0041 (1024x768)
Wow! There’s a palace looking building in here. I wonder what place this is
DSC_0045 (1024x768)
The courtyard is quite nice too

I was kind of relaxing here for a bit, when suddenly…

DSC_0044 (1024x768)
Huh? Why are there so many people coming out from that building? And they are all heading my way!

Not only that, they were all wearing suits and ties. I began to panic, maybe I really did trespass some place where I was not supposed to be in. And you know, I would stand out like a sore thumb, a tourist in an Adidas jacket lugging a camera among all these suit wearing people. So I quickly backed up and went out.

Soon, more of them came out and began to overtake me…

DSC_0048 (1024x768)
Where are they all going??

It got me curious again. I waited until all of them went down, then I followed behind them to see where they were headed.

DSC_0051 (1024x768)
Came across another palace looking building after going down a flight of stairs

I quickly realized all these people were actually headed towards the magical place that I was headed too. For it was just behind this palace building. A quick look at my new watch told me it was already 6.40 PM. So I decided to slowly walk towards it.

I will show you the magical place in my next post…


  1. So you like sea views? It seems to be something that many Malaysians I know like. Maybe it’s because sea views in Malaysia aren’t like what you saw at all.

    The big area where you can relax and take a stroll, also an area where someone can jump out at you and mug you 🙄

    I’ve been curious about the weather on your trip. It looks very nice, and so far no complaining about being too hot or cold. So I take that it is very plesant weather for you 😀

    • I try to be careful but not worry too much about people mugging me 🙄 ..

      I think the weather would be fine for you, spring time in Europe, I guess is about the same as spring time in Oz? 🙄

      • Well, you big so you do not need to worry too much about getting mugged in comparison to me 🙄

        Sometimes Melbourne spring weather can be downright hot and then downright cool. Probably Europe has cooler weather overall.

        • Same one, I think. Mugging target does not depend on size. If you look like meat, then you look like meat regardless of your size. It is those lack awareness and care that looks like meat usually. 🙄

  2. the view is breathtaking up the hill, clear blue skies and nice seaview. I dun mind ‘leisurely’ climb up hill, leisurely means very-slowly-at-my-own-sweet-pace. Why people all wear suit to go to magical place? Is there a dresscode?

    • Hahaha no, they wear suit to go into that place where they were coming out from. The magical place is quite near the metro station, I think they were going to the metro station or into the city la ultimately, just that had to pass by the magical place…

    • No I don’t. I never have experience going out and about for the whole day, so I did not know I need extra battery 🙄 ..

  3. That’s a lot of walking! But the surroundings is nice and since you were in no hurry, I would say that it was a pleasant walk, though the uphill part could be tiring.

    • Yeah, luckily it was only the first part of the walk, I was worried if the entire trail would be all up down up down…

  4. Nice and beautiful scenery, CL! Hey, don’t be disheartened.. you are not the only one who don’t google for information when home.. I always cannot remember the names of the places I have been, that is why I always try to take a picture of the name before I leave that place.. or I refer to the spelling on the net… hahahaa.. I really have no time to google for details, very impatient of me..

    • Haha, no lah, not disheartened at all. I was kind of “busy” when writing this post, so I had no time to research the names of the places 😛 ..

  5. So many cars parked on the way up the hill.. Reminds me of every Friday, when we go out for lunch, those cars will double, sometimes triple park near the *ahem*, you know where place, makes the whole place jam like gila..

  6. Your photos are very nice and awesome but I found Mun’s comments very interesting. How come you so lazy to google to check the places when you returned home? I normally had to google to get the correct spellings and often stumbled into new information which was unknown to me.
    I just spoke to my friend in London who is still luring me to Barcelona as well. Too tough to apply for 2 weeks leave. Sobs!

    • Same as my reply to Mun. I am trying to walk you through my walk, including what I thought during the walk. At that time I had no idea where’s where, so it is reflected in the blog post. Also as I could not be sure of my exact locations, I might make a mistake and misrepresent the buildings’ names. (I made that mistake before)

      Apply what leave la, you so rich just throw letter and go! 😀 😀

  7. Aiyo, you ah, walked into the famous Barcelona’s Olympic Park in Montjuic also you dunno or you pretend to dunno:

    Thanks to your photos, I have now seen and found out about:

    1. palau sant jordi
    2. Montjuic National Palace, Barcelona
    3. Montjuïc Cable Car

    4. The three chimneys of the street Parallel , symbol of the industrial past of the city of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain:

    shown by your photo with caption “Good view of Barcelona city center”.

    And I saw a place that I will want to visit if I go to Barcelona: The Poble Espanyol – which is an architectural museum in Barcelona, just a few meters away from the Fountains of Montjuïc

    Hahaha I know what you are going to post about tomorrow – the magical place.

    Thanks for the photos. Were you tired after the long walk? No need to go to tandas kah?

    • I did not pretend. Actually I was not really interested with the names of these buildings since they don’t seem super famous to me. And I wasn’t even sure which trail I was leading, so I cannot be sure what’s what. Of course, I could do some research and point them out now, but I thought it would be a good idea to walk you along my walk, where I knew nothing of what I saw. 🙄

      I did not get to the Poble Espanyol, because 11 out of 10 forums that I checked out said this place “charges us to enter an area with shops and restaurants that charges us further, and more than half of the shops and restaurants are permanently closed down already”. Sounds a bit like a rip off to go there. 🙄

      Actually, tandas is needed one, but I could not find one until I reached the magical place… hehehe…

      • Ok. Point taken that you are presenting the exact sentiments at that moment you were there to us. Good that you can tahan not going to tandas for so long and still continue to walk till the magical place then only go.

        About the Fundacio Joan Miro, only if one likes modern art a lot then only pay to go in so since you do not like then not going in is the correct move.

        • You think I willingly tahan? I tahan because I could not find any toilet throughout my walk. Not a good thing to do frequently… 🙄

          Hahaha I feel like a moron now, going there without knowing anything about the area, and need someone who never been there to research and tell me the details. 😛

          • Not about willing to tahan or not willing. It is about can tahan or not. Sometimes cannot tahan so have to lai, so teruk right? Therefore many people go travelling dare not drink water cos scared lai liu and fall sick when back home country.

            Aiya don’t say like that la. Not moron la. I bzbdy only.

            • Hahaha I guess I was lucky. So far I have never in that situation where I cannot tahan and have to lai. But if you keep walking and sweat, usually the pee will not build up so quickly.. 🙄

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